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WordPress Web Hosting can help you boost SEO and sales. Choose a WP hosting provider with a free domain, SSL, 1-click install, and knowledgeable customer support.

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$1.39 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain
"Amazing Speed and Awesome control"– Rawnak Ahuja
"Best hosting and website builder!"– fadi kazak
"Hostinger webservice"– Feliz Khan

Expert Overview : Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: WordPress hosting is made simpler and even more powerful thanks to the affordable options available with Hostinger. Though there are several plans available, businesses and individuals get access to the most feature-rich site-building platform available on the web from a starting price of just $2.15 per month. With a service that’s optimized for WordPress, users enjoy a tailored experience along with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

One of the reasons Hostinger stands out is that it has a dedicated WordPress team working 24/7 on the upkeep of its users’ sites. Plus, depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get access to the Jetpack plugin, WordPress’ sophisticated scalability tool. All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL & Domain, and a 300 website limit. Read More

Has servers in {{country}}
$3.48 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
"Great support"– Dijana Pavic
"Great Support Team"– Jaime Blandon
"Reliably good work and great service"– Jonas Heinzerling

Expert Overview : Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: Whether you’re looking to start a new WordPress website or switch to a host that offers quick and easy migrations, FastComet is one of the leading options for businesses and individuals around the world. Using FastComet allows you to take full advantage of what WordPress hosting has to offer: with more than 450 apps, over 20 frameworks, and round-the-clock 24/7 support, you’ll be building site traffic in no time.

Managed WordPress hosting with FastComet starts at just $2.95 a month and each plan comes with routine automatic backups, free Cloudfare CDN, and is powered by cPanel. What’s more, all migrations and domain transfers are entirely free. If you’re left feeling unsatisfied, make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Read More

Has servers in {{country}}
$1.99 / MO
Money Back: Anytime
"Am I crazy to give 5 stars?"– Charles H. Stanton
"Andrew H"– Andrew Hubbell
"Great Service"– Yvette Rooker

Expert Overview : Aviran Zazon Aviran Zazon: Looking for shared or managed WordPress hosting? A2 Hosting might be for you. Established almost 20 years ago, A2 Hosting has established itself as one of the first choices for premium hosting services, supporting thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide. While it offers an array of options to suit all budgets and requirements, WordPress hosting is one of its key offerings.

According to A2 Hosting, two of its four WordPress plans will get you a 20x faster experience than you’ll typically find elsewhere. However, all users will benefit from quick and free site migrations and money-back guarantee at any time, regardless of the plan you choose. What’s more, your WordPress site will include PHP 7 and free HTTPS protection as standard. Read More

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$25.00 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days

Expert Overview :
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: The sole purpose of WP Engine is WordPress Hosting and this is exactly what they've been doing for the past several years.

They may be a little pricey for some people but if you are looking for a perfect web host for your WordPress website and don't mind adding a few bucks for it then WP Engine is surely your company.

Their support, hardware and software is simply unbeatable when it comes to WordPress.

You’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
• Support from WordPress Experts
• Customizable Packages
• Scalable Hosting for Any Size Site
Read More

Server Locations North America Europe Asia
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$13.00 / MO
Money Back: 3 Days

Expert Overview :
Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: Flywheel is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Resellers. Their servers are placed in next locations: Singapore, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main, London, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas. 75% of user reviews who used Flywheel are positive. Read More

Has servers in {{country}}
$2.50 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: InterServer provides a whole range of hosting services and has done for more than 20 years. One of the areas it specializes in is WordPress hosting, providing reliable and optimized services for just $6 per month. It claims to have created the perfect solution by incorporating several tools and features, including the high-speed browser, nginx. Powered on Interserver’s VPS cloud, users get guaranteed CPU, RAM, and disk space along with unique IP addresses.

InterServer promises free migrations for existing WordPress sites and has 24/7 customer support to help with any issues that may come up down the line. Users have the option to upgrade their plan at any stage and can tailor a plan that’s specific to their needs. Read More

Server Locations Secaucus Los Angeles
Has servers in {{country}}
$3.33 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: HostArmada is one of the top-notch WordPress hosting providers no matter if you need a simple WordPress Shared Hosting or an advanced VPS/Dedicated server for your huge WordPress website. All solutions offered by HostArmada are Cloud SSD based and specifically optimized for exceptional WordPress loading speed, security, and stability.
HostArmada also offers FREE WordPress installation or transfer, updates, FREE plugin/theme installation, FREE Loading Speed Optimization and basically everything Web Hosting related you might need for the success of your WordPress website. Read More

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$10.00 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: Try Cloudways free for three days and see why more than 100,000 SMBs, agencies, and individuals choose this service for managed WordPress hosting. As a strict cloud-hosting provider, Cloudways users receive enhanced security, performance, and availability with leading laaS providers like DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud. And with 24/7 customer care via live chat, phone, and, email, you’ll get a complete experience with support when you need it.

