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InMotion Hosting Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from InMotion Hosting

Fast and easy website hosting, services, and technology solutions with all the essential features a small business or a brand new website needs to be at its best. Complete with 99.99% uptime, free SSL, 1-click WordPress installs, and a free domain for a year. Our high-performance servers sit in highly secured data centers offering maximum uptime, top-notch hack and malware sec...Read Moreurity.

Partner with a web hosting company that leads the way with the latest enterprise building tools, technology, and professional expertise to take your business growth to the next level. Give us a try! Our 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer service experts are waiting to take your call, chat, or email anytime.
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Free domain
Money Back: 90 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.49 - $12.99
VPS $5.00 - $160.00
Dedicated Server $139.99 - $539.99
Resellers $15.39 - $67.99

Server Locations

InMotion Hosting Awards

Best Customer Support badge is given to companies that our editors anonymously tested their Email & Phone support and have proven to be awesome.  Given to companies who reached HostAdvice's Top10 best web hosting companies in 2021 Considered as one of the best hosting companies in the world
Nana Tamakloe

Pinned Review

Nana Tamakloe,
I just moved there 3 months ago, prices are good. Support is good. And the server is much faster compared to my old one. The guys are casual and not like robots. I wish them much success. I feel at home here. Hope I wont need to review this review in future.


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Nilla's Photography

Changing hosts!

I've been with InMotion for 4 years and only 1 site. Speed has got painfully worse.
Support isn't good and I've spent too many hours on chat and emails.

In October, my site was down for a several days due to Support's arroganc...Read Moree. My WP theme had a major update, which broke my site even though I built a Child theme.

I requested a restore and gave Support the exact file from which to restore. However, support restored from a 2018 backup! (Another issue - support creates all these old folders on my File Manager when dealing with problems, then doesn't delete them). It's only the 2nd time in 4 years that I requested a restore. Support was adamant that I was wrong and the restore was correct and from the Oct 2020 file. We know what we've designed and built over the years, right?

Finally after several days of my site looking incomplete - not really functional - and hours on chat, one support guy confirmed that the restore was from a 2018. He didn't know how that could of happened, even though I gave them the exact file name/date/etc. (I've built a staging site now.)

If that wasn't bad enough for the October month, last week InMotion emailed to advise that I had to delete files as my account was too large, or it was being moved to another server. I'd have temp details until propagation was complete. InMotion provides "unlimited disk space"!

I emailed twice to advise that I'd clear all the old folders (around 30GB) and heard nothing. Sunday just gone, I get another email saying the move was almost complete and not to make changes to my site or use temp details to make changes!

I've been arguing with InMotion ever since that I didn't want my account moved and that I wanted to delete the 30GB of useless files created by InMotion, but it moved my account regardless!

These are only a couple of problems that I've experienced in 4 years. I'm now looking at another host as I've had enough!
Praveen Kumar

Terrible Support

I moved to Inmotion dedicated server towards the end of May 2020 and right from the first week, my experience has been terrible. My migration was botched up - took over 8 days to move 200gb of data.
Support is very very slow. A s...Read Moreupport ticket took 16 to 24 hours to get a response.
Live chat waiting times are terrible. 20 to 30 minutes before someone responded.
Raised a support request for a custom backup, charged me $45 and eventually I was told they cannot do it. The refund took another 7 days and multiple followups.

2 days ago, I cancelled my hosting and moved to a better provider.
Glenn Owens
Glenn Owens from United States,

Longtime customer

I have been an Inmotion customer since 2009. There service used to be great. Those days are over.
Many so-called review sites give them a positive review only because they get a commission when people sign up. I wish they would...Read Moren't mislead unsuspecting customers. Read reviews from actual customers to know what they are really like.
Inmotion Hosting is awful Webites seem to be down more often than they are up. The speed is much slower compared to other hosting companies in this price range. Hold times for dealing with customer service are ridiculous. Some of the reps are polite and helpful while others are complete a-holes. Either way, they never apologize for the problems they cause (which have become more and more frequent). If you're running a business, you don't have time to spend several hours per week dealing with these people and trying to get your site running.
I would strongly advise anyone against doing business with this company.
Delfino Vieira Coelho
Delfino Vieira Coelho from Brazil,

