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A few words from Absolute Hosting

Absolute Hosting specialize in hosting only, and its our core focus. We own our infrastructure and are passionate about building smart hosting solutions for end users, SME's and Resellers.

We provide 99% up time web hosting to the South African market
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Money Back: Anytime

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.34 - $3.33
VPS $5.38 - $92.49
Resellers $6.47 - $12.93

Data Centers

Tobie Esterhuyzen

Pinned Review

Tobie Esterhuyzen,
We migrated our website to Absolute Hosting because of the competitive pricing. After an initial hitch the staff was very helpful and got the website up and running quickly. Thanks in particular to Kyle B for going the extra mile to assist us. Great job!


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AJ Eldon


We were exploring moving to a new hosting provider specifically for the purpose of optimised WordPress hosting at an affordable price as our previous hosting provider, although offering really decent support, prices and hosting, c...Read Moreould not assist us in improving our Google PageSpeed Insights results which always gave the feedback of needing to improve the server response time for our website, despite the actual powerful optimisation plugins being used on our website.

Boy oh boy are we glad we discovered Absolute Hosting! From the moment we migrated our website hosting to their WordPress optimised hosting service our website page loading speed went through the roof and Google PageSpeed Insights is loving it - especially with the recent roll out of Google's Core Web Vitals! It must be mentioned that we subscribed to their boosted WordPress optimised hosting service and we highly recommend you spend that little bit extra (which is still very affordable) if you want to give your website, or your clients' websites, amazing results with Google PageSpeed Insights - it's so worth it and you won't be disappointed.

As for the customer support we cannot speak highly enough of the incredible and prompt support team who have been assisting us from even before we decided to sign up as a hosting client and were making initial inquiries. We don't subscribe to their premium support service - which we have seen been criticised quite harshly in some reviews shouting at them that their premium support service is some kind of cheeky money making practice - our support experience with the support team has honestly left us wondering why on earth would we need to subscribe to their premium support service because their "standard" support service has been exceptional - we always receive same day replies and solutions to anything we request support for. It's also important to mention that we are not tech educated people and the Absolute Hosting support team have always been happy to jump in and assist us to sort out any technical challenges we have faced with regard to the 'backend' of hosting and website services where tech savvy pros really know what's going on - this is invaluable to us because we can just enjoy focussing on building and designing WordPress websites knowing that the Absolute Hosting support team are always ready and willing to dive in and sort out any technical challenges we may come across with an efficient and friendly spirit.

Over the last few weeks since joining Absolute Hosting we have enjoyed speedy, friendly and patient support from Rhio G, Kyle B & Jade B - they are our soopa heros! Thanks to our experience with you guys we will be moving all of our other websites and domains to your services moving forward.

Sign up to Absolute Hosting if you are looking for amazing and affordable website hosting with the added bonus of an exceptional support team - it will be one of the best decisions you ever make for your website performance and your peace of mind knowing that the support team are always just one click away from sorting out any challenges you might face. Oh yes - and your wallet will love you too - you get a heck of a lot of bang for your buck with Absolute Hosting!

PS. This is not a paid review and we are in no way associated with Absolute Hosting except as a new hosting client. We felt it was only fair that we made as much effort writing our review as they have made supporting us!
Nick le Roux
Nick le Roux from South Africa,

Stay far away

They post positive reviews to get people to sign up with them then they take all your money and run away stay clear you going to regret it. Worst thing of all of this the owner is so arrogant also.
Absolute Hosting
Absolute Hosting,
Thank you for taking the time to post a review Nick, how ever we have no record of Nick le Roux being a client.

To add to this, we do not post positive reviews in order to entice people to sign up. All reviews are posted by real clients unlike this review which we will be flagging as abuse.
Barry Meyer
Barry Meyer from South Africa,

Excellent Service

I have been with a good number of hosting providers/fascilitators in South Africa and NOT ONE comes close to the attention to detail as Absolute Hosting does. Their service, support, products are all top notch but it is their STAF...Read MoreF that really make the difference. They're clued up, friendly, helpful and go the extra mile without even thinking about it. ALWAYS a great experience. Kudos to you ALL!!Less

Absolute Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
DIRECTADMIN SSD SILVER 150.02 MB Unlimited Direct Admin 1 $0.34 8.7 Details
DIRECTADMIN SSD PALLADIUM 749.98 MB Unlimited Direct Admin 5 $1.23 10 Details
DIRECTADMIN SSD OSMIUM 2 GB Unlimited Direct Admin 5 $3.06 10 Details
WINDOWS SSD SILVER 153.6 MB Unlimited 1 $0.61 8.7 Details
WINDOWS SSD PALLADIUM 768 MB Unlimited 5 $1.29 8.7 Details
WINDOWS SSD OSMIUM 2 GB Unlimited 5 $3.33 6.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
EPYC VPS Silver 20 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 1 GB $5.38 10 Details
EPYC VPS Palladium 50 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 2 GB $10.82 8.7 Details
EPYC VPS Osmium 100 GB 4 x 2.20GHz 3 GB $16.27 8.7 Details
EPYC VPS Iridium 200 GB 6 x 2.20GHz 6 GB $27.16 8.7 Details
EPYC VPS Ruthenium 400 GB 8 x 2.20GHz 8 GB $38.05 8.7 Details
EPYC VPS Gold 400 GB 12 x 2.20GHz 16 GB $65.27 8.7 Details
EPYC VPS Platinum 500 GB 20 x 2.20GHz 32 GB $92.49 8.7 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
DIRECTADMIN SSD RESELLER SILVER 1 GB Unlimited Direct Admin $6.47 9.6 Details
DIRECTADMIN SSD RESELLER PALLADIUM 2 GB Unlimited Direct Admin $9.87 10 Details
DIRECTADMIN SSD RESELLER OSMIUM 5.5 GB Unlimited Direct Admin $12.59 8.0 Details
WINDOWS SSD RESELLER SILVER 1 GB Unlimited $6.74 8.7 Details
WINDOWS SSD RESELLER PALLADIUM 2 GB Unlimited $10.21 8.7 Details
WINDOWS SSD RESELLER OSMIUM 5.5 GB Unlimited $12.93 8.7 Details

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