What is WordPress Hosting and How to Choose a WordPress Host

WordPress Hosting Explained With Our Top Recommendations

Currently, more than 75 million websites are using WordPress to host their website. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

Because it is such a popular choice, there are many hosting companies that offer hosting plans with a wide range of features and resources available to their users. We have broken it down for you to help you understand your options when looking for WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting Explained With Our Top Recommendations

WordPress Hosting

You can download the WordPress software from WordPress.org, the developers of WordPress, installing it yourself, which is a good option for technical users who want complete control of the installation and configuration on a VPS or dedicated server.

However, most WordPress users would benefit from finding a Web hosting plan that makes it easy for you to install WordPress.

What to Look for in a WordPress Hosting Service

Look for a hosting service that offers 1-click installs, allowing you to install WordPress and other software with just one click. Or you can find a host that already has WordPress pre-installed,

Beyond that, make sure the hosting plan you choose offers responsive, helpful technical support to WordPress users. Read a lot of reviews and even test the support yourself before signing up for an account.

Different types of WordPress Hosting

Depending on the level of traffic, extra features and resources, and security required, every website owner will need to access their needs before deciding what type of WordPress host and server type is right for you.

Perhaps the first important decision to make is whether you want managed or unmanaged WordPress hosting. Many WordPress hosting services offer both managed and unmanaged plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting means that the hosting service takes responsibility for installing WordPress, keeping server software up-to-date, security, and fixing problems.

Managed WordPress hosting should offer 24/7 support that's responsive and helpful, fixing problems for you.

Since the definition of managed hosting can vary by hosting service, it's important to ask questions to understand what the hosting service's responsibility for and what you're responsible for.

Though it's more expensive, managed WordPress hosting's an excellent option for those who don't want to be responsible for the technical aspects of WordPress hosting.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

This simply means that you take responsibility for installing WordPress, keeping it up-to-date, and solving problems when they arise.

With one-click installs and responsive, helpful technical support, unmanaged WordPress hosting doesn't have to be hard. That said, it's generally for those who feel comfortable taking more responsibility for more of the technical aspects of hosting a WordPress website.

Shared WordPress Hosting

That said, unmanaged WordPress hosting on a shared hosting account doesn't require much technical knowledge, though it still requires you to keep the WordPress software and plugins up-to-date.

A shared WordPress hosting plan's an inexpensive way to get your WordPress site up fast, but it also means that you will share a server and its resources with other websites which can affect your website's performance. Shared WordPress hosting usually works fine for relatively low traffic websites.

Cloud WordPress Hosting

Cloud hosting's typically as easy to use as shared hosting you access to a web hosting control panel (e.g., cPanel) and one-click installs. Because cloud hosting plans hosting virtual servers often offer instant access to the resources of a vast network of servers, enabling you to scale up or scale down quickly as your needs change.

Usually more expensive than shared hosting, cloud hosting's a good choice if you expect your website to grow fast, and your website's mission-critical enough to your company that you can't afford to have slow performance when traffic spikes.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) WordPress Hosting

VPS hosting gives you a virtual server on a shared server. Unlike shared hosting where you share all the resources with the other websites on the server, VPS hosting allocates dedicated resources to you, meaning that the activities of the other sites hosted on the server won't affect the performance of your site.

With VPS, you typically get root access to the server with control over everything except the hardware of the physical server, meaning that unmanaged VPS hosting's for users with more technical knowledge.

Many WordPress web developers love VPS hosting because of the high level of control that they have over their VPS.

Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

With a dedicated server, the user leases the entire server, so this is an extremely flexible option for someone who wants total control over a server.

If you have a popular site that gets tons of traffic and needs high levels of resources and customizability, then dedicated hosting could be the way to go. While dedicated server hosting's more expensive than other types of hosting, you get all the resources of a powerful server dedicated just to serving your WordPress website.

If you have an unmanaged dedicated hosting plan, you will need more technical-know-how, as you'll be responsible for installing and upgrading all software, installing security patches, and fixing any server issues that may arise.

Your dedicated WordPress server should have multi-layer caching and SSDs for additional speed. The top hosting plans should manage all updates and keep your site optimized.

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"What is WordPress Hosting and How to Choose a WordPress Host"

What is WordPress Hosting and How to Choose a WordPress Host