Bad support

It is amazing how, with each passing day, the support gets worse.
I have to interact about three times to solve simple problems.
The attendants are not trained.
Thing is most of the newbies' problems are from buying badly coded website port. They put in their domain name and blame problems on webhosting providers while in fact, the problems are from their Websites codes.
Jonas D
Jonas D from Lithuania,

Pricing is deliberately misleading

Hosting is good. Tech support is good, as well. Email solution is average - spam filters are not working well. But it is free - so there is a trade-off. Pricing is misleading - you will get some reduced price in the beginning, hid...Read Moreing the fact that it is temporary, and then you will be charged more later. In my case more that a regular price stated on the website. Pricing is borderline with low level scam, not very painful financially, but just annoying.Less
Christopher Fallon
Christopher Fallon from United States,

We were hacked out on their shared server

So everyone knows, while developing a site for a customer on their shared business hosting we received an automated message that our c-panel password had been changed and the hacker was from Jordan (We are in the US). Contacted su...Read Morepport and they said their system was secure and I should just change my c-panel password to fix it and we did. About five days later while trying to bring up the website online we saw a message coming from google stating the website had a phish code on there? Investigating more into it we found our whole system was hacked out. All of our WP sites our Larvel site had new directories created and a Bank of America Phish code added. Emailed support seeing chat and phone service is unavailable .. still have not heard anything. Had to delete all of our code and re-route domains else where. BUYER BEWARE WHEN USING THIS COMPANY FOR A WEBSITE. THEIR SERVERS CAN BE HACKED EASILY.Less
Adam Schmeeckle
Adam Schmeeckle from United States,

Do Not Use InMotion Hosting, unstable performance

I recently recommended InMotionHosting's (WordPress Hosting - WP-2000s) to a few clients. I thought I was providing a superior product to what they previously were using (GoDaddy).
Boy I was wrong. Front-end performance is so-so,...Read More but nothing exceptional. BUT where I was flabbergasted was their back-end performance.

I went upload 11 images into WordPress. These images totaled 11.2 MB. It took over SEVEN minutes to upload those 11 images. The CPU usage in cPanel was maxed out. So while I was waiting for these to upload, I went to my personal website, logged-in, and uploaded the same 11 images in less than 60 seconds. (I'm using A2Hosting on a mid-level plan that is comparable "on paper" to the InMotionHosting WP2000s plan).

I reached out to InMotionHosting support and in summary was told that "Speeds Vary" on the backend. Which translates "Sorry, You're Out of Luck, so pay 4 times as much for our VPS hosting".

I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
Bruno Mirchevski

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski

Last Update | September 2021

Monthly Update - September 2021

Hosting Plans Shared Hosting; WordPress Hosting; VPS Hosting; Dedicated Hosting
Top Features 99.99% Uptime; Free SSD Drives; Free Domain Name; Free Backups; 90-day Money-back Guarantee; Easy Google Apps Integration; One-click Installs Of 400+ Applications; Free No-downtime Website Migration; Free Website Builder; Wp-CLI Enabled; Php 8 Supported; Max Speed Zones; Easy Control Panel; Backup Manager Available; Ssh Access; 24/7/365 U.S.-based Support; Hack & Malware Protection
Customer Support Live Chat; Email and Phone Support; Knowledge Base

During September, InMotion Hosting:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates

During August, InMotion Hosting:

During July, InMotion Hosting:

During June, InMotion Hosting:

  • Experienced a few server issues; performed unplanned maintenance; live chat wasn’t accessible at one point due to an incident with their third-party workflow provider
  • Identified SSL connection issues outside of their network
  • Received The 2021 Great Place To Work Certification

During May, InMotion Hosting:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Experienced several technical difficulties, including server maintenance, availability of customer support, and unplanned issues

InMotion Hosting is a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. They have a team of over three hundred employees in over 175 countries across the globe. In other words, they have built a strong reputation in the market.

Once you enter their site, you can instantly spot InMotion Hosting offering 24/7/365 technical support, 99.99% uptime, and a risk-free money-back guarantee. They provide WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Shared Hosting, starting at $5.99 per month.

