New Logo For Hosting Provider GoDaddy

GoDaddy Rebrands Itself With A New Logo

When you first look at the new logo of web hosting provider GoDaddy, you might see a heart. Or an upside-down version of the Airbnb logo. Or even a nose. But, it actually is the combination of the letters “G” and “O” so that the logo spells out “GO.”

According to the CEO of GoDaddy, Aman Bhutani, he sees the logo as “a young girl who’s a little bit of a bandit—with a ponytail and a patch over her eye—who wants to grow up and be somebody.”

Whatever you might see, this new logo ushers in a new brand message and direction of the company, who created this logo with two outside branding firms Lippincott and Koto, to evoke a feeling of the entrepreneurial spirit.

GoDaddy, a web hosting provider that has been around since 1997, has become well known for its domain and website hosting services. The infamous Superbowl ads initially put the company on the map, and since then, GoDaddy has expanded its services to include website hosting for businesses, email, WordPress, web design services, and more.

The hosting provider stood out from other hosting providers because of its wacky and strange Daddy mascot that became synonymous with the brand. Now, the company has evolved, and GoDaddy got rid of the mascot back in 2018 and didn’t replace it with anything else. Despite the logo’s memorable appearance, GoDaddy chief brand officer Cameron Scott said that there “wasn’t nearly as much emotional attachment to the head as I would’ve liked, for how long that we’d had it.” After this second GoDaddy rebrand, the company has adopted a more sterile, generic logo that has been embraced by other giant companies like Spotify, Google, Airbnb, and Pinterest.

Not only has GoDaddy gotten a new logo, but the hosting provider has completely redesigned its homepage to attract small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. While the company has been well-known for its domain registration, GoDaddy is further expanding its services to include templates and website building. This new direction could help position Godaddy as a competitor of services like Wix or Squarespace.

The new template services could be perfect for someone who doesn’t have the budget to hire a website designer but still wants a professional-looking website. The templates that GoDaddy has produced are attractive and clean, but nothing sets them apart from the templates that are created by other services.

Having access to better-designed templates is often a feature that new business owners are looking for in their website hosting companies. And that is exactly the type of crowd that GoDaddy is trying to attract.

“It represents the entrepreneurial spirit,” says Scott. “All of our customers have an idea, and they all have initiative. We are there to say, ‘We’re here with you for your first step. We’re here with you for your next step. And we’ve got your back every step of the way.’”

The new GO logo helps to communicate that the company is able to help deliver on its promises, and communicate with its customers to help them solve their hosting needs.

Small Business Hosting

GoDaddy has decided to focus on small businesses, and this rebrand helps to cement this. The company wants to focus on companies as small as just one or two people. GoDaddy calls these people the “Everyday Entrepreneurs” and has heavily focused on highlighting some of their solopreneurs. In fact, in 2019 alone, it spotlighted 300 small business owners on their website and social media sites through videos and images.

CMO Fara Howard says, “We’re putting our customer at the center of our advertising. And you can see lots of examples if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, that we’re really working to tell their stories because we’re incredibly proud of the work that they’ve achieved.”

You might notice other companies, like Squarespace, also follow a similar aesthetic and marketing plan as GoDaddy. However, GoDaddy is more focused on supporting small businesses, like Ayesha Curry, who hosts her Homemade site on GoDaddy, Squarespace’s current ad campaign is featuring their “customer” Oscar the Grouch. By focusing more on customers, GoDaddy is trying to distinguish itself as a more caring and friendly company.

GoDaddy has been further achieving this through its team of 6,000 customer service representatives who are located at more than 22 centers around the world. Bhuatami encourages GoDaddy customers to call into the helplines because the company wants to provide a better experience to their customers. “The data is super clear,” he says. “Customers that engage with us more not only give us more value, they get more value from us.”

The hosting provider appears to be fully committed to its new branding and image. It seems like GoDaddy is determined to prove that it is more than just a domain name service and a racy Superbowl ad starring Danica Patrick.

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