How to Migrate a WordPress Website from One Host to Another

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for managing personal blogs, large corporate website and medium businesses portals. Sometimes, you may want to move your WordPress site from one web host to another one.

WordPress migration procedure should be straightforward and precise to avoid losing your website data. In this guide, we will show you how you can execute the plan and move your WordPress website from one host to another provider. Here's a related article that provides more details on Moving a WordPress website.


  • Domain name
  • Hosting account where you want to migrate your site
  • Access to file manager and database management tools on the old and new host

Step 1: Create a backup of the ‘wp-content’ folder

Your WordPress data is very important and you should create its backup before you even think about moving it. If you are on a shared hosting that supports cPanel, the first step is to archive every file under the ‘wp-content’ directory.

You need to have access to the file manager utility on cPanel to complete this. Then, locate the ‘wp-content’ folder, right-click it, click ‘Compress’ then choose ‘Zip Archive’ as the compression type as shown below:

Once the ‘wp-content’ zip file is created, download it on your local computer.

Step 2: Create a backup of your WordPress database

WordPress stores data in MySQL and you should copy the database when moving your website. To do this, login to your cPanel account and click ‘Backup’ under the ‘FILES’ heading as shown below.

On the next screen, you will see an option for backing up your MySQL database; you need to select the correct database associated with your WordPress website as shown below and download it to your local computer:

Step 3: Setup your new host, copy the database and unzip ‘’ archive

The next step is to provision your new host. Then, you need to do a clean WordPress installation. If you are moving to a shared hosting, you can use softaculous apps installer to automate the process. For VPS hosting, you will be required to download and install WordPress manually.

Once your new WordPress installation is ready, upload the MySQL database that you downloaded above to your new host. You can either use cPanel to restore the database or import the file directly to phpMyAdmin

Next, upload the ‘’ archive and extract all files to the new ‘wp-content’ created by default when you installed WordPress on the new host. The unzipped files will be merged to your new WordPress installation and your images, videos and other files will be restored.

Step 4: Update your

Finally, you will need to update the name servers associated with your domain to point to your new hosting provider. DNS (Domain Name Servers) propagation may take a few minutes to around 48 hours, so to avoid zero downtime, don’t disable the old hosting service. However, if you are collecting a lot of personalized data from your visitors, you might need to disable the old host to avoid losing information because you have already moved the database.


That’s all when it comes to moving your WordPress website from one host to another.  Finally, you need to visit your WordPress URL and see if everything is working as expected. You can even create a sample post or try to upload new files on your blog to ensure everything is okay. I hope you enjoyed this guide.


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