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Pair Networks Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $5.95 - $29.95
VPS $79.95 - $229.95

Data Centers

Jan Deruiter

Pinned Review

Jan Deruiter,
I have had 20+ customers of ours sign up with PAIR hosting at varying levels. We have been hosting with them for probably close to 20 years now. After nightmare'ish experiences with Godaddy, MediaTemp...Read Morele and a bunch of others, PAIR is so refreshing. Their support is #1 bar none. Some of our sites are tricky with complex DNS configs using third parties, and PAIR always offers solutions, and offers to help. Easily reached by phone for support too. Seriously, look no further !Less


Jan Deruiter
Jan Deruiter from United States,

The best host we use (20+ accounts)

I have had 20+ customers of ours sign up with PAIR hosting at varying levels. We have been hosting with them for probably close to 20 years now. After nightmare'ish experiences with Godaddy, MediaTemple and a bunch of others, PAIR...Read More is so refreshing. Their support is #1 bar none. Some of our sites are tricky with complex DNS configs using third parties, and PAIR always offers solutions, and offers to help. Easily reached by phone for support too. Seriously, look no further !Less
Dean Kennedy

The best 'proof' of a happy customer is repeat business

Many hosts are good at the "flirting" for your business -- intro rates, sound and look good ... but it's not the first sale that really tells you that a company is good -- it's the second and subsequent ones.

I'm happy to say I...Read More've just celebrated 21 years as a Pair customer. And they were not my first hosting company -- at that stage I'd already had one in Australia (based in Canberra) and another I can't remember nowadays in the USA.

I started with Pair in 1997, after some lengthy research. I was initially on server "xi" -- #8 -- so that was a while back, and well before they moved to their bigger data center (and their Denver expansion)! I've since moved to a newer server structure at Pair (they helped make that move easy) and host about 30 domains in my account -- always responsive, and even from my usual base in Melbourne Australia (currently in south east Asia), their support is top rate (fast ticket response, same for the phone the one time I needed it).

Their custom account control center works fine, although I love cPanel with some other client hosting that I have access to, the Pair system works very smoothly. I've had an ecommerce account in the past, but as they have boosted their account features, I was able to drop down to an account that costs about half as much per month which is still very well resourced for my needs.

They have always been open and honest with their services, their pricing, their outages, everything. I think their ranking here is well below their real level of value. While I have some other smaller client hosting accounts elsewhere, my primary hosting will always be with Pair.

They don't profess to be the cheapest hosting, but I'd always rather VALUE over price. And this is where I think Pair delivers very solidly. Would easily recommend them and happily do so.

Let's hope I'm still a customer in another 21 years! All I can say is THANKS for being so reliable for so long.
Jeffrey L Hennick
Jeffrey L Hennick from United States,

Excellent Service for 20 years now

I have been a pair customer for 20+ years now, for personal use and for several non-profits I do web work for. Yes, I go back nearly to their beginning.

We have always had great service. When there were problems moving a site i...Read Moren from another host, there was excelent support. When I have needed higher version of PHP, it was supplied. Password support: easy. Easy HTTPS upgrade.

Disk and bandwidth overuse is billed on daily average for the month after the highest use day has been discarded.

I like their pairDomains service, too.
Phil W
Phil W from Canada,

Worst host. Its like they all started yesterday

Pair is one of those hosts that sells unlimited bandwidth shared hosting. Then, you will have a bandwidth limit. Go over it and your site is shut down. Thats it for this month. No notice, just shut things down. They have no legal ...Read Moreor technical understanding. They shut my sites off on a cease and desist. They freaked out rather than do what anyone else does, say "there is no obvious problem here, you need to sue the account holder" thats what everyone else does. Pair just shuts things off. SO if you want to shut down a PAIR site. Pretend you are a lawyer. You wont need letterhead, just send them an email pretending you are a lawyer. Dont worry about drafting, because it doesnt even have to look legit. Bammo, you can shut down any competitor on pair. and Pair will say "one we get that notice you have to sue the sender to get your site back on". No kidding ... its bad.

