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Karl Schmitt

Pinned Review

Karl Schmitt,
I have been very satisfied for years. E-mails are answered quickly. No failures. Good connection to the Internet.

Very recommendable!
BARIS CELIK from Turkey,

Worst hosting company of decade

Hello Guys,
I can list of many reasons to stay away from this company.
1) Totally illegal financially:
Due to their illegal activity in financing procedure, I had to contact sub-department of "German Federal Ministry of Finance...Read More" ( abbreviated as BMF ). They charge VAT to non-EU members but after your payment, they do not indicate VAT in submitted invoice. Do not feed this gangstas with your money.
2) There is no way to cancel your service:
I signed up to their website and checked out a dedicated server with one month subs. I did not choose annual subscription, that's why monthly price was a bit higher. Before the end of three months period, I informed them that I did not need this service and thanked them.
What happened next?
They asked extra money in addition to given price in their website. In case you do not agree with their price, they threaten you by forwarding your documents to finance companies which has no sense for me. If they wish, they are welcome to Algeria.
They can't answer me when I ask why I should pay for a service which I had not bought.
3) Far away from basic technologies:
Imagine a hosting company which has been pronounced as "the best by some other commentors" has no credit card payment gateway
4) Configuration of your service is an illusion:
I have been over 15years in the market and I am able to manage some performance tests after buying a vps or a dedié and I did the same process after check out the shopping cart in Netcup's page. The weird thing is that what they promise and what you get are not the same. When you check out the memory of dedié, it shows 64GB ram in command prompt but if you wish to check the real ram performance, it was not going above 40% of guaranteed ram in a virgin server.
Dedicated traffic premised by Netcup was 1gbps but it was around 300Mbps during the test. Seems like dedicated server is not a real dedicated server and we had noisy neighbors.
If I were you, I would have been keep away from Netcup. Because I do it that way.
Very Disappointed
Very Disappointed from United Kingdom,

Worst company ever - do not touch with a bargepole!

TLDR; Pick someone else as your hosting provider and heed all the other negative reviews about this organisation. Learn from my own mistake and thoroughly do your homework. If what they offer sounds too good to be true, you can be...Read Moret that it is. Avoid doing business with netcup under any circumstances, no exceptions.

netcup came to me recommended as a company with excellent hosting and service. They have massively fallen short of that promise and have been an absolute nightmare to deal with. If you plan to chose them for your hosting needs, be prepared to spend an inordinate amount of time fighting about spurious charges, quibbling over semantics and waiting for delayed responses from their support team. That said, expect correspondence from them when you owe them money: your head will absolutely spin with the speed with which their email hits your inbox!

Hosting-wise the performance of their servers is reasonable but not the best that I've seen. For the most part, I've found it to be reliable although I've had lots of unresolved issues with other ISPs blocking mail originating from the netcup hosted server IP address range. And despite assurances to the contrary, this issue has never been adequately resolved by the netcup team, which is a nuisance and paints you in a very unprofessional light when you are a reseller and your own customers cannot send mail without it bouncing. If you need reliable email, route your email through a third-party.

Generally speaking, their service team is friendly although the only avenue available for support is email or calling their German support number. They do not offer a ticketing system like many of their competitors do, and email threads get very colvoluted with multiple agents providing support in varying levels of comprehendible English.

Expect most of their documentation to hit your desk in German - despite repeated requests to provide it in English. For the most part, however, Google Translate is your friend if you're prepared to put up with running everything through a translation service.

One of the biggest and most costly annoyances - and perhaps where they make up their margins on their low-cost hosting - is that payments can only be effected via a direct bank transfer or via Paypal. The former almost always results in some or other issue for which you will be charged. If you challenge or otherwise do not pay the unfair charges, expect threats of being handed over to one or collection agency. Based on other reviews, I have no doubt that they make good on their threats.

