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Best Minecraft Hosting Server

Last Update | November 2021

Monthly Update - November 2021

During November:

During October:

During September:

  • Apex Hosting gives away a free 2GB server for 6 months and a Razer Siren Emote Microphone to one winner
  • Apex Hosting offers 25% off First Invoice using code ‘2021’
  • Nitrous Networks: 40% off on all game servers monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually using code ‘Shop&Save’ at checkout
  • Nitrous Networks released Minecraft snapshot 21w39a

During August:

At this point in time, Minecraft is the most sold game of all time, selling over 200,000,000 copies on a worldwide scale, which has been ported to every device out there under the sun. It is no wonder why people are interested and genuinely love this game, as it is truly a masterclass in its own genre.

A Quick Recap of Minecraft

The game itself has quite an interesting history, as Markus Notch Persson originally developed it in the Java programming language, but it was eventually acquired by Microsoft, alongside the developer Mojang, for $2.5 billion.

Screenshot of Minecraft game

Minecraft can be seen as this virtual Lego type of game, where people can build, well, pretty much anything they can imagine. While the single-player variant of this game can offer you endless upon endless hours of fun, it can eventually become stale, and this is where the multiplayer option can truly bring a new dimension to your gameplay sessions.

Since it has this sandbox nature, you have many mods and variations built by the community itself that you can enjoy within a server.

These include modes such as:

  • Pixelmon
  • Skyblock
  • Survival
  • Olympus
  • Parkour
  • Creative
  • Prison
  • Towny

Now, obviously, all of these are coded as well, most of them in the java programming language, which correlates well with the java version of Minecraft.

Of course, there’s the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, which is coded in C++ and can be a bit easier on resource usage, but nonetheless, you’ll need a beefy server to run all of this.

In fact, you’ll need to fulfil some minimum requirements in order to host just about anything Minecraft-related, as that processing power will have to process each player’s interaction, as well as the changes of the world itself.

Now, before we go deeper into the hosting requirements, know that Minecraft can also be played on a Local Area Network (LAN), on Minecraft Realms, Split Screen, or through an Online Server. With that out of the way, let us dive deep into Minecraft hosting.

Apex Hosting Havoc Hosting Rox Servers PingPerfect Nitrous Networks
  • Java & Bedrock Edition Support
  • 24/7 Chat And Ticket Support
  • 200 + 1-Click-Mod Pack Installers
  • High-end Hardware
  • FTP and MySQL Database Access
  • Free Server Transfers
  • 7-day Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 servers with 99.9% uptime
  • DDoS Protection
  • Low Latency
  • Instant Setup
  • Free Subdomain
  • Automated Backups
  • Instant Server Activation
  • Automatic Mod-Pack Installer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Full FTP Access
  • Best-in-Class DDoS protection
  • Custom Multicraft Control Panel
  • Works with all Modpacks
  • 7-day per week customer support
  • DDoS protection
  • McMyAdmin Enterprise
  • Open Mods and Plugins Support
  • Free Addons
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • Instant Server Setup
  • Global Locations
  • Full System Backup
  • Enterprise-Level Hardware
  • Free Web Hosting
  • 48-hour money-back guarantee
  • FTP/File Browser
  • Free Debranding
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Custom Game Panel
  • Game Switching
  • DDoS protection
  • SSD Storage
  • DDoS protection
  • Instant Setup
  • Premium Connections through T1 Providers
  • Simple Billing
  • Easy Management through the custom NiTROPanel
  • Support for Vanilla and SpongeVanilla mods
Pricing Starts at $4.49 per month Starts at $5.00 per month Starts at $2.99 per month  Starts at $3.48 per month Starts at $5.24 per month

Minimum Server Hosting Requirements

Hosting video games as a whole can be a difficult process due to the fact that they are a lot more resource-intensive when compared to, for example, running a website. You have 3D animations, worlds, back-end code that runs and makes everything work, and a lot of other factors to consider, as it’s not just a simple website that has to load text.

