Shared Hosting Cost: Comparison of Top Shared Hosting Providers

The average price for shared hosting packages can run down to as low as $0.50 to $3.99/month. Shared hosting can bring your website to life on the internet in the most economical way so you can start building it.

Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting package where many websites are hosted on one server and share limited resources, including bandwidth, CPU, and storage space. Shared hosting solutions are recommended for those who want to create and build their website but don’t anticipate a lot of traffic or have a limited budget. Therefore, consider affordability a major factor when searching for your preferred shared hosting provider.

The shared hosting price depends on the hosting provider, the type of plan you choose, the resources you need, the operating system, and all the tools you need to improve the performance and security of your website.

In this post, we will compare the best shared hosting providers so you can clearly understand the cost of using shared hosting services.

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Shared Hosting Pricing Table – Top Shared Hosting Price Comparison

HostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
HostArmada$2.49Monthly75%45 Days
ChemiCloud$2.98Monthly70%45 Days
Hostinger$2.99Monthly57%30 Days
InterServer$2.50MonthlyX30 Days
Kamatera$4.00MonthlyX30 Days
IONOS$1.00Monthly75%30 Days
A2 Hosting$2.99Monthly72%30 Days
HostGator$2.75MonthlyX45 Days
FastComet$2.49Monthly75%45 Days
Hostens$2.00Monthly50%30 Days
Unique fact: Shared hosting plans require you to manage, set up and configure your websites. Hosting providers make website builders and CMS options available, including WordPress, to help you create and build your website through the cPanel.

Factors that Affect Shared Hosting Price

Shared hosting is available at a low cost and is reflected in the limited support and resources allocated to this type of web hosting. However, shared hosting prices depend on several factors. The factors that affect the price you pay for shared hosting includes the allocated storage space, bandwidth, CPU power, RAM, the number of hosted website, unique website visits, MySQL databases, and email account. Considering these factors will help you choose the right plan with the perfect shared hosting provider.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the highest amount of data transfer allowed from the server location to your web users whenever they request information on your website. Bandwidth is represented in MegaByte/second or Gigabyte/second, and the sizes allocated determine the capacity of data to be transferred over a given time. Since most shared hosting plans offer monthly packages, a provider may offer 2GB – 5GB bandwidth every month. For example, let’s consider bandwidth as a narrow road or a 6-8 lane highway. The capacity of a 6-8 lane highway to handle traffic is higher than a narrow road. Thus, the data transfer rate depends on the allocated capacity, not speed. Therefore, the higher the allocated bandwidth size, unlimited or unmetered, the better the data (volume) carrying capacity will be at a given time.

  • SSD Storage Space

Storage is the allocated space to store your website files. Most shared hosting providers have ditched HDDs and incorporated SSD type of storage due to its ability to access information faster, thereby improving loading times. Most hosting providers like Fastcomet and HostArmada allocate between 10GB to 50 GB SSD, while some providers like Verpex offer unlimited SSD storage space.

  • CPU Power

The CPU is the central processing unit or the brain of web servers. It helps to handle information requests and process the tasks assigned to it. A server CPU contains up to 32 cores, and most websites don’t need up to 32 CPU cores. So, most shared hosting providers usually allocate between 2 – 8 CPU cores to their plans, and you might see terms like dual-core or quad-core.

  • RAM

(Random access memory) is the type of memory responsible for storing and granting access to temporary data when your website runs different processes simultaneously. An example of such a process is when your website executes a script initiated by the web user’s request. The more processes running at once, the more RAM space it will take. However, data stored in RAM temporarily is always lost whenever the server restarts. Shared hosting providers allocate between 512MB RAM to 32GB RAM depending on the type of plan and price.

  • The Number of Hosted Websites

Hosting providers customize their shared hosting packages to allow you to host between 1 to unlimited websites depending on the price or plan you choose. Also, the requirements of the websites you want to host, server performance, and specifications will also affect the cost.

Based on my experience, you shouldn’t host more than one website on your shared hosting package, even if they allow you to host multiple. The problem with shared hosting is that no matter how efficient your website is, some naughty server neighbors might run something that will slow down your website when you least expect it. So, imagine having more than one website hosted; you might not enjoy the performance you get. Although there might be a few exceptions where the website you are running is just static, like a portfolio website, you can have more than one website like that on a shared hosting plan.

  • Unique Website Visits

This is another website feature evenly distributed across different hosting packages. You can have between 25,000 and 100,000 website visits for shared hosting plans. The plan you pay for will determine the number of unique website visits allocated to your website on the server.

  • MySQL Databases

MySQL (Structured Query Language) is a database management system used for different purposes, such as storing website files and visitor information that are important for your website’s overall performance. While most shared hosting providers like FastComet and HostArmada allocate unlimited MySQL databases on their plans, other providers like A2hosting allocate between 5 to unlimited databases.

  • Backups

Backup is the regular preventive step to save your website’s content in the cloud, such as images, webpages, files, and databases. We all know how important data is to any business. It will be heartbreaking to discover that you have just lost all the website data you collected over a few years due to a server breakdown. As a prevention measure, shared hosting providers allocate daily, 7 days, 14 days and monthly backups based on your chosen plan. The backup is necessary to help restore your website data in case you experience a server crash or downtime. Hence, it is important that you include this as one of the factors to consider before choosing your shared hosting package.

