Reseller Hosting Price

Reseller hosting is a wholesale service in which a web hosting provider creates white label web hosting packages that are rebranded and sold to the end user. The white label products are rebranded by an individual or a third party organization and resold at a retail price. Web designers and developers can sell the white label hosting to their clients and earn extra cash every month instead of getting paid once for their services.

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Although the business initiative by web hosting providers is targeted at reselling their services, companies that need multiple cPanels can also purchase reseller hosting instead of running multiple hosting accounts. The price of reseller hosting depends on the allocated disk space, bandwidth, number of websites, RAM per cPanel account, CPU cores per cPanel account, type of web hosting, cPanel accounts, dedicated IP, and email accounts.

The average reseller hosting price varies across different hosting providers and is usually between $7.99 to $150, depending on the type of plan and discount. In this post, we will compare the best reseller hosting providers based on their cheapest prices.


Reseller Hosting Price Table – Top 20 Reseller Hosting Providers in 2022

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingsPay Monthly PlanMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
#1Verpex$7.50Monthly50%$14.9960 DaysVerpex
#2Scalahosting$14.95MonthlyX$14.9530 DaysScalaHosting
#3HostArmada$19.09Monthly25%$25.4045 DaysHostArmada
#4inmotionhosting$15.39MonthlyX$29.9990 DaysInmotionhosting
#5A2Hosting$24.99Monthly50%$49.9930 DaysA2Hosting
#6Chemicloud$7.49Monthly75%$29.9545 DaysChemicloud
#7Interserver$19.95MonthlyX$19.9530 DaysInterserver
#8Hostwinds$5.24MonthlyX$5.2472 HoursHostwinds
#9Resellerclub$7.99MonthlyX$7.9930 DaysResellerclub
#10TMDHosting$19.95Monthly20%$24.9560 DaysTMDHosting
#11KnownHost$6.97Monthly50%$13.9530 DaysKnownhost
#12Milesweb$4.20Monthly40%$7.0030 DaysMilesweb
#13HostDash$23.96MonthlyX$29.9560 DaysHostDash
#14Hostripples$1.96Monthly50%$3.9930 DaysHostripples
#15SmarterASP$30.00MonthlyX$30.0060 DaysSmarterASP
#16Flaunt7$19.99YearlyX$19.9930 DaysFlaunt7
#17Sered€2.95MonthlyX€2.9530 DaysSered
#18HostPapa$29.99MonthlyX$29.9930 DaysHostPapa
#19SiteGround$3.99Monthly73%$14.9930 DaysSiteGround
Unique Facts: Most hosting providers allocate all the necessary tools and resources to a reseller without charging the costs of server maintenance, and uptime.


Factors that Affect the Cost of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a business model created by web hosting providers with the reseller as the middle man to partition out the allocated hosting resources to their customers. Factors like allocated disk space, the type of web hosting, RAM per cPanel account, bandwidth, number of cPanel accounts, and the number of websites affect the cost of reseller hosting.

  • The Number of Websites

This is the allocated number of websites allowed to be hosted on a reseller hosting package. The number of websites you get on a reseller hosting plan depends on your hosting provider and the price. Most web hosting providers offer unlimited websites, while others allocate a specific limited number of websites on their cheapest plans.

  • The Number of cPanel Accounts

cPanel is a control panel software designed to simplify the website creation process. It allows users to manage their websites, emails, databases and more. The number of cPanel accounts allocated on a reseller hosting package depends on the hosting provider and the reseller hosting price. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get between 15 to 200 cPanel accounts, while some web hosting providers’ alternative control panels are unlimited on their highest reseller hosting package.

  • Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of space available to store website files on the server. As a reseller, you will get limited disk space and will only be able to resell the allocated storage space. Web hosting providers allocate between 50GB to 250 GB of SSD space depending on the price. You can also get unlimited disk space but you will need to pay more.

  • RAM/CPU per cPanel user

RAM is the Random Access Memory that stores temporary data when a website is running multiple processes. CPU is the central processing unit that executes website requests. You will get up to 2GB of RAM and 2 – 4 cores per cPanel user. The limit on the CPU and RAM prevents cPanel users from using all available CPU power or RAM to execute tasks.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer between the web server, the website and the users. The number of Gigabytes depends on the hosting provider and the price as well. You can get between 600 GB to 3900 GB for data transfer.

  • Server Location

This is the physical location of your website hosting server. As a reseller, choosing a server location closer to your target audience is important to reduce website loading time and increase page loading speed.

  • Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP is a unique website address assigned to your reseller hosting package. Web hosting providers allocate between 1-3 dedicated IP addresses on their reseller hosting packages. A dedicated IP improves website speed and is required to activate a premium SSL certificate.

Unique Facts: Dedicated IP is assigned to a reseller for one or multiple cPanels. The reseller can only allocate the dedicated IPs available on the reseller package and might need to pay extra costs to get multiple dedicated IPs.


Extra costs to consider

No matter which hosting provider you choose or the plan, they might not offer you and your client everything you need in one place. Consider the following extra costs important for your reseller hosting business.


Typically costs $10 to $1299.95/month

WHM complete solution is a web hosting management and billing solution that helps resellers to automate domain registration and assign hosting accounts to clients. Web hosting providers also use it to create a shopping cart system for their customers.

Office 365

Typically costs $6 to $22/month

As a reseller, you can consider recommending office management tools to your clients. Office 365 comes with popular cloud-based productivity tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and others.

Domain WHOIS Privacy

Typically costs $14.88/year

Domain names are registered with the registrant information such as contact details and address, which are displayed on the WHOIS database listing. The information is made public on the WHOIS website and can be seen by unwanted solicitors or spammers.

WHOIS privacy is a service that can be added after the registration of a domain name to safeguard contact information from the public on the WHOIS listing. As a reseller, you need to ensure your client’s contact details are protected by offering to add WHOIS privacy to their domain name at a reasonable price.


Typically costs $5.95 to $19.95/month

Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that allows businesses to tap into an online audience by becoming more visible in search engine results. Websites need quality content with the right keywords to rank in search engines like Google. This will result in more leads, more traffic and improved sales and conversion rates.

Email hosting

Typically costs $2.75 to $6/month

Email hosting allows businesses to send and receive emails through mail servers provided by web hosting providers. You can set up an email address with your client’s domain name. For instance, if one of your client domain names is, custom email addresses can be created for different employees, such as Email hosting is what your client needs to improve their brand image and online presence.



Reseller hosting is a wholesale business that allows web designers or developers to upsell to their clients or earn money with their own branded web hosting business. Every business requires a web hosting service to host their website, and there is no limit to the number of potential clients for resellers in the hosting space.

Whether you are new to reseller hosting or looking for a new reseller hosting provider, you can look up and find the perfect reseller hosting provider and the price you need to pay to kickstart your web hosting business. The good thing about reseller hosting is that you don’t have to worry about server maintenance. You only need to choose a reliable reseller hosting package and allocate the resources to your clients.

Your success as a reseller depends on your business goals, choosing the best web hosting provider for your customers and getting them on a reliable web server.


What do I need to start reseller hosting?

You need to create a reseller hosting account with a reseller hosting provider and choose your preferred reseller hosting package based on your client’s needs.

How will I handle customer inquiries on reseller hosting?

Most reseller hosting providers offer dedicated customer support. If you can’t answer your clients’ questions,  you can direct the questions to your provider’s expert customer support.

What is the difference between cPanel and WHMCS?

cPanel is a control panel used to simplify web host server and website management.WHMCS is a web host manager used for client management and to process billing requests for web hosting providers.