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InterServer Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from InterServer

InterServer has been providing web hosting services for the past 19 years. Although technology has changed from the time we started in 1999, our core principles of quality, service, and support have remained the same. Our company has evolved its product offering to include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers along with collocation services to continue to exceed our customers' expectations and remain BEST IN CLASS.
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.00 - $8.00
VPS $0.00 - $160.00
Dedicated Server $44.00 - $500.00
Cloud Hosting $6.00
Resellers $19.95 - $69.95


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

InterServer Awards

Awarded to the top 10 web hosting companies with the highest user rating. Best Customer Support badge is given to companies that our editors anonymously tested their Email & Phone support and have proven to be awesome.
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jeanne S.
jeanne S. from United States,

FREE basic SSLsecurity

I've been with Interserver.net for 5 years and am VERY glad I found this Hosting Provider. Their prices are low, their up time is HIGH and Tech Support always answer my questions promptly. Other hosting providers charge for basic...Read More SSL security. However at Interserver.net they include it for FREE with their hosting packages. That was BIG savings for my multiple websites. I'm a VERY Happy client at Interserver.net.. I recommended them to friends and family.Less
Mike Larpcche
Mike Larpcche from Canada,

It was terrible experience

I ordered Interserver's ASP.NET plan for $8.00 a month which was a great price. I saw that they offered unlimited files so long as you were under 400,000 inodes (of course this makes sense).

I then ordered the service and began...Read More to set up my site. I had to restore a WordPress website so I used Updraftplus to FTP some files over to my new account. I hit a roadblock when I found out my new “unlimited” account had only 15 gigs storage.

Not an issue… I just submit a ticket and they will give me more room right? No.. I’m told that I should host with a PHP plan instead.

“We suggest hosting PHP sites like WordPress on our Standard web hosting Plan (Linux) to avoid permission and compatibility errors. WordPress (PHP and MySQL) powered applications are tightly integrated with the Apache/Nginx web server which is run on Linux web servers.due to lack of tight integration, you might run into compatibility or permission issues which could easily be avoided while running on Linux web hosting. We are suggesting this to avoid the hassle caused by some PHP applications while running on Windows servers.”

Yet in the past I did have an Interserver account that supported Wordpress under ASP back in 2020. In fact the Interserver ASP.NET page shows you can install WordPress as an app. It’s my issue if there’s compatibility issues. I want ASP.NET and Wordpress, and most reputable companies can offer this under Plesk.

Apparently not Interserver. My intention was to run two websites, a PHP blog and an ASP.NET site both from the same plan… totally do’able.

Then came the second reply…

Me: I require at least 30 gigs for the ZIP files to FTP over from Updraftplus, please

>> Sorry your request is not possible on the shared ASP.NET plan

So I have this nice plan with UNLIMITED storage and they tell me that I cannot have more disk space because I plan to put TEMPORARY Zip files (temporary as in one hour’s use then deleted upon restore). How do I get my Wordpress migrated then? If I FTP'd directly I'd STILL need more disk room...

So this has become an uphill battle… first, ignoring my request and trying to push me to PHP hosting and then blatantly saying no, I can’t have more disk room.

This company is a disaster and I’m reminded of why I cancelled back in 2020. I asked for a refund.
John Carter
John Carter from United States,

Best service I have found in 24 years on the web.

I have been making a living on the internet since 1998 and have used several hosting companies over the years.
This is the best service I have found. Superb hosting and support.
I recommend Interservice to anyone looking for a good hosting service and superb support.
David Newth
David Newth from United Kingdom,
Moved from IONOS

Interserver.net offer the very BEST in customer service!!!

