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Winner: Contabo
In this Hetzner Online vs Contabo comparison, our extensive tests on both providers cover everything from pricing and performance to customer feedback. We find out which one stands out. This comprehensive analysis gives you a clear picture of why Contabo is often the preferred choice for website owners.

Detailed Comparison: Hetzner Online vs Contabo

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Latest positive review
Jerry Pi
Jerry Pi
Nextcloud NX11
I was choosing between several providers, decided for another their competition but never received support answer. Then I decided to cancel and setup ...
new Nextcloud hosting with Hetzner. Highly recommend them!
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Carlos Thomas
Carlos Thomas
Excellent VPS & Hosting Provider
My original review was done here in 2020 but the link seems to be gone. I originally gave Contabo all 5 stars on everything, but the customer service ...
and service itself has fallen off a bit. My view is, should you require web hosting then you can use them. Cost is cheaper than many others and service is up most of the time. The VPS offerings are also great provided you're not taking a service with over 2TB storage. I'll explain each. Web hosting was awesome and everything worked fine. I use OSTicket for keeping track of work done and Invoice Ninja to manage invoicing. Updates to Invoice Ninja resulted in it being broken on Contabo. No amount of help from Invoice Ninja would fix it. I eventually went back to Contabo with the issue and was told that they couldn't help. I had to change hosting providers to be able to run the later version of Invoice Ninja. The funny thing is - the latest version at the time was available through Softaculous but it wouldn't work properly. I don't know if it's fixed now, but it was a deal breaker at the time - I had to move the database and host elsewhere. Where VPS would be concerned, as of 2024-04 I'm having an issue that's making me look elsewhere. My VPS has 3TB storage running Windows Server, but the automatic install script for OS reinstalls will not partition the drive properly. This results in about 1TB of space that cannot be used, cannot be partitioned. This requires support to get involved and do the setup manually. This works, but brings a weird issue where screen resolution can't be changed unless you access the ProxMox BIOS. Both issues pointed out from 2023-10 and have still not been resolved. My VM was moved to another server which resulted in major performance hits and it took a migration and scrubbing for them to do tests and realize it was a hardware fault - not my VM/VPS. I'm still in dialog with them about it at present, but I may have to move the VPS as well if these don't get resolved. As someone with some technical knowledge, it's annoying when you find a fault and explain but it's brushed off. The services do work and very well, but there are some glitches that you may not be able to get around. The most annoying part was the inability to get in touch with support within a timely manner. Understanding that the provider is in Germany, it's expected that there will be delays to get emaill replies. I have never waited beyond 48 hours to at least get an acknowledgement reply - until 2024-03/04. Within this and last month, it's taken 3-5 days for a reply to issues that I've raised before. Even now I'm waiting on replies - still hoping they'll get things fixed. If nothing is resolved by the 20th then I'll be moving on with this particular VPS while keeping 3 other smaller ones with them. I would still recommend Contabo, but at the end of the day a service is to be provided that's paid for. If there's a failure to provide and no resolution in sight - move along. Smaller VPSes will work quite fine, and Linux based VPSes work excellent. Provided your web apps don't require any special access, I would still recommend them for hosting as well.
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Latest negative review
Sagar Yadav
Sagar Yadav
am not able to login my hetzner account 2 factor is main issue
I am experiencing difficulty logging into my Hetzner account due to the two-factor authentication being the primary issue. I wish to disable two-facto...
r authentication from my Hetzner account, but despite sending multiple emails over the past four days, I have not received a single reply from their support team. It is frustrating as Hetzner expects prompt responses from customers regarding abuse or spam emails within 24 hours, yet they themselves have not responded to my inquiries.
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Taha M Asadullah
Taha M Asadullah
Frequent Lengthy Outages with no response
Frequent lengthy downtimes. Customer support takes days to respond. Status page doesn't report outages. No lessons are learnt even after all the...
se inconvenience.
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Web hosting level 1

$1.69 / month
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$3.99 / month
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$8.81 / month
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$10.99 / month
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  • Panel: cPanel

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$12.50 / month
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$43.61 / month
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$106.99 / month
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Contabo Secure?

Yes, Contabo is very secure. In fact, one of its founders said, “We’re obsessed with security”. Contabo implements SSL encryption, always-on DDoS mitigation, and other security protocols to ensure that their customer’s websites and businesses are protected from hackers.

2. How many customers does Contabo have?

At the time of writing, Contabo has over 150,000 customers worldwide and has served over 190 countries.

3. With Contabo can I host my website in different regions?

Yes, you can for most of their services. Currently, you can choose to host your data in either the European Union (Germany) or the US.

4. What are some good Contabo and Hetzner alternatives?

Some great Contabo alternatives and Hetzner alternatives are Hostinger, Cloudways, Kinsta, Dreamhost, and HostGator. provides professional web hosting reviews fully independent of any other entity. Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies. This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers.
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