HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Kris Ro of Server Cheap

We have the honor today to speak with Mr. Kris Ro from Server Cheap, and learn more about their products and services.

We hope that you will enjoy this interview as much as we did.

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All companies have their start and beginnings. What are beginnings?


we focus on one thing only – provide the absolute best VPS/Cloud services and customer service at the lowest possible price.

At the time we established Servercheap in 2015, and this is still true today, most providers, for whatever reason, seemed to copy each other in terms of the product they provide and how they price it. We always found this really strange as we looked at providers such as

, , , , etc. Why are they providing the same exact thing for the same exact price? There is nothing that sets them apart. We didn’t want to be just another provider with the same product and price, who would just fade in with all the rest. We wanted to give more, to be more. We wanted to be able to provide services to anybody on any budget. And that’s what we did, and still do today. We provide more resources, better uptime, network, and customer service at a fraction of the cost others charge.
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Challenges are a crucial part of the growth for all companies. What were challenges?

Building a hosting company takes a lot of patience, experience, and persistence. Every day brings new challenges which require different solutions. For years, the hosting market has been growing with the demand for web and app hosting services. Since COVID, this market is exploding and it’s safe to say this market is resilient and pandemic-proof. I believe that the future for the hosting industry, particularly cloud and VPS hosting, over the next decade will be focused on the shift towards highly available services. This is why we have been innovating our cloud to provide customers with turn-key hosting solutions in order to keep up with user expectations.

VPS hosting and cloud computing will continue to evolve as we move into the future, and technology on the cusp of mainstream adoption – from driverless cars to ubiquitous robotics to augmented and virtual reality — will all depend on the cloud.

How did you overcome them?

Communication is key to dealing with everyday challenges. No challenge is too big for us. Our teams work day and night to resolve, prevent and overcome any challenges we face on daily basis.

Talking about , what are the main products and services?

We offer VPS/Cloud and Hybrid servers for any size customer and organization. Our servers are tailored to fit any budget, and can also be custom designed to any specs a customer needs.

We have been incredibly passionate about providing an excellent user experience that is incredibly simple to use, yet offers very powerful features coupled with great performance and reliability, and we would never sacrifice the quality of our service to save money. We believe the features we provide – Unmetered bandwidth, pure SSD storage, and enterprise-grade server CPU and memory are absolutely essential in today’s world. They not only allow customers to spin servers in seconds, which in turn allows them to start working on their projects right away, but also provide great and stable performance and reliability. That can make a huge difference in today’s digital world, where we know that if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, then the potential client closes the tab and goes to the next website. With Servercheap optimized infrastructure, this problem is solved. And we are especially proud of our 1-Click apps. Now you can spin up your own cloud server with WordPress installed automatically for you in 60 seconds, for the same price or less you would pay for a slow shared web hosting account.

What exactly is a hybrid server?

A hybrid server is a product that sits between a VPS server and a dedicated server and combines the best features of both. It comes with all dedicated resources just like a dedicated server, however, you are able to scale it up just like a cloud server. We have designed our hybrid servers specifically for web hosting companies in mind, which need to start small and upgrade on the fly along the way without any data loss.

There are different types of customers, ones who know about hosting, and those who don’t have a clue. What is your approach with both types of customers?

Our products are tailored towards the more experienced customer, or as its known in our industry – self-managed servers. Having said that our tech is always standing by to help or at least offer a suggestion if a customer is stuck on a problem they don’t know how to resolve. We never turn down a call for help, even if it falls outside of our support policy.

What is your opinion about using Bitcoin as a paying method? Do you feel that cryptocurrencies will change the hosting industry?

That is an interesting question. We currently do accept bitcoin as a payment method and we do see a good number of customers using it. It is good for the end-user in terms of increasing the customer’s level of privacy and online security, and it provides for anonymity with enhanced privacy and security features. I believe we will see more and more companies adopting some sort of crypto payments since credit/debit cards come with hefty international transaction fees and PayPal isn’t always an option depending on which country you reside in. I am excited about bitcoin’s future in the hosting industry.

What new technologies and products do you find interesting will be on the market for the following year?

The hosting industry will continue and stay for as long as the market is in need of hosting services, I believe that with new ingenious ideas and a mix of new technology and classic hosting the industry will continue to flourish.

During the time of this interview, we are going through a global pandemic. We saw a large shift of people working from home, shopping online, and virtual schooling. Activities that we thought needed to be done face to face are now being done online. I do not think that it will be strictly online going forward but the balance between in-person and online. That will continue to grow the cloud hosting industry. I also think improvements in technologies from companies like SpaceX will connect many developing countries to the internet. This will also increase the demand along with the need for products and services online.

Where do you see in the next 10 years?

We hope to continue innovating, growing, and providing great services to all customers and businesses of any size and any budget. We hope to accomplish our goal of being a global provider with a footprint on all continents.

In the end, is there something you would like to add about your products and services that we missed?

It takes time to build a business, nothing happens overnight. We at

are 6+ years into this and we continue to learn and grow. Part of building a business is making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward.

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