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Shared Hosting
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Web Warp
Shared Hosting
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Speed Reaper
Shared Hosting
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Extra Cost to Consider


Shared hosting packages come with fewer resources and directly impact your website’s performance and security. Despite the great savings and free offers, you will be required to pay extra costs to acquire features such as domain WHOIS privacy, SEO tools, site lock, and more! Consider the following extra costs to improve your website’s performance and overall user experience.

Premium SSL certificates

Typically costs $49.99 to $299.99/year

Premium SSL certificates are an advanced form of the standard SSL certificate used by eCommerce websites to encrypt their website and secure online transactions. Premium SSL offers additional benefits you won’t get on most free SSL advertised on most hosting packages. The benefits are improved SEO and Google ranking, the padlock seal on your website, Microsoft Exchange’s Autodiscover solution to simplify client administration, and more!

Domain Name Registration

Typically costs $7.99 to $20/year

Domain name registration is a service offered by domain registrars to help you own a domain name for a year and up to 10 years. A domain name is what your business needs to create a professional identity in the minds of your customers. It is the first step in the website creation process. You need to have purchased a domain name before hosting your website. Even if you pay for a hosting package before buying a domain name, the first step that will be shown to you is to search for the availability of your chosen brand/company name and purchase it in your preferred extension to get started.

Domain WHOIS Privacy

Typically costs $14.88/year

You are required to provide certain information such as an address, phone number and name while registering a domain name. The important information is displayed on the WHOIS website and is easily accessible by anyone. The Domain WHOIS privacy is important to help you safeguard your information from those who might be interested in spamming, have malicious intent or unwanted solicitations.

Dedicated IP

Typically costs $5.99/month

A dedicated IP address means a unique internet protocol address is assigned to your shared hosting account for your website. The IP address is dedicated to your website and allows you to use FTP to access your website when the DNS is not accessible. It provides increased speed when your traffic load is high and improves your security by acting as an identifier to allow information exchange between devices on a network.

Spam Experts Mail Filtering

Typically costs $2.99/month

Spam Experts is an advanced tool that scans and filters the incoming mail for malware, spam, phishing, viruses and other email-related cyberattacks before it gets to your inbox. It is one of the most accurate spam filtering solutions that use advanced IP-reputation systems and message content classifiers to deliver up to 99.9% filtering accuracy.


Typically costs $30 to $299.88/year

Sitelock is a security tool that helps protect your website from malicious attacks. It provides periodic scans on your website and helps detect malware attacks, threats or vulnerabilities before it corrupts your website files. SiteLock will inform you of any potential threat’s location via email and help you protect your website by fixing it.

SEO Tools

Typically cost $5.95 to $19.95/month

Search engine optimization is the process of using different tools to optimize a piece of website content on search engines like Google displays a search query whenever you search for something. Some tools used are Semrush, Google search console, and Yoast SEO, among others.

The Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting Pricing: Is It the Right Choice for Your Website?

When it comes to hosting websites, shared hosting is a popular option, especially for those who are just starting out or have tight finances. With shared hosting, several websites share a single server’s resources, which lowers expenses. Shared hosting can be a great solution for some websites, but it’s not always the best decision. Before choosing, weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting pricing:

  • Shared hosting plans are frequently quite inexpensive, making them a desirable choice for individuals looking to keep their website expenditures down.
  • Simple setup: Shared hosting packages frequently include user-friendly interfaces andpre-installed software that can speed up and simplify the process of setting up a website.
  • Technical support: If you don’t have much experience with computers, many shared hosting options include technical support that can help you with any website-related problems.
  • Scalability: Despite the resource limitations of shared hosting plans, many providers offer scalable solutions that let you upgrade your plan as your website traffic increases.
  • Minimal upkeep: With shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about server upkeep or software updates because the hosting company takes care of those duties.
  • Scarce resources As a result of sharing resources with other websites when using shared hosting, your website may perform worse and load pages more slowly.
  • Security issues: If the security of one website on a shared server is compromised, it may have an effect on all the other websites on that server.
  • Lack of control: With shared hosting, your capacity to personalize or improve your website may be constrained because you have little influence over the server and the resources assigned to it.
  • Software and application restrictions: Shared hosting packages frequently have limits on the kind of programs that can be installed on the server, which can impede the functioning of your website.
  • Unpredictable downtime: Due to the fact that shared hosting plans share resources, the unavailability of one website can affect the availability of all other websites on the same server.

The Role of Technical Support in Shared Hosting Pricing: What You Need to Know

Any shared hosting provider must have technical assistance. In order to assist customers with any problems they could experience while using their hosting service, hosting companies offer technical assistance. The cost of shared hosting plans may be influenced by the type and caliber of technical support offered by different shared hosting companies. Website owners can choose a hosting provider with confidence if they are aware of how technical support is accounted for in the shared hosting price.

