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Mike Bellamy
Mike Bellamy from United States,

Lousy Service

Squarespace sent me a questionnaire that said it was no longer available as soon as I clicked the unsatisfied button so let me create my own survey:
Did the representative solve your problem? No
Did the representative listen wel...Read Morel enough to understand your problem? No
Was the representative condescending? Yes
Will you continue to use Squarespace services in the future? No a couple of months before my contract with Squarespace is up for renewal I will begin creating a site on an alternate platform.

I am posting here because Squarespace is impossible to contact either by email or phone and redirects you to an annoying generic FAQ every time you try.
william ross
william ross from United States,

squarespace no help

Square space has not phone contact, it is impossible to find live chat because when you try to connect to live chat, you get a menus of paragraphs to read and not one to chat with. Their customer service sucks. I have been trying ...Read Moreall week just to connect my account to go daddy and all I get in email is more paragraphs to read and not service or contact info to fix this problem.
I would think twice about using square space. Their templates are good - their service is bad. So looks for a provider that has customer service. You will not find any help, and be totally frustrated by their menus and lack of contact info.
Michael Lavnduski

Expert Review

Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Well-Known Website Creation & Hosting Company

Square Space is a company that is best known for providing their clients with the tools and resources needed to create high quality websites. Primarily this is a self-help type of service that makes it extremely easy to make websites that look great and are easy to run. They do have the option to pay them to build the website as well if that is something you prefer. Along with the tools used to make a website, they also handle the hosting for your sites.

The hosting itself is going to be pretty basic shared hosting solutions. They also don’t offer much information regarding what exactly you’re getting on the hosting. This is primarily because most people who use this service don’t really need anything advanced. They aren’t usually technical professionals, but rather business owners who want a website without all the hassle. Overall this is a good service that meets their particular niche customers’ needs very well.

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Rated by Michael Lavnduski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Very stable Hosting Environment

The hosting with this company is very stable. They don’t offer uptime guarantees or anything like that, but given the fact that they are a very large company with lots of customers, they obviously have a nice setup for the servers and network connections. They also have a good technical team in place to monitor for issues and get them addressed without the customers ever being aware. Stability is important with this type of company because customers who aren’t tech focused often get more upset about downtime because they don’t understand the industry. With this in mind, Square Space does a good job at keeping everything up and running at all times.


Plenty of Helpful Features for Customers

The features provided by this company are primarily focused on letting people build their own websites. This sets them apart from a traditional web hosting provider in terms of what you will expect to see when going through their website. When looking specifically at the hosting features, you’ll notice that they aren’t really that great. They have limits on the number of pages a website can be, and they provide very little information about what the actual hardware and features are for the package you sign up for. You can have SSL certificates installed with any package, and they do have a stable hosting environment.


Excellent Support is Rarely Needed

The technical support provided by this company is top notch and easy to work with. Most people, however, will never even need to contact them because there are so few issues that you will run into when working with this company. The technical team knows that it is important to keep everything running smoothly so they do a lot of monitoring and working in the background to avoid issues. For the website creation side of things, they do have quite a bit of support documentation and videos to help people get started, which makes everything even easier.


Pricing is for Site Building

The pricing with this company is really based on the ability to build a website, not so much the hosting itself. For a simple website, for example, it is $12 per month if billed annually. This is quite expensive for the entry level hosting that you’re going to get with it, but it does come with a lot of features for building the page itself so that needs to be factored in. Nobody will want to use this service just for hosting as it would be impractical. For those who want help building an attractive website, however, the price really isn’t bad at all.

User Friendly

Everything is Focused on the User

This whole company was built with being user friendly in mind. The main point of using this service is that you can sign up and build your website without any help from designers or others. In order to accomplish this, Square Space needed to make everything as simple as possible, and that is just what they did. If you do need to contact any of the technical staff from the company, you will also find that they are friendly and easy to work with.


Good Company Focused on Users

This is a good company that has been providing their clients with a great service for quite a long time now. This is defiantly not a website creation or hosting provider that is right for everyone, but for those who want to do it on their own, but don’t have the technical skills, Square Space is an excellent option to consider.


  • Makes Building a Website Easy
  • Stable Hosting Environments
  • Very User Friendly


  • No uptime guarantee on shared hosting services
  • Little Information Available About Hosting Specs
  • Prices Reflect Tools, Not Hosting

Squarespace Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
PERSONAL Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $16.00 4.8 Details
BUSINESS Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $26.00 2.0 Details

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