Wix vs HostGator (Apr 2024): Who Should You Choose?

Wix vs HostGator: Discover the Best Choice

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Winner: HostGator
HostGator wins in this Wix vs HostGator comparison. HostGator is better for users who prioritize lower costs and the option to upgrade their hosting as their website grows. It offers a simple website builder like Wix, but with more affordable and scalable hosting plans, making it a better choice for budget-conscious users planning for future expansion.

Detailed Comparison: Wix Website Builder vs HostGator

Hosting Providers Comparison


Starting price
$ 17.00 / month
$ 2.64 / month
Free domain
Coupons 3

User Ratings

User Friendly

User Reviews

Latest positive review
Sam K
Sam K
Best Customer Service
I switched from Wordpress to WiX when I discovered them in 2011 or thereabouts. I’ve seen WiX grow with their services, offerings, technology and more...
! Almost every one of my customers moved their websites to WiX! Yes, I designed their websites. Support? In the beginning it wasn’t the best! Now, they’re by far the absolute best! Friendly, patient and very helpful. I’m glad I’m with WiX!
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Mohammed Adwan
Mohammed Adwan
Excellent service from the employee
Excellent service from the staff . Happy to get my host from hostgator . Good flexible service especially when using the shared plan . I would recomme...
nd using it . Excellent host
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Latest negative review
Phil Mercy
Phil Mercy
Won't act on spamreports
Stay away from this company. Not trustworthy. Hosting your website there may also hurt your image, as they will no take action against spamming sites ...
they host. If you report a spam website hosted by Wix, they will suggest that you UNSUBSCRIBE from that website. Which actually NOTIFIES the spammer about your email having unsubscribed. Which is something that pretty much everyone knows should NOT be done when dealing with spam. When you point this out to their support, they will stop responding to you. Don't host your legit website there if you care for your reputation.
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Mau Melgarejo
Mau Melgarejo
Pésimo Servicio
Hice mi cambio de paquete de Shared Hosting a WP Hosting en diciembre de 2022, justo para tener más seguridad. Posteriormente mi sitio fue hackeado a...
principios de enero 2023. Ha transcurrido 1 mes y medio desde que mi sitio fue atacado y sigue son funcionar. En soporte técnico se la pasan diciendo que mi caso lo agregarán a su lista, pero no resuelven nada. Los tickets no resuleven nada. SU proveedor de seguridad SiteLock tarda días en contestar... pero no a ellos les dan respuesta... mientras, aunque mi sitio ya se ha restablecido, aún no tengo la confianza de colocar de nuevo el backup por la amenaza de que mi sitio sea nuevamente atacado en su hospedaje. BRINDAN POCA SEGURIDAD y NO RESUELVEN EFECTIVAMENTE LOS PROBLEMAS QUE PUEDAN SURGIR... YA NO CONFÍO EN HOSTGATOR. Piénsalo más de 2 veces antes de contratar con hostgator.
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Shared Hosting

Under $4


$2.64 / month
  • Space: 10 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Panel: cPanel
  • Number of Sites: 1

View Hatchling plan
Under $8

Business Plan

$5.04 / month
  • Space: 40 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Panel: cPanel
  • Number of Sites: 3

View Business Plan plan
Over $10

eCommerce Plan: ONLINE STORE

$9.95 / month
  • Space: 40 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Panel: cPanel

View eCommerce Plan: ONLINE STORE plan


Under $4
Under $8
Over $10

Snappy 2000

$36.99 / month
  • Space: 120 GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

View Snappy 2000 plan

Dedicated Server

Under $4
Under $8
Over $10

Value Server

$91.98 / month
  • Space: 1 TB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

View Value Server plan

Cloud Hosting

Under $4
Under $8

Hatchling Cloud

$4.95 / month
  • Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

View Hatchling Cloud plan
Over $10

Business Cloud

$9.95 / month
  • Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

View Business Cloud plan

Website Builder

Under $4

Free Plan

$0.00 / month
  • Space: 524.29 MB
  • Bandwidth: 524.29 MB

View Free Plan plan
Under $8


$4.95 / month
  • Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

View Website plan
Over $10


$17.00 / month
  • Space: 2 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2.05 GB

View Light plan

Online Store

$13.95 / month
  • Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

View Online Store plan


Under $4
Under $8
Over $10

Data Centers

North America
South America
Africa & Middle East

CMS support

Presta Shop

OS Support


Language Support

Ruby on Rails

Database Support


Payment Types Support

Credit Card
Wire Transfer

Services Support

Live Chat
Phone Support
Email Support
Forum Support
Video guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HostGator good for web hosting?

HostGator offers a range of affordable and flexible plans suitable for beginners to advanced users. Its reliability, ease of use, and excellent customer support make it a solid choice. However, performance can vary, and some users may seek more premium features available from other providers for high-traffic sites.

Is Wix good for SEO?

Wix has significantly improved its SEO capabilities, making it a competitive platform for search engine optimization. It offers easy-to-use SEO tools and guidelines to help improve your site’s visibility. However, for very advanced SEO strategies, some limitations exist compared to platforms allowing more direct control over website code and structure.

What is the disadvantage of Wix?

The primary disadvantage of Wix is its limited customization and flexibility for advanced users. Once you choose a template, switching to a different one can be cumbersome and might require rebuilding your site. Additionally, while Wix offers many built-in features, its closed ecosystem can limit integration with external applications or custom development.

Is Wix worth it for small businesses?

Wix is highly beneficial for small businesses due to its ease of use, range of templates, and comprehensive features that cater to various business needs. Its drag-and-drop interface makes web design accessible. However, businesses with complex e-commerce needs or those requiring extensive customization may need to consider other options as they grow.

What are the cons of HostGator?

The cons of HostGator include occasional reports of inconsistent server response times and customer support experiences. While it offers a wide range of hosting options at competitive prices, some users may find the performance lacking for sites with high traffic or demanding resource needs. Additionally, the user interface, though functional, might feel outdated compared to newer hosting platforms.

What is better than HostGator?

For users seeking alternatives to HostGator, SiteGround and Bluehost often emerge as better options, especially for WordPress hosting. SiteGround is renowned for its superior customer support, performance, and security features. Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress.org and offers an intuitive experience for WordPress users, with slightly better performance and integration options for those deeply embedded in the WordPress ecosystem.

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