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OVHcloud Releases New PaaS Web Hosting Plan

Cloud computing and web hosting giant OVHcloud, drops a new web hosting solution, Web PaaS, powered by This innovative platform will allow developers and their teams to design, deploy and run web applications.

The companies fully integrated the Web PaaS into OVHcloud's portfolio of solutions. In turn, they brought enhanced flexibility and agility to developer teams.

OVHcloud infrastructure combined with expertise allows users to develop applications using runtime or web service from a wide selection and use pre-set templates to get started quickly. Also, by using the OVHcloud infrastructures, developer teams can focus on their projects and coding.

The technology works with all popular web platforms, including Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and Symfony. In addition, customers can use it to deploy components written in PHP, Node.js, Python, Go, Rust, .Net, or Java.

Michel Paulin, who serves the role as CEO of OVHcloud, had this to say:

Data control continues to be a concern for users, and we would like to support the changing needs in PaaS with trusted solutions, without compromising on performance. We are now taking an important step by jointly deploying a solution that is revolutionizing the development of web projects - using a public cloud platform that can guarantee that its users have full reversibility of their data. By integrating technology, we are confirming our move towards PaaS and are offering our European customers a solution that combines data sovereignty, simplicity, and agility.

OVHcloud stated that the Web PaaS would facilitate the production and increase the security for sites and apps in an open and reversible cloud on the web.

Cloud computing and web hosting giant @OVHcloud has launched its Web PaaS solution with the help of @platformsh as it looks to help facilitate the development of applications and sites across the web. from @TechRadarPro

— (@platformsh) June 22, 2021

The two companies spotted the need to build a European cloud alternative. Thus, the Web PaaS will be 100% hosted in Europe, meeting all the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Frédéric Plais, who serves the role as CEO at, had this to say:

"The PaaS web hosting plan will enable European startups to expand quickly, allowing them to focus on their core products rather than infrastructure management. And finally, because we share our convictions on the importance of offering Europeans a product made in Europe by European companies, providing all the necessary guarantees on compliance with European data and laws."

In his statement, Plais also explained that the two companies took a year to design and integrate the new Web PaaS solution.


KGB, CIA & Anonymous Web Hosting Providers

KGB, CIA & Anonymous Web Hosting Providers

Today, more than ever,people understand and appreciate the value of online safety and privacy. At this point, I can mention the website owners or bloggers posting sensitive information.

It’s the 21st century, and no doubt, we have the freedom of speech. Still, there are many ways to track who is hosting a website, such as the domain registration record WHOIS, IP addresses, payment methods, or plugins.


HostAdvice Speaks to Steve Eschweiler of HiveloCity

HostAdvice Speaks to Steve Eschweiler of HiveloCity

Simplifying hosting solutions are something that a lot of people are looking for today. Mr. Steve Eschweiler from HiveloCity is here with us today, where he will tell us a bit more about his company HiveloCity, the products and services that HiveloCity is offering.

We are very excited to hear his success story and learn more about the hosting industry.


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