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Rated by Bruno Mirchevski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


Today, I’ll dig into InMotion Hosting’s features. After all, it’s always great to hear an objective third-party opinion. Our ultimate research question is, is InMotion Hosting genuinely worth it?

Getting Started With InMotion Hosting

To start, I’ll log in to InMotion Hosting, just like you would if you’d decided to purchase the service.

Once you visit their site, chances are, you will instantly love the interface. The design is not only interactive and easy on the eyes but also appropriate for first-time users. Or at least that’s how it seems.

I assume you don’t have an account. So, you might rush to click “Get Started” to begin with the signup process, just like I did. But apparently, that’s not the right thing to do. Screenshot of the banner on the main page

The “Get Started” button redirects you to Shared Hosting. And that’s not all that InMotion Hosting has to provide. So, it would be best to explore your options first.

Screenshot of InMotion Hosting services

InMotion Hosting offers WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Shared Hosting. If you click “Compare Plans” on any of these options, you’ll get an in-depth explanation of its features, along with different pricing options.

I’ve decided to go for Shared Hosting as it’s a cost-effective solution for small businesses. However, keep in mind, you can always upgrade as your business grows. Also, the starting point is different for each company or individual needs and preferences.

Once you click on “Compare Plans” or “Get Started,” you’ll see that Shared Hosting comes with 24/7 human support and free SSDs. Once you scroll down a bit, you will see a bunch of offers.

There are the Launch, Power, and Pro plan, for one month, a year, or two years. The three plans come with different features. And like any other hosting, the price decreases for more extended periods. If you are confident of InMotion Hosting’s performance, you can benefit from a huge bonus.

Still, I wanted to test the hosting first. So, I went for a monthly plan. I was a bit disappointed at this point, as you can only purchase the Pro plan for a month, being the most expensive of the three. The Power and Launch plans, in turn, are available for one and two-year terms exclusively.

On the good side, InMotion Hosting provides for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All Shared hosting plans and all six-month and longer-term hosting plans for the VPS and Reseller Hosting packages come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The Dedicated Servers and all monthly billed VPS and Reseller Hosting packages are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.

Screenshot of shared hosting plans

Another thing I especially liked at this point is the “Chat live with a Shared Hosting expert” right next to the plans. If you need help with your decision, there is always someone to assist you in the process.

Better yet, they have a WordPress Hosting expert, VPS Hosting expert, and Dedicated Hosting expert as well.

Back to my purchase, I clicked on “Add to Cart”.

Pro plan information screenshot

Setting Things Up at Inmotion Hosting

At this point, InMotion Hosting still doesn’t require any personal information. Instead, you will see Hosting, Domain, Billing, and Review my Order in the menu on the screen.

  • Hosting
    Here, you will see your Cart, so you can recheck your purchase or even change your mind and “Change Your Plan”.Screenshot of the cartI liked that InMotion Hosting also offered an option to install WordPress at this stage. You can also set it up later in the AMP, but it makes things easier. So, I went for it.
  • Domain
    Now, you get to choose between a domain you already own or purchase a new one. If you’re not sure at this point, you can also decide on this later. Screenshot of the Domain pageInMotion Hosting works with .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and .info domains, which is a bit limiting. However, most InMotion Hosting plans include one free domain registration, or domain registration transfer, for a year. So, you can come up with a brandable and sweet domain to attract your target. Then, you should select a hosting plan and add your domain name during the checkout. I went for a new domain named ‘letsseehowitworks.com’. Once I entered it in the search bar, the site checked for availability. As it wasn’t available, InMotion Hosting offered several free alternatives. When you find one to your liking, you can click “Add to Cart”. The domain is free, but the domain privacy is not. The site automatically adds it to your Cart, but you can choose to skip this feature if you believe you don’t need it.
  • Billing
    In this section, you start by entering your email address.Billing screenshot Then, you need to enter all account information, including First, Last and Company Name, Country, Address, City, Phone, Email and even a Referral (optional).Account information screenshot You can choose between a Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, or U.S. Purchase Order, or Check Order for payment.Screenshot of the payment selection page
  • Review My Order
    Once you check if everything is in order, you need to agree with InMotion Hosting’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and “Checkout”.Screenshot of the AgreementAt this point, InMotion Hosting sends you an email that you need to confirm to get started with the service. The site offers support in the form of articles or even an on-call expert to guide you in the process.Screenshot of the Support Articles
  • Account Management Panel
    When you log in for the very first time, you will end up seeing this screen.Screenshot of the Account Management Panel In “My Account” you can edit your login, security, and contact information. Here, you can also improve your security with verification or two-factor authentication. In the “Billing” section, there is information regarding your subscriptions, payments, and renewals. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can contact the team to do so.Screenshot of Billing section If you want to manage your domains, encounter any transfers or new registrations, you can do so in the “Domains” section. Here you can also add domain privacy if you skipped it during the purchase, as I did.Screenshot of Domains section You can purchase Dedicated I.P.s, Domains, Hosting, Web Design, Managed Hosting, Automated Backups, QuickStarter, WordPress Plugins, and Themes in the “Marketplace”.Screenshot of Marketplace sectionAt last, the “Specials” tab consists of temporary offers specific to your account.