However, you don’t really need the highest-end server in the world to run a Minecraft server, and that’s the good part of it. Even with the cheapest VPS hosting solution out there, if your friend group or server attendee group does not exceed 8 to 10 users, you should have a solid time.

As a rule of thumb, here are the minimum requirements you’d need to fulfill in order to get a server up and running for only a few people.

Screenshot of Minecraft Inventory menu

1 GB of RAM, 1 CPU Core, with 2 GB of Ram and 2 CPU Cores for better overall results.

Now, here is the thing, I myself used to play Minecraft a lot. Throughout the years, I’ve had a few servers as well. That being said, I have hosted servers for 10 people, and servers for 100 people. In my experience, I’d always need at least 4 CPU cores, with 8 GB of RAM for the most optimal results, especially when you start implementing scrips and different game modes.

Why Have Your Own Minecraft Server

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, you already know why you want to host your own personal server. However, if you’re the kind of person doing the research before making that decision, here’s a list of all of the benefits you’re getting from hosting your own server.

You can choose the mods you want, the game modes, and the gameplay mechanic alterations.

You can build an entire community of people who you might eventually even meet in real life and have a genuine friend-relationship with. You can set the rules, and be the god in your own little virtual world.

Many people have even capitalized on this, by providing in-game currency or items, for people who subscribe to the server or pay a monthly fee to keep it up and running as a way to support it. So, in a way, you could even turn your Minecraft server into an entire business, which is always a plus.

For example, if you are a teacher, you could theoretically build your classes in a virtual world offered by Minecraft and teach students just about anything. This has even been done in real-world examples.

Since Minecraft is this giant sandbox, the possibilities are endless in every sense of the word.
Minecraft player running away from zombies

What You Need to Look Out For

Now, in order for you to enjoy the smoothest experience out there in terms of Minecraft hosting, you’ll need to know what to look out for. There are even hosting providers out there that specialize in Minecraft hosting, offering hardware and infrastructure specifically made for it. Running your own Minecraft server will require you to have the hardware, as well as the bandwidth to support its requirements.

  • CPU (Processor) – the server needs to be equipped with multiple processors, and the exact amount you will need depends on your player base and requirements.
  • Memory (RAM) - This is fast storage that is used to run all of the processes, or in other words, when a request is made, the data is loaded into this memory for faster processing. If you have less RAM than you require, the servers will need to swap the data into the HDD/SSD to process all of it, which leads to lower performance.
  • Storage Space (HDD or SSD) – HHDs are cheaper, but SSDs are faster. Server hosts that offer SSD storage will typically give you the best possible outcome for your Minecraft server’s smoothness.
  • Server Location – Ever been on a server, only to have lag? This lag is caused by latency, or in other words, if you are from Europe, and play on a US server, you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Ensure that you pick a server near yours or the target audience of players that will end up being inside the server.
  • Support – there are specific Minecraft hosting solutions out there that can assist you, however, if they do not specialize in Minecraft, you are on your own. Minecraft has a lot of tweaking, mods, and plugins, so you need to get yourself well acquainted with how everything works if you’re not going the specialized server route.

Best Minecraft Hosting Server


Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is a company that specifically advertises itself, as a hosting provider that specializes in Minecraft Server Hosting.

From the very moment you visit their website, a Minecraft-themed website awaits you, with server hosting solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

Screenshot of Apex Hosting home page

For example, in terms of features, you get Java and Bedrock Edition Servers, 24/7 Live chat support alongside ticket support, all mod and plugin support, 200+ 1-click mod pack installers, premium hardware, low latency, Full FTP and MySQL Database Access, Free Server Transfers, 7-day money-back guarantees, premade minigames, 99% uptime, and all of this can be done in less than 5minutes.

Now, what I genuinely like about this hosting provider is that it makes things, well, simple. You have to understand that the one-click modpack installers are a convenience, as installing them manually would just eat up too much of your time, and require technical knowledge.