No Cpanel. Email only support (was never able to get anyone on phone). Fast but generally buck passing and with attitude. They should pay for Cpanel because their own interface is circa 1994 and quite bad.

Overall they wasted my time and it would be funny if not for the wasted time.
Really True
Really True,
They clearly do NOT offer "unlimited bandwidth" shared hosting (and have been vocally opposed to that in the past), so your review is basically nonsense right from the start. Anybody can look at their shared hosting plans and see the actual facts instead of your ridiculous claims.
Phil W
Phil W,
Really True is obviously Pair Networks. What happens when you get a fake cease and desist of no merit? Thats right, you just pull the plug in fear allowing competition to shut down any Pair customer without any validity. Thats a fact that can be proven in writing. Want to fight about it in court?
Jon Sandys
Jon Sandys,
You said "Pair is one of those hosts that sells unlimited bandwidth shared hosting." They don't sell unlimited bandwidth hosting. (https://www.pair.com/support/kb/frequently-asked-questions-account-features/#18) You've clearly mis...Read Moretaken them for another host or are just making stuff up to support your false argument.Less
Looks like you have someone else confused with pair.

From Pair:
Why don’t you offer “unlimited bandwidth”?

The simple answer is “because there’s no such thing.” Any provider who claims to offer “unlimited bandwidth” either ...Read Morehas no concern for the performance of their network and servers, or is lying to their customers about how much transfer they’ll really allow a site to use.

At pair Networks, our transfer allowances are much higher than most hosts, but the reason they exist at all is simply to protect the availability and quality of our service for all customers. We also provide cost effective options to meet the needs of busier sites, which means you always have a smooth upgrade path available. Hosts who advertise “unlimited bandwidth” are trapped by their own mistake, and cannot provide any options when faced with a popular site; they are more likely to simply shut it down.
Full of factual inaccuracies.
Tim Horton
Tim Horton,
They did offer unlimited bandwidth at one time. Before attacking, check the past.
I have been with pair for 20 years. Their customer service is excellent, nothing like the poster described.
I was replying to the poster's statement: "Pair is one of those hosts that sells unlimited bandwidth shared hosting. Then, you will have a bandwidth limit. Go over it and your site is shut down. Thats it for this month. No notice,...Read More just shut things down."
He says pair offers unlimited bandwidth in the first sentance then in the second sentence says it *is* limited and that they shut you down when you go over. So the two claims are contradictory and pair does not operate that way. If you go over they simply warn and then charge for the excess.
Kevin M
Kevin M,
This is categorically false. pair has never offered unlimited bandwidth.
Olivier Lesire
Olivier Lesire

The Keys to Success

I built my first personnal website – based on static HTML pages - on my PC with Adobe GoLive 4 in the spring of 2000. Once finished, I was looking for a web host and... disaster! The choice was huge, the real good advices was mini...Read Moremal, I had to spend whole days on the web, read at least a thousand pages, visit hundreds of sites, send dozens of emails, all because I knew nothing about hosting.

In my discoveries, I drafted a set of specifications of what it seems to me essential in choosing a web host with a good offer. These specifications allowed me to separate the "no serious" offers in a box called "trash" and to place on my desk the professional hosting companies offers. After 6 months of heavy researches my choice was made: I signed my first contract at Pair Networks in October 2000 with a Basic offer at $ 4.95.

Did I make the right choice?

17 years later I still ask this question to myself… Because after all these years, I'm still at Pair Networks. My first static personal site gave birth to its little brothers, a first experience with a dynamic website with SPIP in 2004, then Joomla in 2006, finally with my first eCommerce powered website with CS-Cart in 2008.

Yes, my personnal website in HTML hosted on a fast and worry-free shared server gave me the urge and the means to go forward. Always further, I created my eCommerce company in 2008. This business allowed my wife to work at home, to have a salary while keeping our 2 children. We have just celebrated the ninth anniversary of Li Dynasty, our company.