Now that you get the overall picture let’s get into more detail.

The first section in “My Account” refers to your personal information. However, the second one is specific to your domain.

Screenshot of My Account section

  • WordPress Admin
    If you have started a new site, as I did, here you can post your first blog.Screenshot of "Hello world!" page
  • cPanel
    In the cPanel, you can manage most of your website.Screenshot of cPanel page In Preferences, you can set all your account information, change the language, leave feedback, or even link to InMotion Hosting. You can also find the option to earn free hosting or leave feedback.
    You can set up and manage email accounts in the Email section. You can also find Forwarders, Email Routing, Autoresponders, Track Delivery, Email or Spam Filters, Encryption, BoxTrapper, and Email Deliverability options.
    Domains consist of primary, addon, and subdomains. There are also options for Aliases, Redirects, Zone Editor, and Dynamic DNS. Top Applications is mainly divided into two sections, Scripts, and Categories. In Scripts, you can find BoldGrid, WordPress, Joomla 2.5, Drupal 7, OpenCart 1.5, PrestaShop 1.6, phpBB, phpList, MediaWiki 1.27, Moodle 2.0, Coppermine, and Gallery. In Categories, you can find Blogs, Micro Blogs, Portals/CMS, Forums, Image Galleries, Wikis, Social Networking, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Mails, Polls and Analytics, Project Management, E-Commerce, ERP, Guest Books, Customer Support, Frameworks, Educational, D.B. Tools, Music, Video, RSS, File Management, Others, Libraries, and Widgets.Screenshot of cPanel panels (Email, Domains, Top Applications) In Software, you can find Set Up Google Analytics, MultiPHP Manager, MultiPHP INI Editor, Softaculous Apps Installer, WordPress Manager by Softaculous, PHP Pear Packages, Perl Modules, Merchant Account Setup, Optimize Website, and Cache Manager. There is a File Manager, Images, Directory Privacy, Disk Usage, FTP Accounts, Git Version Control, and Backup Manager in the Files section. In Databases, you can find phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Wizard, Remote MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases, PostgreSQL Database Wizard, and phpPgAdmin. Metrics is dedicated to the Visitors, Errors, RawAccess, and Resource Usage.Screenshot of cPanel panels (Software, Files, Databases, Metrics) At last, there is a Security and an Advanced section.Screenshot of cPanel panels (Security and Advanced)In Security, you can find SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API Tokens, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, Two-Factor Authentication, Purchase Dedicated I.P., and Sucuri Website Security.Finally, you can work with Terminal, Cron Jobs, Indexes, Error Pages, Apache Handlers, and MIME Types in the Advanced Section.
  • Reset cPanel Password
    Here, you can reset the password for your domain.Screenshot of "Reset cPanel Password" page
  • Account Technical Details
    You can find all information regarding the domain in Technical Details, including username, server, URLs, I.P. addresses, and DNS Authority Key.Screenshot of Account Technical Details panel
  • Email
    You should click on Email if you need to set up tools regarding the functionality of your inbox.Screenshot of Email configuration panel
  • Install BoldGrid
    You can build a new site, create another one with BoldGrid or WordPress, or use your existing WordPress setup.Screenshot of Install BoldGrid panel
  • Softaculous
    Softaculous provides a shortcut to Installations, Outdated Installations, and Backups.Screenshot of Softaculous panel
  • Purchase Dedicated SSL Certificate
    The cost of an SSL Certificate is $99.99 per year with a one-time installation fee of $25.Screenshot of the Dedicated SSL page
  • Manage Free Basic SSL
    Here, you can enable a free SSL for domains existent for over four hours.Screenshot of Manage Free SSL panel
  • Simple CSR Request for 3rd party SSL
    You can also get an SSL from a third party instead of InMotion Hosting. If you choose to do so, you will need a CSR, which you can purchase here.Screenshot of Simple CSR Request panel
  • Change Hosting Plan/Term
    Once you see how it all works or your business expands, you might upgrade your hosting plan.Screenshot of page where you can change your hosting plan (Shared Hosting Plans) We have 31 days left in our current plan. We can either change the term of our Pro plan, substitute it with another Shared plan, or another category altogether. InMotion Hosting offers four different WordPress Plans:

    1. WP-1000S
    2. WP-2000S
    3. WP-3000S
    4. WP-4000S

    The first three are available for one, two, or three years, whereas the fourth is also available per month.

    Screenshot of page where you can change your hosting plan (WordPress Hosting Plans)

    InMotion Hosting offers three different Shared Plans:

    1. Launch
    2. Power
    3. Pro

    Screenshot of Shared Hosting Plans

    You can purchase all three annually, for two or three years.

    InMotion Hosting offers thirteen different VPS Plans:

    1. VPS 2GB
    2. VPS 3GB
    3. VPS 4GB
    4. VPS 5GB
    5. VPS 6GB
    6. VPS 7GB
    7. VPS 8GB
    8. VPS 9GB
    9. VPS 10GB
    10. VPS 11GB
    11. VPS 12GB
    12. VPS 13GB
    13. VPS 14GB

    Screenshot of VPS Hosting Plans

    All VPS plans are available for one or six months, a year, two, or three years.

    InMotion Hosting offers five different Dedicated Servers:

    1. Essential G3
    2. Advanced G3
    3. Elite G3
    4. Commercial Class 1000 G3
    5. Commercial Class 2000 G3

    Screenshot of Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans

    These plans are available for one, three, or six months and annually. As expected, these are the priciest out of them all.

    InMotion Hosting offers nine different Reseller plans:

    1. R-1000S
    2. R-2000S
    3. R-3000S
    4. Reseller VPS 2 G.B.
    5. Reseller VPS 3 G.B.
    6. Reseller VPS 4 G.B.
    7. Reseller VPS 5 G.B.
    8. Reseller VPS 6 G.B.
    9. Reseller VPS 7 G.B.

    The first three are available for one month, six months, one and two years. As for the remainder, you can also purchase for a three-year term, with a better discount.

    Screenshot of Reseller Hosting Plans

  • Change Primary Domain
    You might change your primary domain but should be aware of the consequences.Screenshot of page were you can change primary domain
  • Purchase Dedicated I.P.
    You can give your domain its own online address to keep your site running secure and independent for $72 a year.Screenshot of page where you can purchase your Dedicated IP
  • DNS Zone Editor
    You can use this zone to manage DNS zones.Screenshot of the Domains tab
  • Request Email Limit Exemption
    Here, you can set up your domain, email patterns, related tools, and methods.Screenshot of the page where you can manage your domain, email etc.
  • Website Transfer Request
    Website transfers might be free or paid. Also, the estimated time of completion depends on the volume of requests. At this point, you need to enter the old host and information regarding your hostname. The hostname refers to your server I.D. or I.P. address. You also need to enter the number of sites and databases. If you are unsure about the latter, a good rule of thumb is one database per website.Screenshot of the page where you can transfer your old site

Performance, Speed and Uptime

One thing I liked about InMotion Hosting is its 99.99% uptime. Still, I cannot say if they indeed kept their promise, as the uptime averaged  99.93% in the long term.