I have used many hosting providers over the years going back to 2000. Although I am a recently returning (completely) amateur hobbyist I did try other providers (I am ashamed to admit based on special offers and promotional deals)...Read More, I quickly came to regret this decision. The trouble with other hosts is that the customer service is dire at best and non-existent. Despite a few hitches with migration of my sites (the other hosts fault) the Interserver.net customer service staff solved all the problems with professionalism, courtesy and patience. CAN NOT FAULT THEM!!! Happy CustomerLess
Maher Ali Hujairi
Maher Ali Hujairi from Bahrain,

look for another provider

i am one of their customers and i regret it ..
slow customer service and sometimes non for hours and days.
i have been in pain with their service for about a month now ..
look somewhere else if you really value your service and want a realizable service provider
Raghav Varma
Raghav Varma from United States,

Reliable Hosting Company

I switched to InterServer VPS web hosting the last 4 weeks ago. I got this hosting service at a very low price. I am really very happy because it doesn’t charge any cost on SSL certificates & daily backups. I also purchased WordPr...Read Moreess hosting from Domain Racer which provides me with automatic WordPress updates & many best services.Less
Mohamed Kamal
Mohamed Kamal from Egypt,
Moved from SmarterASP.NET

Interserver have a very fast website loading (3 seconds or less)

I amazed on first website load. It took less than 3 seconds to load. Unlike other vendors.
I also try with VPN. Am really amazed of the results of very fast website load.

Interserver are awesome. I try ASP.NET 8 USD plan for f...Read Moreew months. I wish they have a coupon/discount for first year. Their team have high technical skills and friendly!

Thank you Interserver.

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

With over 100 websites I designed in my career for multiple high-profile companies, I usually found Interserver as the go-to hosting provider. I have comprehensively reviewed Interserver, analyzing the performance, features, Support, and value for money you get. This Interserver review will guide you in understanding all those key points and recommend you the best hosting server type for your application.

Interserver has been on the hosting market since 1999 and has made a good reputation for itself as a secure, fast, and value-for-money hosting service provider. With its range of hosting services like Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting, it has successfully attracted small as well as large businesses to be their loyal customers.

Interserver has one of the most responsive Support with less than 20 minutes of response time. Better Business Bureau rates Interserver as A+ and it also has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5 stars.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited Storage for Shared servers
  • Support for multiple OS
  • Optimized for speed and performance
  • Responsive and unlimited Support
  • Intershield Security


  • Old dashboard UI
  • Does not offer a free domain name
  • USA-only data centers

Interserver is ideal for both new and experienced customers to host their valuable resources online. Check out Interserver today.

Rating Breakdown

A rating methodology guides all our ratings we have created that segments all the necessary information, experiences, and processes of a hosting service and gives us an overall view of its services. To learn more about this methodology, refer to this article.

The ratings below are calculated by analyzing my experience with Interserver hosting, Interserver expert reviews on different sites, and Interserver customer reviews on internet forums.

ParameterScoreWhy did we give this score?
Prices8.5Although Interserver has lots of hosting services, it lacks a pricing option for Shared hosting as it only offers a single pricing plan at $2.5 per month. That is why it received an 8.5 score.
Features9.5It offers 450+ free apps to install, key security features, and intuitive control panels to manage the servers. However, it got a 9.5 score because it does not provide a free domain name.
Performance9.8With an average response time of 3.5 seconds and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, Interserver received the highest 9.8 score for its performance.
Ease of Use8.5Although the control panels offered by Interserver are very simple and user-friendly, it does lack automatic remote backups. This is why we rated it as 8.5 in user-friendliness.
Support9With an excellent inquiry response time of fewer than 20 minutes, Interserver showed its commitment to supporting its customers. This is why we rated it 9 in terms of Support.
Overall Score9.3With its interface’s excellent Support, security, and user-friendliness, Interserver gets an overall score of 9.3.


Interserver Prices & Plans – 2022

Interserver offers a range of hosting services such as Standard web hosting, ASP.NET, Boost Web hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Email hosting, Dedicated servers, Storage servers, and Colocation servers. Among these hosting services also, it offers optimized servers for different OS, Ecommerce, Apps, and Storage applications. Although the pricing for all the plans is different, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. However, there is no trial period offered.

Interserver-accepted payment methods depend on the location of the customer. Interserver accepts PayPal, credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and money orders. Additionally, the hosting provider also started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method from Coinbase starting in September 2022

Following are the hosting services with the popular pricing plans:

Shared Hosting

StandardUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$2.5 per month

Interserver offers a one-size-fits-all shared hosting server at $2.5 per month. You can easily use cPanel to manage the server and host your small business site.

Tip: Shared hosting is best for personal and small business sites. It provides enough resources for the site to function as intended, and you can upgrade the server whenever you need more power.

