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Dedicated Server $175.46 - $1,114.17

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Brendan Mullan
Brendan Mullan from United Kingdom,

Gone downhill in recent years!

I joined Memset in 2012 and for 5 years+ they were impeccable. Little to no downtime, excellent customer service and good value. Shame that all changed.

Over the last two years the downtime increased and customer service qualit...Read Morey dropped. But to top it all the final nail in the coffin was when they stopped being transparent about the issues.

The first downtime I had this year was in the early hours of the morning and Memset decided to not notify any impacted customers. Why? I'm guessing it was in the hope that they didn't notice. They then reported the downtime it was less than the reality. I was awake as I had been alerted by downtime monitoring software that my clients sites were down so I could see exactly how long it was down. I had to argue with them back and forward over tickets to get any kind of compensation for the downtime. They apologised and said they didn't get it right this time but would sort things going forward.

Fast-forward 2.5 Months from incident #1 and we have incident #2 - another period of downtime. This time over 4hrs! They notified customers this time but then decided to update their service status to say service was 'degraded' - Not down, 'degraded'. I don't know what planet their service team lives on but when you have servers down due to hardware failure it's not degraded it's down!

When I questioned them on this, they said:

"Our intent was certainly not to downplay the severity of the incident. We aim to achieve a balance between transparency, and avoiding causing unnecessary alarm which is why we made the decision to classify the incident as a service degradation rather than an outage, as the complete IT service (in this case our Cloud VPS platform) was largely unaffected."

So there you have it, they are not completely transparent about downtime and openly admit this. This is totally unacceptable in this industry and as such I will be cancelling my service with them and no longer recommending them to anyone going forward.

Since the most resent incident they have even gone back and edited the downtime from previous months to show as 'degraded service' - This is deception, plain and simple no matter how you word it.

Sorry Memset but unless you go back to the quality service you used to provide I would imagine others will be leaving too.

I could have forgiven the first time but after the second time the proverb "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" comes to mind.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert


Leading UK hosting focused on larger companies and websites

Memset is one of the leading hosting companies in the UK.  They have two data centers, both of which are in the UK and they make it a point to say that all your data will always be stored in the UK (this is a big selling point for them).

They don't offer shared hosting, which means that smaller companies and individual blogs won't really want to go with this company.  For those who need higher end services, however, this seems to be a great option.

Memset does have a variety of different hosting packages within this high end niche, offering VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.  Within each of these groups they have several tiers, so you'll definitely be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Overall, this is a great hosting company with a strong reputation.  If you are located in the UK or that is where your target audience is, this is definitely a company that you'll want to put on your short list.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Excellent hosting with very few inturruptions

No matter which hosting package you sign up for you will be getting a very reliable service that helps to ensure your customers can access your site at any time.  If you choose the dedicated hosting option, however, you can add in 'high availability clusters' which basically means you will have added redundancy so that if there are any problems, traffic can be rerouted.

They also manage their own data centers, which allows them to ensure everything is as stable as possible.  Each of the data centers has generators in place to prevent power interruptions and they are staffed 24/7/365 with technical staff that can identify and fix any issues before they cause service interruptions.


Nice lineup of high end features to meet all your needs

They offer a wide range of hosting packages so that they can meet the needs of any medium to large business.  In addition, they offer dedicated cloud data storage, which is a nice option for many companies.

While they offer set hosting packages that you can choose from, they also make it fairly easy to pick and choose the features that you need to make your own custom hosting service, which is really nice.  This allows you to pay only for the things you actually need, rather than just having to get a generic package that is more 'one size fits all.'

They have advanced website monitoring, firewalls and security services as well, which are becoming increasingly important for larger websites these days.



Excellent technical support available 24/7

Memset offers high end customer support to help you with virtually any issue you may run into.  The fact that their technical teams are so good, however, seems to have caused them to use some higher end technical language on their site.  This may result in new customers being confused as to what it is they are actually offering.

You can speak to a sales person through live chat, however, and they can explain the services in easier to understand language.

They have 24/7 technical support to address any issues you run into, and their technicians are able to handle even unusual problems.


Customized packaging allows for fair pricing

One of the best things about this hosting company is that there are so many differnet combinations of services that you can choose from.  You can get the exact services you want, without having to pay for unneeded options.  This helps to keep your prices lower than they may otherwise be.

Of course, whenever signing up for higher end hosting services, you will have to pay more than shared hosting, but that is to be expected.  Overall this hosting is properly priced and will provide you with great services for the money you are paying.


Very responsive websites with all hosting packages

Memset's data centers have multiple high speed data circuits coming in and out of them to help ensure maximum response times.  All their hosting servers are also configured well to ensure there are no delays due to the hardware or software.

Due to the fact that they are focused on providing services to UK customers, they also have a speed advantage due to the fact that most people accessing them will be geographically near by.


One of the best hosting options in the UK

There is very little negative that you can say about this hosting company.  If you are looking for high end hosting in the UK, Memset absolutely must be one of the options you consider.  They have been helping to provide some of the best services in the area, and have a very strong reputation for exceptional hosting.


  • Wide range of high end hosting packages available
  • Advanced security (monitoring, firewall, ect) available
  • Two data centers in the UK
  • Great technical staff
  • Cloud data storage available


  • Their website uses too much technical language that may be difficult to understand for the average customer
  • No shared hosting options


Memset Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
1U 1xQuad-Core 1 TB 4 x 2.00GHz 16 GB $175.46 4.4 Details
1U 1xHex-Core 2 TB 6 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $365.89 4.4 Details
2U 2xQuad-Core 6.05 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $406.71 4.4 Details
1U 1xOct-Core 4 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 48 GB $624.37 4.4 Details
2U 2xHex-Core 8 TB 12 x 2.00GHz 64 GB $828.51 4.4 Details
2U 2xOct-Core 1.88 TB 16 x 2.00GHz 96 GB $1,114.17 4.4 Details

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