Some of the most prevalent Minecraft plugin installers include Bukkit, Spigot, Sponge, and Paper, and the beauty of this hosting provider because you can install them easily through installers as EssentialsX, World Edit, PermissionsEx, and a lot more. In terms of mods, you can use Forge to combine your own mods, or even try on any of the popular modpacks such as Feed The Beast, ATL, Voids Wrath, Technic, and more.

In terms of mini-games, this is where the Minecraft Java edition shines as previously discussed, and as such, you can install a lot of them with ease. There are premade game types, such as Factions McMMO, Capture the Flag, and much more that can be installed with ease.

Alongside features such as these, you can also generate a new map with any seed that you want, or even use premade worlds that are already included in the game types. You can also download maps from any source.

You also have a control panel, server error logs, and other general settings that you can tweak.

Overall, this is a solid hosting solution, but it does come at a cost.

Here are the packages you’ll be getting:

  • 1 GB of RAM - $5.32
  • 2 GB of RAM - $8.99
  • 3 GB of RAM - $13.32
  • 4 GB of RAM -  $17.98
  • 5 GB of RAM - $22.64
  • 6 GB of RAM - $26.97
  • 8 GB of RAM - $35.96
  • 10 GB of RAM - $44.95


Host Havoc

Host Havoc is more of a jack-of-all traits type of hosting, as you aren’t just getting Minecraft hosting, but support for a plethora of other games as well.

Now, the pricing starts at $5.00 per GB, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 support, instant setup, NVME SSD Storage, Ultra-Fast Processors, and a 72-hour refund policy.

Screenshot of HostHavoc home page

The unique part about Host Havoc is that it offers three types of hosting suites, including Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. You also get Free DDOS protection with all of the hosting services.

Now, when it comes to the Minecraft packages, here’s the pricing you can expect:

  • Grass - $5.00 for 1 GB of RAM
  • Wood - $10.00 for 2 GB of RAM
  • Stone - $15.00 for 3 GB of RAM
  • Coal - $20 for 4 GB of RAM
  • Iron - $30 for 6 GB of RAM
  • Bricks - $40 for 8 GB of RAM
  • Gold - $60 for 12 GB of RAM
  • Diamond - $80 for 16 GB of RAM

You can also additionally pay for a Proxy, which is at 512MB, at $2.66 per month.

Note that these are all of the standard, monthly prices and that your initial payment will probably be less for the first three months.

The benefits you get in terms of Minecraft servers is that your server can be instantly activated, as well as provisioned within 30 seconds. You can automatically install a variety of mod packs, such as FTB, Twitch Packs, Pixelmon, and much more. You can even set Scheduled Backups, Full FTP access, DDOS Protection, management through the usage of the custom-tailored Minecraft control panel suite known as Multicraft, and works with all modpacks, including Vanilla, ATLauncher, FTB, Technic, and much more.

Each server uses the latest generation of Xeon CPUs, which are built on a foundation of modern server hardware, however, you also have the choice of Ryzen processors.


Rox Servers

Now, this is an overall server provider, that offers voice servers, web hosting, game servers, and dedicated servers.

In terms of voice servers, you can set up TeamSpeak, Mumble, and so on, web hosting lets you set up domain names, and Game Servers is where things get interesting.

Screenshot of Rox Servers home page


Before we get into Minecraft hosting, know that this host has been online since 2009, has an easy-to-use control panel, 7 days a week support, multiple payment methods which are supported, and allows you to share management tasks.

What makes it special when it comes to Minecraft hosting, is that it has been hosting servers since 2010. You get customer support 7 days a week, that’s specific to Minecraft, alongside DDoS protection, McMyAdmin enterprise, Open mods and Plugins, and Free Add-ons.