One final point and it's not something that I've ever had to deal with for any other hosting service I've purchased: if you plan to cancel any of their hosting services, be prepared to pay for a further two months. Netcup requires one full month notice and no matter how you spin this, it works out to two additional payments.
Phil Drazes
Phil Drazes from Germany,

Big Expectations that got totally destroyed

A company with very bad customer service. Hard to understand the layout and not very beginner/advanced friendly. Not really trusting the storage system with WordPress, it seems to be filled multiplied by three. Very focused on get...Read Moreting the contract and the money and forgetting about you afterwards. Don't let yourself be trapped by the great support before signing the contract, it vanishes afterwards. I would never recommend this hosting platform to anyone. Which is sad because the price would have been great.Less
Paco Cleto
Paco Cleto from Switzerland,

Avoid! -- headsup German Provider Policies

They started to have critical IPv6 issues, I had to cancel my all paid in advance services because of this but unfortunately, they took it in a very bad way by suspending all my services and indeed claiming for suspensions fees.
...Read More
I agree with other posts, this company follows very unethically/intimidation practices like sending debt collectors for something that indeed is already paid.
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey from United Kingdom,

Will send you to a debt collector without warning


Had a VPS with them, it's crazy it's 2020 and they can't auto charge your card or Paypal account like any other hosting company.

Had forgetten to pay this months invoice (June 2020) and 18 days ...Read Moreafter sending the invoice I had a call with the debt collector call me.

Tried to call Netcup and the woman just hung up when I asked her if we owed them any money.

Paco Cleto
Paco Cleto,
Same here, even after paying in advance
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner from Switzerland,

Attention, I warned you!

Please check the other reviews too as they had the same issues! Very, very nasty company! I canceled the contract but they never sent out a confirmation (on purpose?). At the end of the quarter the just mailed me the next invoice ...Read Moreand told me that they're going to enforce it if I don't pay. If you ask me not a very sustainable business model.Less
Luka Gregorcic
Luka Gregorcic from Slovenia,

One of the worst hosting providers :D

one of the worst hosting providers i've ever had :D i mean support and everything is fast but they dont fix anything i had issues with internet and stuff and they said everything was on even tho it wasnt. Then i did speed test and...Read More that was a result https://www.speedtest.net/result/9179722905.png price is good but servers they have are trash...Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

German Hosting since 2008

Netcup has been in business since 2008 offering a variety of different web services.  They currently have about 24,000 customers from around the world.  They operate out of a datacenter located in Nuremberg, Germany, which has multiple layers of redundancy for power and network connections.  This helps to ensure your services are always available.  In addition to hosting you can get other services like DDoS protection, domain name registration, SSL certificates and more.

They offer ‘root’ hosting, which is essentially a VPS.  In addition, they have managed and umanaged servers, colocation services and more.  Their site is fairly simplistic.  When you translate it into English it can be a little hard to read in some areas, but overall they have done a good job.  If you’re looking for hosting in Germany, this is not a bad option to consider.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

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  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Hosting is Quite Stable

Looking at the data center configuration as well as the great hardware they use for their hosting, there is no reason to think you would ever run into any type of downtime.  They don’t seem to have an uptime guarantee that I could find, but I also couldn’t find any users complaining about downtime or other issues, so the chances are everyone will have an excellent experience.


Good Quality Hosting Features

When browsing through the different hosting packages you will see that they have all the features listed clearly so you can see exactly what you are getting.  For their root server options you will get an Intel CPU core, 2-24 gigs of RAM, 40-640 gigs of SATA disk space along with optional solid state drives for most of the packages.

If you need something more powerful you can upgrade to their dedicated servers or even colocation services.  The dedicated servers are HP branded hardware with custom configuration to help ensure you are getting exactly what you need.  They have done a great job at selecting high quality servers that are still affordable for most people.


Friendly Tech Support

The tech support is easy to get in touch with by submitting an email, a ticket or giving them a call on the phone.  They are available 24/7 to address any type of issue you might be having.  Their site doesn’t have very much informational or educational information on it so if you want to learn something, you will need to go to another page.


Reasonable Price Points

The pricing is all quite reasonable no matter what package you choose.  The VPS solutions actually have a couple options that are great deals for people who just need shared hosting but want the extra control of a VPS.  If you move up to the dedicated servers they make you click to an extra page to see the price, which is a little annoying, but not a huge deal.  Overall, the prices are right where they should be for what you are getting.

User Friendly

Friendly Company with Some Issues

Their site is easy to use, but they occasionally add in extra steps that shouldn’t be there to get what you want.  In addition, their English translation of their site really isn’t that great.  You can certainly get their meaning, but it would be nice if they had it written more clearly.  Should you have to talk to their sales or tech team you will have no issues getting what you need.


Good German Hosting

For those who are targeting a German or European audience, this is a good hosting company to consider.  They have a lot to offer at a reasonable price and overall there are only some very small things to complain about.


  • Quality Hardware
  • Excellent Data Center


  • English version of site has some trouble
  • No real shared hosting

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