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One thing is sure: e-Commerce is here to stay as one of the most popular business platforms. By 2021, global retail eCommerce will reach $4.5 trillion, which is up from nearly $1.3 trillion in 2014. Having an eCommerce site means that you can sell internationally and your market size is now global. By tapping into the global markets, you can scale your business vertically, as long as you have a reliable hosting provider who can grow with you.

Currently, WooCommerce has nearly 50 million downloads, making it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for online stores and is built specifically for WordPress. It is an excellent tool for someone who is looking for an affordable platform but with a premium feel. It has a long list of benefits including easy setup, flexibility, and free installation that make it attractive to everyone, including new users.

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The Best Overall WooCommerce Providers: Hostinger

WooCommerce is one tool many people use to sell online. It is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to sell products and services on your site. Through WooCommerce, you can sell digital and physical products, manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and sort taxes efficiently and quickly.

Every second counts when people come to your page, so it is vital that you choose a web host that not only is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin but also loads fast. The average user does not want to wait around for a page to load and will abandon a page if it takes more than two seconds to load.

In fact, if a customer has to wait 3 seconds for a page to load, they are going to bounce right off your page. Top hosting services ensure that your page has enough resources at its disposal to keep everything running smoothly. You should look for a host that guarantees uptime percentages, at least 99.9% or higher, and a host that has 24/7 customer service that can respond quickly to any issues is a requirement.

Our top recommended WooCommerce provider is Hostinger because they offer free domain hosting and a free SSL security certificate to help you run an e-commerce website with no security worries. Their WordPress sites also run 50% faster thanks to their full SSD storage and custom built caching plugins. Hostinger also comes equipped with free Website Builders with hundreds of free templates so you can create a site that looks great easily.
The Best WooCommerce Hosting With Free Themes: HostUpon
There are tons of WooCommerce themes to choose from, but the problem with many of these is that they are at a premium. But because there are tons of optimized, free plugins, there is no need to pay for themes! You can even find a host that includes free themes with their hosting packages.

One of the things that add to the credibility of your business is your website design. A professional design is one way to get your business off to a great start. It is also vital to have a usable site that is easy for people to navigate. Hubspot did a survey that revealed that 76% of people say that an essential characteristic of a website is ease of use.

Having a usable site can keep potential customers on the site longer, helping you to earn more revenue. The free themes that come with a hosting provider can assist you in doing that, which is why looking for a service that offers free themes can help your business. One of our favorites is HostUpon because they provide free script installers, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and free website builders with hundreds of templates. If you are unsatisfied with your current hosting company, you can switch over to HostUpon easily thanks to their free website migration service.

Fastest Web Hosting for WooCommerce: FastComet

WooCommerce was designed to be extremely flexible so that you can add an unlimited number of add-ons and extensions. That means you can add an infinite amount of products to your store. However, WooCommerce does not control or regulate the bandwidth or storage of your website so the amount of products you can put on your online store comes down to how much your web host can handle. Therefore, if you have thousands of products on your WooCommerce store and are anticipating high levels of traffic, you should look for a web host that can scale with your business as necessary.

FastComet is our recommendation for a fast web host provider for WooCommerce. They use SSD-only cloud which gives you 300% more rapid access to your files and database compared to non-SSD hosting providers. To speed up your site, FastComet has a free Cloudflare CDN which distributes your content throughout the world, so it is always close to your business.

Best Managed Web Hosting For WooCommerce: TMDHosting

With Managed hosting, the hosting provider will take care of all support and technical issues related to the server that might occur. Managed web hosting, while more expensive than a shared hosting plan, can be beneficial for a business owner who doesn’t have the technical knowledge to run their website or the time to do it themselves. A managed host will also update your site automatically, which means fewer worries for you!

With managed hosting servers, your plan will come with increased site performance and higher uptime guarantees. In top managed hosting providers, customer service is always extremely responsive and will fix any issue that arises as quickly as possible. The host provides the IT skills that some new site owners need to keep their sites running at optimal levels. Even though it does cost more per month, it can be worth it to some people.

You should consider TMDHosting if you want a managed hosting service for WooCommerce. They have an easy to use cPanel and premium customer support that is available 24/7/365. TMDHosting utilizes SSD, which means you are going to get faster page load times.

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