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How to Install the Roundcube Mail Client using the cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Roundcube is a free open-source software application written specifically to manage emails. The email client is written in PHP and supports the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

Released in early 2008, Roundcube has gained a lot of popularity due to its extensive use of AJAX technology.

In this guide, we will show you how to install Roundcube from cPanel via the Script Installer.


  • A domain name e.g. www.example.com
  • Web hosting account that supports Cpanel, PHP and MySQL
  • Cpanel username and password.
  • A valid email account pointing to your domain (e.g. admin@example.com)

Step 1:
Launch your cPanel account

Visit the URL ‘www.example.com/cpanel’ on your web browser and replace ‘example.com’ with the correct primary domain name associated with your cPanel account. Enter your username and password and click ‘Log in’ to proceed as shown below:

Step 2:
Locate Softaculous Apps Installer

We will use Softaculous to install Roundcube, so locate the script by typing, ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’ on the search box and click its icon as shown below:

Step 3:
Install Roundcube from the softaculous dashboard

Softaculous enables you to install different applications from their respective categories. Roundcube is located under the ‘Mails’ category, so we will locate it on the left pane and click the ‘Install Now’ button on the right pane as shown below

You will see the version number of Roundcube and release date at the top. Also, softaculous will display a brief description about the software as well ad space required for the installation.

Step 4:
Customize your Roundcube installation

Next, we need to customize Roundcube installation. On the software setup, choose ‘https://www’ as the protocol. This means we will be using SSL/TLS to secure emails and the mail server from hackers. Then, select the correct domain from the list.

You will need to enter a value on the field name labelled, ‘In Directory’ unless you are solely running your domain name for emails. It is advisable to install Roundcube on an easy to remember directory that is related to emails e.g. ‘mail’ so to access your emails, you will be visiting the directory ‘www.example.com/mail’ where ‘example.com’ is your domain name

Then, enter a site name for your installation e.g. ‘Company Emails’ as shown below:

Step 5:
IMAP and SMTP settings

You will need to retrieve the IMAP and SMTP settings for your email. If you are not sure what values you need to use, you may contact your hosting provider. However, most of these settings can be located on the email accounts on the cPanel.

You will need to enter the server address which is usually the same for IMAP and SMTP. Then, port 993 may be used for secure IMAP connections and port 465 for SMTP unless your provider has configured different values.

The connection type should be either TLS or SSL unless you are using non-secure connections.

Select your desired Language and click ‘Install’ at the bottom.

Softaculous will check the submitted data and finalize the installation

Step 6:
Test the installation

You can test Roundcube installation by visit the URL that you specified above (e.g. www.example.com/mail). You will be prompted to enter a username and a password for any email address that you have created. Enter the values below and click login to proceed

If the login details are correct and setup was completed without a problem, you should be automatically logged in to Roundcube as show below:


You can now send, receive and manage emails using Roundcube email client. Anyone with a valid email address from your company can login on the portal above to access and send emails. This is a secure method of centralizing email access on your company as opposed to giving all users direct access to your cPanel account.


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