How to Change the URL of a WordPress Website from its Database Using cPanel

Now and then, people demand to have an SEO-friendly domain name, and when they do so, they require to change the website URL.

As you know, you can change it from your WordPress admin dashboard, but while migrating or updating your website, you may not be able to access it.

So there is only one way using which, you can change the URL. The database of the website consists its details, so you have to use the cPanel.

Even when you get a 500 error, you may need to check if the WordPress URL and the Site URL are the same.

It can be done using the database because in such situation; you’re locked out of the admin area. I am mentioning these things so that you can understand that it’s essential to know the alternative ways to fix some errors.

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn about the location of the website’s details and how to change them.

Use phpMyAdmin to Update the Site URL

I hope you know how to access the cPanel account provided by your web hosting company. Depending on the company, the layout may vary (you will Hostadvice’s list of the top WordPress Hosting companies here).

So don’t be alarmed. The basic features will remain the same. So follow the steps.

Step 1:

Login to the cPanel account and search for Databases’ section. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon.

Step 2:

A new tab will open to you. Now from the left-hand-side navigation menu, you have to choose the database name.

If you’re running multiple websites on the single web hosting then you may get confused because many databases will be there.

So, it’s better you know the database name of the website you’re dealing with right now. For example, I am opening “WordPress” database.

Step 3

You can see that many database tables have been revealed in the main section. To edit the URL, you must open the “wp_options” table.

Note: wp_ is the default database table so it doesn’t mean you will find the same for your website.

It’s possible that the web hosting or the security plugin you use have changed it for better security. So don’t get confused.

Just keep looking for _options and open it.

Step 4

Now you will see many rows showing the details about your website. You can see the tagline, title, SiteURL, and much more.

Under the option_name column, you can see “siteurl”.

You have to edit this row, Click on the Edit link and a new page will get opened.

Step 5

On this page, the columns of the previous page has transformed into rows. So it means, you have to update the field showing in front of option_value.

Fill the URL of your website and save the settings. Scroll down and you can easily find the Go button.

Once you do it, try clearing the browser cache and open your website. If that works, congrats, you have successfully changed the URL of your WordPress website.

Sometimes, you may need to take some help from the customer service representative of your web hosting company.

It’s because the company restricts the access to the database for safety issues. So if you go through the process shown above, you’re good.

If not, you should contact the technical support of your web hosting provider.

As I have mentioned earlier, when you get a 500 Error, you don’t see anything on your website. There is a blank page mentioned the error name.

It’s related to a connection made by a website with the server. And most of the time, it’s because of the wrong website settings.

And these can be fixed by changing the website URL as shown above. Depending on the things you want, it’s important for you to learn more about the use of cPanel.

I Hope You Can Easily Update the Website URL

If you think about it, there are many benefits to learn these things. Most of the people hire a web developer or a WordPress expert to fix such things.

What if you can do it yourself?

Millions of users are running their websites on the WordPress platform, and almost every web hosting company offers cPanel with its plans.

Don’t be frightened with the technical side. As you can see, there is nothing technical here. No coding is required.

All you need is to follow the step by step process, and within a few minutes, you can change the URL of your WordPress website.

You must learn that the database of your website is the critical asset to care about. You should understand that it consists of the most important details about your site.


Whenever it’s said to update the URL of a website, the user must understand what it takes to accomplish it. When not having access to the website, the database is the only place to find it.

No one else is going to support you forever. At some point, you have to learn about the database and its importance. Then why not now?

The process consists of the simple steps which can help you update the website URL within no time.
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