In the short term, the network encounters some hiccups. Also, there’s no way to check whether your site has been online by yourself or use a third party. Instead, you need to contact support.

The hosting offers fast speeds due to its Max Speed Zones. In simpler terms, you can choose among multiple data centers to ensure faster web hosting and response times. Or at least that’s what they claim.

After in-depth testing, I can say InMotion Hosting doesn’t provide for the same speeds all around the globe. The closer you are to the U.S., the better the speeds. So, the quality of the service essentially depends on your location. Still, the worldwide speed averaged 172 ms, ranking for a solid A.

When it comes to performance, InMotion Hosting can handle approximately 500-800 views per hour. So, it can adequately distribute its resources even for a vast amount of traffic at once.

Level of Support at InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting claims to have the best support team in the web hosting business. If you google this, you might find the same information from several third parties.

It certainly grabbed our attention, so I decided to test it out.

Screenshot of the support tab (Chat and Get Support buttons)

InMotion Hosting offers a live chat and a self-help support center.

Once you click on Chat, you’ll see this window.

Screenshot of the page after you clicked on the Chat

At this point, you can choose what kind of support you need. I went for technical support with an existing account, as I wanted to test the refund policy simultaneously.

Screenshot of types of support

I went for Account Management. Here, InMotion Hosting offers several more sub-categories, Billing & Account Modifications, New Account Activation, AMP Login, Cancellation, and Payment & Renewals. I went for cancellation and wrote a message as a general user.

Screenshot of starting a conversation with support

At this point, you can spot three types of support InMotion Hosting offers, chat, phone or ticket. Also, they openly claim the wait time for up to 15 minutes. However, I got a response in less than a minute, which is an excellent indicator.

Screenshot of the conversation with support

The support was super friendly, asked how I was doing, and instantly agreed upon a refund. He also asked whether I need to keep our domain. It might be helpful, as you will probably forget about this issue.

Screenshot of the conversation with support (continued)

Once again, the support reminded us that I could get help over the phone, chat, or email.

Screenshot of the conversation with support (end)

As great as the live chat feature is, it cannot compete with the support center.

Once you click on Get Support, you will see a comprehensive library of guides. Screenshot of the search tool in Easy-to-Follow Guides

Here, you can search for various problems you have encountered with their service. As mentioned before, you can also send yourself the guides when you log in to the site by email.

If you scroll a bit down, you will find the options for a call and live chat once again.

Screenshot of Verification Code for Calls and Chats and Chat with Billing Technical Support tabs

There’s also an option to submit a ticket to one of their departments, including Billing or Technical Support.

Screenshot of page where you can Submit a Ticket

Finally, you can use Skype to schedule a meeting with a real-life assistant.

Screenshot of the page where you can use Skype to talk to support

Security and Backups

InMotion Hosting also comes with a range of security features to protect your site while you work on growing your business. Their Security Suite consists of free SSL, Hack Protection, Free Automatic Backup, and DDoS Protection.

You can access the SSL feature through the cPanel, as explained before.

Hack Protection works with the internal tool Patchman, detecting and resolving vulnerabilities before they happen.

The backup process is also automated, as expected. No one should rely on manual backups, as you can easily forget to restore your data and lose your progress.

Finally, Corero is responsible for DDoS Protection. As one of the leaders in cybersecurity, it provides high-quality services. So, you can rest assured as you’ll be safe on the web with InMotion Hosting.

Specific Features of InMotion Hosting

Although mentioned in different parts of the review, I’ve decided to point out what gives InMotion Hosting an advantage in the market.

First, they have quick response times with solutions up in minutes.

Their customer support team is available 24/7/365 on the live chat feature, Skype, or on-call. You can also submit a ticket or use their library to assist you in the process.

Another great feature is the availability of different server solutions. More precisely, you can install InMotion Hosting on various operating systems, including CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian.

InMotion Hosting offers flexibility in billing. You can start small and upgrade the plan as your business grows.

The team is dedicated to security, meaning they can identify and resolve online threats even before they reach your system.

Finally, if something doesn’t work in your favor or you have found a better solution for your business, you can ask for a refund. As tested, the team is willing to cancel your plan and refund your money in 3 to 5 business days.