VPS Hosting


Linux VPS30 GB SSD2 TBWebuzoUnlimited$6 per month
Storage VPS1 TB HDD2 TBWebuzoUnlimited$6 per month
Windows VPS30 GB SSD2 TBPleskUnlimited$10 per month

According to the reviews, the Linux VPS is one of the popular VPS servers that are well-liked by customers. I have used this server to deploy many projects and client sites. The $6 per month price is still a cheaper alternative than many other competitors.

Tip: If your site is lagging and needs better hardware, deploying the site on a VPS server is the next step you should take. Simply subscribe to a VPS plan and migrate the site over to a VPS.

Reseller Hosting

PlanStorageBandwidthMax. AccountsPanelPrice
RS One80 GB500 GBUnlimitedDirectAdmin$19.95 per month
RS Three160 GB1000 GBUnlimitedDirectAdmin$39.95 per month
RS Five280 GB2000 GBUnlimitedDirectAdmin$69.95 per month

With 280 GB of storage space and 2000 GB of bandwidth, the RS Five plan is the best option for hosting resellers. The pricing at $69.95 per month is also quite cheap compared to other similar providers like A2 Hosting.

Tip: Reseller hosting is best for agencies and web developers that they can use to host the sites for their clients and customers.

Dedicated Servers

XEON E3-12304 Cores Single CPU32GB150 TB$40 per month
AMD RYZEN 5600X6 Cores Single CPU64 GB150 TB$66 per month
AMD RYZEN 5900X12 Cores Single CPU64 GB150 TB$106 per month

The 6-core single CPU with AMD RYZEN 5600X is a great server for deploying large-scale applications that demands full resource concentration. With $66 per month, it is still in the pricing category of VPS servers but with dedicated hardware.

Tip: If you want a dedicated server for your organizational application, storage, faster processing of data, or any other resource-intensive application, Interserver offers you the best servers that can handle the job.

Rapid Deploy Servers

PlanCPUMemoryStorageLogical CoresPrice
206Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3 @ 3.30GHz29 GB1760 GB – SATA8$42 per month
298Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v5 @ 3.40GHz29 GB1760 GB – SSD8$65 per month
289Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz59 GB1760 GB – SSD24$90 per month

The 206 rapid deploy server is a great choice to start deploying your CPU-intensive application, which can be ordered and set up within 20 minutes.

Tip: Rapid deploy servers are very useful if you want to deploy your projects or organizational applications faster and still have the ability to scale up whenever you want.



Basic Features

  • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage and email accounts for shared hosting
  • 450+ cloud applications that are free to install
  • Free website migration on all the server plans
  • SitePad website builder for faster website building
  • Free SSL certificates for all the domains
  • Global content caching for faster loading speed across the world
  • Application of Intershield protection for all the servers
  • Full control of the VPS servers through SSH and root access

Unique Features

Unlike other hosting providers, Interserver offers higher security for your server through the application of the Intershield protection layer. It automatically blocks web attacks and DDoS attacks and automatically scans for viruses and malware. Interserver also offers many free security tools that you can apply to your site to make it more secure.



I have always found Interserver’s servers fast and have a very low loading time. This is because of the great combination of hardware resources and the automatic resource allocation done on all its shared and VPS servers. The servers are also optimized for the specific application prior to deployment, which makes it smooth and fast to load.

Additionally, Interserver guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, which is on par with any other service provider. All these factors make its server performance better and result in higher SEO rankings and user satisfaction.


Level Of Support

Final: Brand Review - Interserver

Interserver has a very responsive support system that is available 24/7. You can use phone calls, email, Live chat, and Ticket support systems to reach out to the support staff. The response time is lower than 30 minutes, and you will have your problem sorted out within 48 hours of reporting.

Final: Brand Review - Interserver

In addition, Interserver also has a Tips section on their website, which can help you address minor issues, self-help tutorials, and much other information from setting up the server and using it. All-in-all, Interserver offers great Support, and you will not be disappointed by the service.


Ease Of Use


Final: Brand Review - Interserver

Registering your account with Interserver is very easy and fast. Simply use your email address and create an account. You can also use your existing Google account, GitHub account, Facebook account, and Twitter account to sign up for an account.