When it comes to the pricing, here are the plans:

  • Slots Limit – This starts at €2.99 and you get 25 GB of SSD disk space, up to 32 GB of ram, however, keep in mind that this discusses the total RAM installed on the machine, not the memory allocated to your game server, 99.99% uptime guarantee, and up to 100 player slots limit.
  • Ram Limit - €3.99 per month, except here you get 1 to 6 GB of ram limit, up to 999 players support, and unlimited world generation.
  • BungeeCord – This starts at €3.99 per month, and you can link 4 servers here, keep in mind that this does not use words, and is more of a link between them.

To this point, each package supports, FTB, Bukkit, and so on.

  • Pocket Edition – Last but not least you have the Pocket Edition, which supports up to 32 GB of ram, 10 to 999 player slots, 99.99% uptime, PocketMineMP, and much more.

You also get a 24-hours money-back guarantee on each of these packages.



PingPerfect, as the name might imply, tries to offer some of the best gaming hosting out there with the least possible ping. The company claims that they invest in the latest hardware for the best-dedicated servers to host a wide assortment of video games. They shine through having servers across the globe, in fact, you can host a server in Europe, the USA, Canada, Poland, Australia, Asia, Canada, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil. This is why you’ll have low latency and lag, you can just get a server that’s closest to where you live.

screenshot of Ping Perfect home page


Now, let’s discuss the specific features of Minecraft hosting.

You get instant server setup, money-back guarantee up to 48 hours after the initial purchase, the customer support that’s specific to Minecraft, alongside the global locations.

You also get free web hosting with your package, a custom game panel, full backup systems, FTP/ File Browser, Game Switching, Enterprise Hardware, Free Debranding, and DDoS protection.

In terms of pricing, these prices are per GB of ram, and discounts are available for prolonged periods, such as 5% off for quarterly plans, and 10% off for semi-annual plans, with the highest discount being 15% for annual payments.

  • British servers start at £2.50 GBP
  • USA servers start at $3.45USD
  • European servers start at €2.93 EUR

By far one of the coolest features is the fact that it has both a desktop control panel and a mobile control panel that allows for easy configuration, advanced features, and share control.

Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks offers some of the highest performance gamer servers, which is the case for various games. It specializes in the fact that it offers SSD storage, where their game servers utilize the latest SSD technology available. You also get DDoS protection, through global filtering PoPs, instant setup, premium connectivity, simple billing, and easy management.

screenshot of Nitrous Networks home page


In terms of the Minecraft Pricing plans, you have the following:

  • Stone Tier - 1536 MB for $5.24 per month.
  • Iron Tier – 2048 MB for $10.48 per month.
  • Gold Tier – 3072 MB for $15.72 per month.
  • Diamond Tier – 4096 MB for $20.97 per month.
  • Obsidian Tier – 5120 MB for $26.21 per month.
  • Bedrock Tier – 6144 MB for $31.45 per month.
  • TNT Tier – 8192 MB for $41.93 per month.
  • Community Tier -16384 MB for $78.62 per month.

These packages feature free web hosting, free MySQL, 7 locations, Free Buycraft support, Free Enjin, a Free Custom IP, and Free Support.

In terms of locations, you can host in London - United Kingdom, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Falkenstein - Germany, Ashburn – United States, Atlanta – United States, Phoenix – United States, Quebec – Canada.

In terms of mod packs, you have access to Vanilla and SpongeVanilla.

many creepers falls into a hole


By this point in time, you have probably realized one important aspect of Minecraft hosting. Even ones that do not specifically specialize only in Minecraft, a lot of these services streamline the process tremendously.

They all have competitive pricing, and you aren’t really getting some “wow” level deal anywhere. The ultimate decision as to which one is best will be on your specific requirement and needs. They are all competent hosting providers, with years of experience, refund policies, and a high level of support.

You should never really get stuck, or feel like it is too complicated to get started.

That being said, hopefully, now you have a bit more of a perspective of what Minecraft hosting servers are and can choose one that’s perfect for your specific needs.


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