In terms of performance, Cloudways WordPress users get a built-in cache, SSD hosting, Cloudways CDN, and the Breeze plugin, among other essential features. As for security, Cloudways keeps its customers safe with dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting, database security, and much more. Anyone looking to migrate their WordPress site to Cloudways can do so for free. Read More

Has servers in {{country}}
$3.95 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: Starting from just $2.76 per month, you could be hosting your own WordPress site with ChemiCloud. The well-known cloud-hosting provider was established back in 2016 and is the go-to choice for thousands of site owners worldwide. With responsive 24/7 support, secure hosting, and optimized worldwide data centers, ChemiCloud is the perfect choice for running blogs, eCommerce stores, and company websites. Users have the choice of three plans, though all come with unlimited bandwidth and free migrations.

Whether you’re new to WordPress hosting or not, ChemiCloud provides all the key services you can expect for making a stunning site that drives traffic. That means easy staging and one-click installations, hundreds of apps, and free SSL certificates for added security. Read More

Has servers in {{country}}
$30.00 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Angela Olaru Angela Olaru: Kinsta is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS, CDN, SSL. Their servers are placed in next locations: Council Bluffs, Ashburn, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt am Main, London, Sydney, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Montreal, Hong Kong, Zurich, Salt Lake City, Seoul, Las Vegas, Jakarta. 100% of user reviews who used Kinsta are positive. Read More

Has servers in {{country}}
$5.99 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: Though it was only established back in 2018, Verpex has earned a reputation as one of the great hosting providers available. It offers a suite of hosting options, including reseller and dedicated server plans, but is especially known for specializing in WordPress. With the cheapest plan starting from just $3.99 per month, launching your new or existing WordPress site will be easier and more affordable than you think.

Each Verpex plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, free migrations, and daily backups. If you’re prepared to pay a little extra for the ‘Gold Package’, you’ll get 10 websites, 50GB of SSD space, and the choice of six locations. If you have any questions about what’s on offer, the customer care team can be reached via toll-free phone or live chat. Read More

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Should I really consider these hosting providers as the best WordPress hosts of 2021?

HostAdvice’s AI technology has waded through all the hosting options and narrowed it down to the best WordPress web hosting providers dynamically based on several key factors:

  • User WordPress reviews
  • Uptime
  • Reliability
  • Features
  • WordPress-specific support
  • Variety of plans
  • Establishment date
  • Price
  • Awards
  • Other secret ingredients you can ask us about :-)

WordPress hosting comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s a huge variation in the plans and the features offered. Also, the number of providers offering WordPress web hosting is huge. So, picking up the right solution for your website can be tricky. Luckily, HostAdvice’s AI technology has sorted out the best web hosts for WordPress dynamically for your convenience. So, you can find the best solution with just a few clicks.

WordPress Key factors


Let’s get to business, why WP hosting is the best choice for your sites in 2021?

WordPress web hosting provides several key advantages for managing your sites in 2021 conveniently:

  • Blazing Fast: Being configured specifically for hosting WordPress websites, the managed solution delivers super-fast performance even when your site gets a lot of traffic. Thanks to the support for a variety of technologies, including server-level caching, PHP8, MariaDB, and HTTP/2.
  • Hacker-proof Security: WP hosting has a very tight security layer that actively scans and blocks all hacking attempts. By utilizing a wide range of protection technologies, including malware removal tool, Brute Force protection system, and DDoS attack prevention tool, it protects your website from all sorts of security threats effectively. A good hosting provider monitors its network for suspicious activity and updates its server software and hardware periodically.
  • Developer Friendly: The WordPress website hosting services offers quick access to development tools, including SSH, Git, Composer, Sequel Pro, and WP-CLI. These Tools enable you to create an efficient development workflow no matter how many sites you are working with. Also, the best web hosts for WordPress support one-click staging environments, allowing you to clone your website with just a single keypress. Whenever you want to test something, simply launch the cloned site and do your tweaks there without causing any issue to the live website.


I have seen advanced site owners preferring Unmanaged WordPress hosting. Why is it so popular among advanced users?

Animation: Man breaks the monitor with a keyboard

Well, Unmanaged WordPress hosting gives you complete control over the server. So, you can customize it and install any tools that you want without any hassle. It’s one of the reasons that make Unmanaged WordPress hosting very popular among advanced users.