The following five important recent facts concerning how technical support influences shared hosting pricing are presented:

  • Several levels of technical assistance may be available from shared hosting companies, including basic support via email or chat and more in-depth support via phone or live chat. The cost of shared hosting plans can vary depending on the degree of assistance provided.
  • Support accessibility: Pricing may also be impacted by the accessibility of technical help. Service providers who provide support around the clock may charge more for their services than those who only do so sometimes.
  • Response time for technical support: Different service providers have different response times. Faster response time providers could charge more for their services.
  • Support caliber: Pricing may also be influenced by the caliber of technical support. Providers may charge more for their services if they have support personnel with higher training and expertise.
  • Self-help resources: To assist customers in troubleshooting problems on their own, shared hosting providers may also include self-help resources like knowledge bases or forums. Since they require less direct staff support, providers who provide more complete self-help options may charge less for their services.

Our preferred Shared Hosting Plans by Chemicloud:

Shared Hosting
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Shared Hosting
$2.95 / month
Shared Hosting
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How Shared Hosting Providers Determine Pricing: Insights from Industry Experts

By dividing up server resources among numerous clients, shared hosting companies provide an affordable option for hosting websites. Providers must consider a number of elements, such as the price of server hardware, data center fees, and customer support costs, to establish pricing for shared hosting services. Industry insiders’ perspectives give insight into how shared hosting companies set their service prices.

Here are five new and useful details about how shared hosting providers set their prices:

  • Cost of hardware and infrastructure: In order to offer dependable hosting services, shared hosting providers must make investments in server hardware, data center equipment, and network infrastructure. While setting the price for their shared hosting services, providers consider these expenses.
  • Amount of clients on each server: This factor may affect pricing since shared hosting companies divide server resources across numerous clients. Providers may provide plans with varying resource allotments to accommodate consumers with varying needs and budgets.
  • Customer service costs: Shared hosting companies are required to offer customer service to assist clients with problems relating to their websites and hosting plans. While setting the price for their services, providers take into account the expense of recruiting and training support employees.
  • Market competition: To draw and keep clients, shared hosting services must maintain their competitiveness. Pricing may change depending on the state of the market and what other providers are offering.
  • Extra features and services: To set themselves apart from rivals, shared hosting providers may give extra features and services like website builders, security software, and backups. Providers may alter pricing depending on the quantity of features and services offered in each package.

Shared Hosting Pricing and Security: Finding the Right Balance for Your Website


A well-liked and affordable choice for hosting websites is shared hosting. However, shared hosting allows for the sharing of server resources across numerous websites, raising security issues. For website owners who wish to safeguard their website data and make sure that their website stays available to visitors, finding the ideal balance between shared hosting pricing and security is crucial.

Here are key new details concerning shared hosting cost and security:

  • Security features provided by hosting companies: It’s critical to look at the security features provided by shared hosting companies before making a decision. Check for features that can help shield your website against assaults and data breaches, including firewalls, DDoS defense, and SSL certificates.
  • Risks associated with shared hosting: If one website is compromised, the security of the other websites that share the server may be at danger. When selecting a shared hosting company, think about the possible hazards and look for companies that have security measures in place to reduce these risks.
  • Prices for security features: Some shared hosting companies charge extra for security features, which raises the overall cost of hosting. When contrasting shared hosting plans from various providers, it’s critical to consider the price of these security features.
  • Frequent backups: A crucial component of website security is regular backups. In order to be sure that your website data is safeguarded in the event of a security breach or data loss, search for shared hosting companies that provide automated backups.
  • Updating and maintaining your website’s software is a crucial component of website security. To be sure that your website is secure and running the most recent security patches, look for shared hosting companies that offer frequent maintenance and upgrades.


Before choosing a shared hosting plan, ensure the hosting provider offers reasonable features and resources that align with the price. When you are accessing your shared hosting resources and requirements for your website, you need to keep your visitors and the type of website you want to build in mind. The more visitors your website receives, the slower it will be if you don’t complement it with the right amount of resources.

If your website has few scripts or doesn’t include many videos, images and downloads, you can settle for less bandwidth or storage. Examples of such a website are a static portfolio website or a small business website. Even your small business can become large tomorrow. Therefore, you need more bandwidth, CPU, RAM and SSD storage space.

Finally, do not choose your shared hosting provider by just RAM or CPU limit. But by researching how well the host manages the websites allocated to a server, controls the nosy server neighbors and whether the host allocates too many users on one server.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider exploring our cheap shared hosting options to find a plan that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common features provided in shared hosting plans?

Common features include email accounts, database support, a control panel, and, sometimes, a website builder.

What kind of website can run effectively on a shared hosting package?

You can run a small website like a portfolio or other static websites without issues.

Can I upgrade my shared hosting plan as my website grows?

Yes, many providers offer the ability to upgrade to a higher-tier shared hosting plan or even to a different type of hosting as your website’s needs grow.

What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting shares resources with multiple users on a server, while WordPress hosting is web hosting optimized to host WordPress websites.

Can I host my WordPress website with shared hosting?

Yes, you can host your WordPress website on shared hosting but might miss out on some WordPress-specific features.

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