Today I have reached my dream: To have a company, several sites of eCommerce and a dedicated server of which I do not care for NOTHING. During my 17 first years at Pair, I did not experience any interruptions of more than 15 minutes (it does not matter, it's for an update of the OS, carried out in the middle of the night). While Pair takes care of the mechanics of the server, I take care 100% of my business: Each to his own job! Pair does its job very well. I do mine ;)

When I look back on my worry-free experience at Pair Networks and compare it to my colleagues, my competitors, their frequent moving from a host to another (with the worries involved in these moves) I tell myself: I am confortable at Pair: Tranquility and efficiency.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Good hosting with options for everyone

Pair Networks is a well established company that has customers throughout the world.  They offer many different hosting packages, so there is something for all types of websites.  They start with entry level shared hosting, where you can choose from several options based on your specific needs.

You can also have VPS or dedicated hosting packages if you are running a busier website or need additional control.  Since they’ve been operating since 1996 they have really created a strong reputation over the years for being one of the best hosting companies in operation today.

Another nice benefit of this company is that they are very dedicated to ‘green hosting,’ which essentially means that they are taking steps to reduce any environmental impact their data centers have.  This is typically done by using energy efficient operations and planting trees or other plants to help offset any pollution that is created by their operations.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Excellent uptime and stability

The reliability of their hosting is very good at all levels.  They advertise the fact that their actual uptime is well above 99.9%, which is quite impressive.  They also have redundant network connections, daily data backups and redundant power supplies in their data centers.  All of this adds up to a stable environment that will help to avoid any type of unexpected downtime.

Even their shared hosting services seem to have a very stable environment, which is a good sign that they are not overselling their servers.


A variety of features at every level

There are hosting packages available at all price points to meet the needs of virtually any site.  Their entry level shared hosting services will get the job done for most personal blogs and small business sites.  You can move up to VPS hosting options for the midsized web hosting needs.  If you are running a large business or a very busy page, their dedicated hosting will provide you with the power and flexibility you need.

In addition to just getting more powerful hosting when you move up to a higher package, you will also get improved services.  For example, the bottom level packages don’t come with 24/7 live support, but that becomes available with VPS and dedicated packages, or even higher end shared options.

In addition to just choosing the right package, you can also get access to things like SSL certificates, a PHP Hypertext preprocessor, and merchant specific accounts.


Support services improve as you move up in package levels

The technical support provided by this company is good.  They are quick to help you with just about any type of problem.  If you opt for a higher level package, you will get a toll-free tech support number that is staffed 24/7/365.  Lower packages have to go through their online ticketing system, which seems to still give quick resolutions to most issues.


Prices at higher levels are slightly above industry average

The base pricing for shared hosting and other small to mid packages is about average.  Once you get into their higher end options, however, the price is a little more than what you will likely see with other companies.  Some of their customers have complained about this high price, but overall people seem to be happy with the service they get for what they are paying.


Good hosting options for all types of customers

The overall service that is provided by Pair Networks is good at all levels. They have been in business a long time and clearly know what they are doing.  They do a good job at keeping up with all the latest technologies and innovations with web hosting, which is another good perk of going with Pair Networks


  • Great hosting packages at all levels
  • Great tech support, especially for higher hosting packages
  • Environmentally friendly hosting


  • Entry level packages don’t have 24/7 phone support
  • Some packages are priced higher than normal


Pair Networks Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Package 1 15 GB 74.96 GB Unlimited $5.95 8.5 Details
Package 2 30 GB 150.02 GB Unlimited $9.95 8.5 Details
Package 3 60 GB 300.03 GB Unlimited $17.95 10 Details
Package 4 80 GB 399.97 GB Unlimited $29.95 8.5 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS-1 60 GB 4 cores 4 GB $79.95 8.5 Details
VPS-2 100 GB 4 cores 6 GB $129.95 8.5 Details
VPS-3 200 GB 4 cores 8 GB $179.95 8.5 Details
VPS-4 300 GB 4 cores 10 GB $229.95 8.5 Details

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