InMotion Hosting has a reputation as a reliable provider. With my testing, I managed to support this claim. What I like the most about the service is their support. They are here to guide you as soon as you enter their site, in the form of calls, chats, or articles.

InMotion Hosting offers WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. What I didn’t like at this point is the unavailability of monthly contracts for some plans. Also, it might take a while to make an account with the verification process for non-U.S. citizens.

Apart from it, it was primarily positive indicators. As a user, you can benefit from a wide range of features well-organized on their user interface. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field, you can quickly move around the site and find all you need for your hosting, especially in the cPanel.

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InMotion Hosting pros

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Excellent Customer Support Availability
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • A Free Domain That Lasts a Lifetime
  • Access to BoldGrid – A Powerful Website Builder
  • Excellent WordPress Host
  • Automated Free Backups
  • Functionality and Ease of Use

InMotion Hosting cons

  • Specific Plans Are Not Available Monthly
  • Potentially Slow Account Activation For Non-U.S. Citizens
  • Restricted Files to 50,000


Is InMotion Hosting Good?

With our in-depth testing, I found InMotion Hosting as a reliable provider with exceptional customer support. Better yet, they have a well-organized structure with a wide range of features for businesses of all sizes.

Does InMotion Hosting Have Support for WordPress?

Yes, it does. You can easily access the feature in the cPanel and use Softaculous to install the files to your server for WordPress.

Is InMotion Hosting Fast?

InMotion Hosting is ideed fast. It produced above-average speeds on a worldwide level.

How Much Bandwidth Does InMotion Hosting Provide?

InMotion Hosting provides unlimited Bandwidth in all its plans.

How to Cancel InMotion Hosting?

You can cancel InMotion Hosting by contacting the support team via live chat or submitting a ticket. The hosting also provides for a refund policy or up to 90 days money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Lite 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $2.49 8.1 Details
Launch 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 $4.99 7.7 Details
Power 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 50 $7.99 6.0 Details
Pro 200 GB Unlimited cPanel 100 $12.99 6.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS 2GB 45 GB 2 cores 2 GB $17.99 6.5 Details
VPS 4GB 75 GB 4 cores 4 GB $32.99 6.8 Details
VPS 6GB 105 GB 6 cores 6 GB $52.99 4.3 Details
VPS 8GB 140 GB 8 cores 8 GB $72.99 8.1 Details
cVPS-1 Unmanaged 25 GB 1 core 1 GB $5.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-2 Unmanaged 50 GB 1 core 2 GB $10.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-3 Unmanaged 60 GB 1 core 3 GB $15.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-4 Unmanaged 80 GB 2 cores 4 GB $20.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-6 Unmanaged 120 GB 3 cores 6 GB $30.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-8 Unmanaged 160 GB 4 cores 8 GB $50.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-16 Unmanaged 320 GB 6 cores 16 GB $80.00 8.1 Details
cVPS-32 Unmanaged 640 GB 8 cores 32 GB $160.00 8.1 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Essential 1 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 16 GB $139.99 7.0 Details
Advanced 1 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 32 GB $189.99 8.1 Details
Elite 1 TB 6 x 3.30GHz 64 GB $259.99 8.1 Details
Commercial Class 1000 2 TB 12 x 3.20GHz 128 GB $439.99 8.1 Details
Commercial Class 2000 4 TB 24 x 3.20GHz 192 GB $539.99 8.1 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
R-1000S 80 GB 800.05 GB cPanel $15.39 8.1 Details
R-2000S 120 GB 1.2 TB cPanel $21.99 8.1 Details
R-3000S 160 GB 1.6 TB cPanel $30.24 8.1 Details
Reseller VPS 2GB 45 GB 4 TB cPanel $39.99 8.1 Details
Reseller VPS 4GB 75 GB 5 TB cPanel $50.99 8.1 Details
Reseller VPS-3000 105 GB 6 TB cPanel $67.99 8.1 Details

We had our Secret Shopper compare InMotion to 4 other leading hosting companies to check how easy it is to cancel an account. They have a reasonable cancellation process. Watch this video to learn more.


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