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HostAdvice Speaks to Tanvir Hussain of ARYHost

Today we have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Maher Tanvir Hussain from ARYHost, where we are going to learn more about their products and services.

Tune in and learn about this great story.ARYHost Interview cover image

What is the history of ARYHost? When did it all start?

ARYHost Hosting service as such appeared in 2016. The idea to start my own hosting came to me after an experience of disgusting service from one hosting provider, which is known for its low prices and disregard for the client. I myself am a developer of CMS 1C-Bitrix and initially hosting was done just for my own needs (development and support of my clients ' projects)

We started by renting one dedicated server from a very large provider. But as time went on, the rental equipment was replaced by its own, specialized network and server equipment appeared, and administration specialists appeared. At the moment, we rent several racks in a Tier 3 data center.

What were the challenges that you had to face when you were starting the company?

Building a hosting company ARYHost takes a lot of patience, experience, and persistence. Every day brings new challenges which require different solutions. For years, the hosting market has been growing with the demand for web and app hosting services. Since COVID, this market is exploding and it’s safe to say this market is resilient and pandemic-proof.

The challenges faced in the beginning were to identify what types of customers we wanted to serve and what shifts we had to make in our business model to achieve this.

How has the hosting industry changed over the years?

M.Tanvir: Although the biggest players in the hosting industry try to increase their market share, I think in the nearest future there will be still space and demand for dedicated servers, Cloud servers, Hybrid Cloud, Offshore servers, regular hosting, niche hostings, and other managed hosting services. The services just need to match client requirements better than ever with support quality, uptime, redundancy, scalability, etc. Cloud or on-demand services are not a 'one size fits all solution.

What are the products and services of ARYHost?

The main products or services at ARYHost hosting is VPS and dedicated servers, we have other products but the most important are these 3 branches, more services are below:

What markets are you present in at the moment? What are your plans to expand to new markets?

It’s true, everything and everyone is moving to the cloud, we included. Creating redundant and scalable environments makes it easier for us to grow and for our clients to grow with ARYHost. A by-product of that transition is you’re reducing downtime, you’re making your data more secure, and reducing costs which means clients don’t see a spike in their hosting bills long term. To continue to compete in the shared hosting space you need to make sure your core business is as strong as the massive hosting providers who can outspend and out the market you at every turn. There will always be new software and new services to offer but without the infrastructure to support it, you’re nowhere.

What is your experience when it comes to customer satisfaction?

ARYHost provide our best support. ARYHost offers to install service for any scripts the client area panel has, for all our customers they get the best service ever from us. Most of the customers leave feedback of the stasification on the Google Reviews. Besides, we provide real-time support and an easy way to get our customers in touch with us for instant assistance via Chatbot, emails, WhatsApp, messenger, etc.

What are your plans for ARYHost introducing new products and services to the customers?

Since 2021, ARYHost launched a wide range of other cloud services from an advanced streaming platform for OTT live streaming and video-on-demand delivery to highly effective protection against DDoS attacks and fraudulent activities.

ARYHost also provides dedicated and virtual servers on all continents and recently launched Meet, a multi-purpose video call service for businesses that includes cheap plans.

On top of that, in 2021, ARYHost launched the cloud (public and hybrid), including such services as virtual machines, not limited in capacity, with options for fast & seamless automatic scaling, load balancing, system backup, data disaster recovery, ARYHost platform, and Marketplace.

Next summer, we plan to add an option for auto-deploying Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration and Hadoop-based systems to facilitate work with big data.

What is your opinion about cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

In My Opinion. I'm not sure if Bitcoin and Blockchain would be the future of payments, but it is obvious that something is changing in the world.

For people who don't understand what Bitcoin means, I recommend checking the information about the project, why it was created, and what is the purpose. It is not just a cryptocurrency that you can speculate with or make money with, that is not the real purpose, we need to understand how money moves in the world and why Bitcoin will change this.

At this time ARYHost is not active Bitcoin payment, I think it's time for ordinary people to take the bull by the horns and say ENOUGH, enough for the banks to ruin us, enough for needing third parties to control our financial assets, and enough to use money that has not been backed by anything for a long time.

Where do you see ARYHost in the next 10 years?

In the future, we would like to see ARYHost be a leading managed hosting provider in cloud hosting services. We would like to solely focus on delivering managed hosting services to give our customers peace of mind.

If in 2011, everyone talked about the cloud, now they talk about the edge. We are moving toward social media, AI, and VR were having a low latency infrastructure is of the highest importance. Edge computing will be the biggest trend soon. It will help develop VR/AR and make these tools available. It is also needed for cloud gaming, IoT devices, and other technologies.

Therefore, our goal now is to provide the best network coverage possible worldwide with minimum delay and maximum reliability, and ARYHost are already working on about 50 projects for new points of presence. In the future, we are going to increase this number.

Another important issue for any business today is cybersecurity. The number of cyberattacks is constantly growing. At any given moment, you or your customers could be under attack anywhere in the world. With ARYHost DDoS protection service and cybersecurity tools, ARYHost is able to stop attackers in most cases, and ARYHost’re going to further improve these services.

What advice would you give to our customers about picking their hosting provider?

  • I would like to invite everyone looking for a stable host with Java capabilities (private JVM) where clients are not just numbers but our small staff knows everyone who is contacting us for support.
  • Of course, there are clients who do not contact support at all and so ARYHost team know them less :)
  • UltaHost utilizes high-quality modern equipment, and large data centers capable of providing a high level of services and high-performance communication channels to provide efficient website hosting services for its clients. Of note, its servers are well-equipped with state-of-the-art software, which empowers you to reduce the cost associated with developing and maintaining your project or site.
  • For electronic commerce (e-commerce), the list of services ARYHost provides keeps expanding, that is, from hosting your online stores to fully organizing your business and creating a system for selling your products via the internet.
  • These services are well designed to serve both newcomers (clients who are just beginning their internet market), and clients who need a full organization of the internet market like creating their systems to receive payments via the internet.
  • Furthermore, ARYHost services are increasing daily in various countries unlimited to the United States of America, England, Ireland, Canada, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Spain France, Pakistan and many more.
  • ARYHost marks its competitiveness in the web hosting industry with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. One reason for this is the kind of storage technology it’s using. Cloud’s servers are built with NVMe-based (Non-Volatile Memory Express) solid-state drives.
  • NVMe is a storage interface protocol used for handling the flow of data between the CPU and its underlying SSDs. It connects the CPU and SSDs via the PCIe technology and provides capabilities not present in SAS and SATA, which are legacy or traditional storage interface protocols.
  • For example, NVMe supports the simultaneous execution and completion of multiple I/O requests, collection, distribution, and prioritization of I/Os, and utilization of efficient and low-latency SSD data paths. As a result, large amounts of data are transferred to and from the hosted websites and applications faster without overloading the server and wasting too much compute resources.
  • ARYHost also provides economical and reliable hosting solutions for users that have growing websites but are not yet ready to take the cost and complexity of owning a dedicated physical server. They can opt-in for VDS hosting, wherein they can get portions of the physical server’s resources through a virtual server allocated exclusively to each of them. Since no customer can use another’s virtual server, users won’t be impacting each other even when surges in web traffic and resource usage occur.
  • More visit aryhost.com