Interserver Control Panel

Final: Brand Review - Interserver

Interserver offers different control panels depending on the type of server you are using. The shared hosting server has the cPanel and DirectAdmin whereas the VPS servers have Webuzo and Plesk. However, all the control panels are easy to use and extremely navigable. Even first-time users will find the interface of these control panels easy.

Installing WordPress on Interserver

Installing WordPress with Interserver is very easy and can be done with 3 clicks. You can simply use the control panel to find the Softaculous app, choose the WordPress app and version, and fill out the WordPress installation form with username, password, and other details. After these steps, WordPress will be installed on your server, and you can now customize it to suit your needs.

Add an email account with Interserver

Final: Brand Review - Interserver

You can create unlimited email accounts with Interserver. Once you are on the control panel, look for the email module and open it. Now you will see the option to create a new email account with the domain name you have. Create the email account, set up redirection to your external email account, or just use the webmail service to access the email account.


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Interserver?

If you are looking to host a small site for your business or a large web-based application, Interserver is the best server you will find for both performance and security. Interserver presents itself as a security conscious hosting provider with one of the best security features offered by any hosting provider.

I’ve personally used this service provider to build and host multiple sites, and it has never disappointed me in all these years. With that experience in mind, I will certainly recommend Interserver to any type of hosting. So, worry no more and subscribe to Interserver hosting plan today.


Can I transfer my already existing website to InterServer web hosting?

Interserver’s free migration service is perhaps one of the most excellent options. Clients can use this option to migrate a website hosted somewhere else to their Interserver account. There is minimal to no interruption. Regardless of what control panel or profile status on your old host, you can rest assured that InterServer professionals will migrate your data with exceptional care and attention to detail.

Does InterServer hosting come with a Control Panel?

Interserver offers free server monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you’re a customer with InterServer, you’ll have direct access to your Online Control Panel, which gives you a unique option to manage your domain names or purchase a new one.

Can you build a website with InterServer?

Definitely! SitePad, a website editor from InterServer, is developed to ensure creating websites is exciting and straightforward. The standard web hosting plan includes Sitepad for gratis. The site Page has over 300 themes in various categories to meet all of your website design requirements.

Where Is InterServer Located?

The Interserver data center is located just outside of New York City in Secaucus, New Jersey. It does not have other data centers around the world.

Is InterServer a Secure Hosting Provider?

Interserver has been providing hosting services since 1999 and has garnered a reputation for being very secure because of its Intershield Security layer. The servers are also optimized for better performance and are reliable. So, yes, Interserver is a very secure hosting service for all types of hosting.