When it comes to the control panel, unmanaged WordPress hosting doesn’t restrict you with fewer options. Instead, it gives access to a full-featured hosting control panel, such as cPanel. So, you get more features to utilize. Also, unmanaged hosting doesn’t include exclusive features, like dedicated customer support service. As a result, the fee is significantly lower than the managed hosting solution. If you don’t mind maintaining your site, sticking to unmanaged WordPress hosting can save you a lot of money.


Shared, VPS, or VDS: Which type is best for hosting WordPress sites?

Three different bagels with names: Shared, VPS, VDS

Are you overwhelmed with the different types of WordPress web hosting around you? We are here to help. If you have a new or website with little traffic, shared hosting is the best choice for you. It is perfectly suitable for personal blogs, client test sites, and archived projects. On the other hand, if you own a startup that can attract a lot of visitors soon, VPS hosting is the best solution for you. By scaling the resources during traffic surge effectively, it will prevent your website from going down easily. However, if your website already has high traffic and you are facing trouble handling it with VPS, VDS is the right choice for you. Unlike VPS, it doesn’t share any resources with other virtual private servers on the same machine. As a result, VDS delivers higher scalability and better performance.


Will WordPress hosting make my life a lot easier? Will it cost me only a low monthly fee?

Meter of the need for purchase shows "A strong buy"

Almost any web host can run WordPress. But not all of them can do it well. Only WordPress specific hosting solutions can truly make your life easier. They support the “one-click installation” packages, including Softaculous and Fantastico, enabling you to install WordPress from a script library. You just need to fill in and submit a form. There is no need to upload any file via FTP to your server.

The WordPress hosts make updating your site very easy. Thanks to the support for automatic updates. Also, the provider creates a backup of your website automatically before making the update. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore everything. So, web hosting with WordPress gives you complete peace of mind. Also, the plugins and themes are updated once the WordPress update is installed successfully. It fixes old bugs, improves performance, and makes your life as a site owner a lot easier.

The hosting providers also offer WordPress-specific technical support. With the core of the platform having more than half a billion lines of codes, it isn’t hard to mess up the installation and get stuck to a database error. However, with the WordPress experts around you, you will face no trouble in getting the technical issues fixed promptly.

This dependability and peace of mind of WordPress Hosting services allows you to put the focus on running your business, whatever that may be, without having to worry about managing your website.

In addition to that, WordPress web hosting helps you to save money. The market for cheap WordPress hosting is so competitive that prices are often rock-bottom. Some providers charge you as little as $1/month. So, you will end up paying a relatively lower monthly fee.


The Last Word - Our Recommended Parameters for Selecting the Best Web Host for WordPress

  • WordPress Specific Security Features: You put up a lot of effort to build your site and publish great content to drive high traffic. It would be terrible to lose all the hard work because of a hack or DDoS attack. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on the features of the hosting package. Make sure that the hosting provider supports a variety of WordPress security hardening technologies, including 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Secure Shell (SSH), activity log, and the dedicated firewall. Also, keep in mind that the best hosting for WordPress offers SSL certificates, the DDoS protection system, and the malware removal tool. Besides, look for backup solutions and the site cleanup feature, which are very important for restoring your website in the case of a security breach.
  • Plugin Access: You should pick up a hosting provider that gives you the freedom of using any plugin that you like. The best web hosting for WordPress doesn’t restrict you to limited tools. Also, you should look for free licenses of different plugins, including Jetpack. It will help you to save money.
  • WordPress Specific Support: Before picking up a plan, make sure that the support team focuses only on WordPress, rather than Drupal, Magento, or any other type of platform. It ensures that you get support from the real experts, who can easily recognize the difference between a potential plugin conflict, a tricky theme, or a server-level issue. Also, they will help you with plugin updates and page optimization. The support team of the best WordPress hosting provider knows the exact setting that is required for your website to run at optimal performance.

Summary of 2021’s Best WordPress Hosting:

Rank Web Host Monthly Price Range Expert Overview User Ratings
1 Hostinger $1.39 - $69.99 "No one else even comes close to the service and quality I have received from Hostinger."
2 FastComet $3.48 - $296.55 "Top hosting provider for OpenCart. Tech support answers your questions within 5-10minutes."
3 A2 Hosting $1.99 - $549.99 "I was on the lookout for a hosting service of the best global standards for Wordpress."
4 WP Engine $25.00 - $241.00 "WP Engine is the perfect Wordpress Hosting Solution for The Vet Marketing Firm."
5 Flywheel $13.00 - $242.00 "A reasonable alternative to WP Engine, but with some issues"
7.2 provides professional web hosting reviews fully independent of any other entity. Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies. This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers.

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