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Openprovider – Revolutionizing Hosting Companies

Written by: , Feb. 19, 2017

An Interview with Arno Vis, CEO, Openprovider

What would you think of a company that sells domains and products licenses at cost? Some might call it crazy, but Arno Vis of Openprovider calls it innovative.  Arno, who has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, is not only trying to revolutionize domain wholesalers, but he is also trying to revolutionize and modernize hosting company software with another company he owns.

I had the opportunity to chat with Arno for a while and he shared his very definite opinions on the state and future of the domain and hosting markets as well as his thoughts on the new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains).

Hostadvice Openprovider


ReadySpace – Single Point of Contact For Cloud Hosting

Written by: , Feb. 16, 2017

An Interview with David Loke, CEO and Co-Founder, ReadySpace

David and his company ReadySpace have gone through many changes in the past 15 years.  But that doesn’t bother David, since his mantra is to “Keep Innovating.” The company today specializes in cloud server hosting with specialized business-focused tools and packages build on top them.  ReadySpace offers their customers a single point of contact for all of their software and hardware needs in the cloud.

Hostadvice Readyspace


OpenCart – Your Own Complete, Stand-Alone eCommerce and Shopping Cart Platform.

Written by: , Feb. 8, 2017

An Interview with Daniel Kerr, Owner, OpenCart

When I first hear “shopping cart” I tend to think about an add-on to an existing web site to handle online purchases.  But that is not the case with OpenCart, which is a comprehensive eCommerce platform capable of handling large product catalogs.  It is also open source and free software, so you can modify it to meet your specific needs.  Although, the truth is, you made not have to make many changes to the code because there are over 14,000 extensions available to add all types of functionality to the base product.

Hostadvice Opencart


Datadog – All of Your Cloud Infrastructure and Application Data in a Single Place

Written by: , Feb. 1, 2017

An Interview with Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, Datadog

For many of us, infrastructure and application performance monitoring is something of a mystery. Performance monitoring in today’s dynamic, large scale, virtual, and cloud environment sometimes seems like black magic.  It is certainly at least very challenging to track so many moving parts.  Datadog is trying to change all of that.

I had the opportunity for a long chat with Amit Agarwal who not only shared information on Datadog’s approach to performance monitoring, but also how he sees the future of cloud computing, devops, and performance monitoring.

Hostadvice Datadog


Celebros – Conversion Technologies for Online Retailers

Written by: , Jan. 29, 2017

An Interview with Joseph Shemesh, CEO, Celebros

At the end of the day, what online retailers care about is sales – and more sales.  That is why it is best to focus optimization efforts on actual conversions, rather than other web site metrics such as page views, visitors, or even engagements. Celebros offer a modular solution of high-end technologies and tools – based on Natural Language Processing – to help eCommerce sites optimize and improve their conversion rates.

I chatted with Celebros CEO Joseph Shemesh about the benefits of their approach to conversion optimization.  He also shared some interesting analysis and thoughts on how online purchasing is affected by the increasing use of mobile devices.



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