InterServer Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
STANDARD Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.50 3.5 Details
WINDOWS ASP.NET Unlimited Unlimited Plesk 25 $8.00 3.3 Details
WORDPRESS Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 1 $8.00 4.3 Details
Free Trial Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $0.00 4.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS1 - Linux 30 GB 1 core 2 GB $6.00 3.9 Details
VPS2 - Linux 60 GB 2 cores 4 GB $12.00 5.0 Details
VPS3 - Linux 90 GB 3 cores 6 GB $18.00 2.6 Details
VPS4 - Linux 120 GB 4 cores 8 GB $24.00 2.1 Details
VPS5 - Linux 150 GB 5 cores 10 GB $30.00 3.4 Details
VPS6 - Linux 180 GB 6 cores 12 GB $36.00 4.4 Details
VPS7 - Linux 210 GB 7 cores 14 GB $42.00 4.4 Details
VPS8 - Linux 240 GB 8 cores 16 GB $48.00 4.4 Details
VPS9 - Linux 270 GB 9 cores 18 GB $54.00 4.4 Details
VPS10 - Linux 300 GB 10 cores 20 GB $60.00 4.4 Details
VPS11 - Linux 330 GB 11 cores 22 GB $66.00 4.4 Details
VPS12 - Linux 360 GB 12 cores 24 GB $72.00 4.4 Details
VPS13 - Linux 390 GB 13 cores 26 GB $78.00 4.4 Details
VPS14 - Linux 420 GB 14 cores 28 GB $84.00 4.4 Details
VPS15 - Linux 450 GB 15 cores 15 GB $90.00 4.4 Details
VPS16 - Linux 480 GB 16 cores 32 GB $96.00 4.4 Details
VPS1 - Windows 30 GB 1 core 2 GB $10.00 3.0 Details
VPS2 - Windows 60 GB 2 cores 4 GB $20.00 4.4 Details
VPS3 - Windows 90 GB 3 cores 6 GB $30.00 4.5 Details
VPS4 - Windows 120 GB 4 cores 8 GB $40.00 4.4 Details
VPS5- Windows 150 GB 5 cores 10 GB $50.00 4.4 Details
VPS6 - Windows 180 GB 6 cores 6 GB $60.00 4.4 Details
VPS7 - Windows 210 GB 7 cores 14 GB $70.00 4.4 Details
VPS8 - Windows 240 GB 8 cores 16 GB $80.00 4.4 Details
VPS9 - Windows 270 GB 9 cores 18 GB $90.00 4.4 Details
VPS10 - Windows 300 GB 10 cores 20 GB $100.00 4.4 Details
VPS11 - Windows 330 GB 11 cores 22 GB $110.00 4.4 Details
VPS12 - Windows 360 GB 12 cores 24 GB $120.00 4.4 Details
VPS13 - Windows 390 GB 13 cores 26 GB $130.00 4.4 Details
VPS14 - Windows 420 GB 14 cores 28 GB $140.00 4.4 Details
VPS15 - Windows 250 GB 15 cores 30 GB $150.00 4.4 Details
VPS16 - Windows 480 GB 16 cores 32 GB $160.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 1 30 GB 1 core 2 GB $6.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 2 60 GB 2 cores 4 GB $12.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 4 120 GB 4 cores 8 GB $24.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 6 180 GB 6 cores 12 GB $36.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 8 240 GB 8 cores 16 GB $48.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 10 300 GB 10 cores 20 GB $60.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 13 390 GB 13 cores 26 GB $78.00 4.4 Details
WordPress VPS 16 480 GB 16 cores 32 GB $96.00 4.4 Details
Webuzo 30 GB 1 core 2 GB $6.00 1.0 Details
Storage Optimized VPS 1 1 TB 1 core 2 GB $6.00 4.4 Details
Storage Optimized VPS 3 3 TB 3 cores 6 GB $18.00 5.0 Details
Storage Optimized VPS 5 5 TB 5 cores 10 GB $30.00 4.4 Details
Storage Optimized VPS 10 10 TB 10 cores 20 GB $60.00 4.4 Details
Storage Optimized VPS 16 16 TB 16 cores 32 GB $96.00 4.4 Details
Free Trial Unlimited - 0 B $0.00 4.4 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
XEON E3-1230 Unlimited 4 cores 32 GB $44.00 4.4 Details
AMD RYZEN 3600X Z Unlimited 6 cores 64 GB $67.00 4.4 Details
2 X SIX-CORE E5-2620 Unlimited 12 cores 64 GB $364.00 4.4 Details
AMD RYZEN 3900X Unlimited 12 cores 64 GB $100.00 4.4 Details
AMD RYZEN 5900X Unlimited 12 cores 64 GB $110.00 4.4 Details
AMD RYZEN 5950X Unlimited 16 cores 128 GB $179.00 4.4 Details
XEON E3-1230 V6 Unlimited - 16 GB $114.00 4.4 Details
2 X XEON E5-2680V4 8SFF Unlimited 28 cores 128 GB $210.00 4.4 Details
2 X XEON E5-2680V4 4LFF Unlimited 28 cores 128 GB $210.00 4.4 Details
2 X XEON E5-2678V3 (STORAGE) Unlimited 24 cores 128 GB $250.00 4.4 Details
2 X XEON GOLD 6230R 8SFF Unlimited 52 cores 128 GB $500.00 4.4 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
1 Core 30 GB 1 core 2 GB 2 TB $6.00 4.4 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
RS One 80 GB 500.02 GB cPanel $19.95 5.0 Details
RS Two 120 GB 700.01 GB cPanel $29.95 4.4 Details
RS Three 160 GB 1000.04 GB cPanel $39.95 4.4 Details
RS Four 200 GB 1.27 TB cPanel $49.95 4.4 Details
RS Five 280 GB 1.95 TB cPanel $69.95 5.0 Details

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