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Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

Wix Vs. WordPress: Which One Is Better?Wix Vs. WordPress: Which One Is Better?

WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites, but it is by no means the only option available. Wix has pushed hard on their marketing efforts and has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. While both offer website building services, there is quite a difference between Wix and WordPress. Here is what you need to know, and which one is better.

Wix Vs. WordPress: Cost

When you are building your website, one thing you likely will consider is the cost of the platform. Making a site can be expensive, and if the budget is on your mind, both Wix and WordPress are good options.

Wix offers a basic website builder at no cost. But since it is free, there are a few downsides including Wix-branded advertisements on your website. You also can’t customize your domain name for your site. Instead, it will be branded as username.wix.com/siteaddress. The free version also does not offer some essential add-ons, like Google Analytics, eCommerce, and more. If you want to get access to these benefits, as well as brand your URL, you must upgrade to a plan, which starts at $13 a month.

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

WordPress uses open source software, making it free to use for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you can start a website for free; you will still need your own domain name and web hosting provider to power it. Many WordPress hosting providers offer services targeted towards WordPress users. You can often find a host for just a couple of dollars a month, depending on your needs.

WordPress offers thousands of free, open source plugins and themes that you utilize to help reduce the costs. Or, you can choose to update to the premium versions.

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

WordPress compared to Wix offers more flexible plans that you can completely customize to fit your needs. The cost of WordPress varies on how much resources you need each month.

Wix Vs. WordPress: Design Options

The layout and design you choose for your site helps to make it look more professional.

Wix delivers more than 500+ pre-made templates that are all fully responsive. All the templates are customizable, allowing you to change the layout and rearrange the design elements where you want them. Some of the design categories offered include business, eCommerce, arts & crafts, personal, and hobbies. One disadvantage to Wix templates is you can’t change it once you've picked it. You can only customize or modify it, but you can’t switch to a new template.

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

WordPress has thousands of paid and free themes. While the free themes do offer limited support, usually they have already undergone a strict review process. Paid themes will offer more features and have better support options. You can find WordPress themes for every type of websites, from small personal sites to eCommerce sites.

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

Both Wix and WordPress offer beautiful themes and templates, but WordPress offers more options. They can also switch themes more efficiently without any restrictions.

Wix Vs. WordPress For Blogging

Many people need an easy to use platform for blogging and will be deciding between Wix or WordPress. Both of these platforms can be used to create blogs, and which one you choose depends on your needs.

Wix allows you to create a blog section to your site and has the basic blogging features you might need like categories, tags, photos, videos, archives, and more. However, there are several features it lacks like featured images, backdating posts, scheduling posts, and more. It is also more limited in the formatted options available.

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

When you think of WordPress, you likely think of a blogging platform. It has now evolved into a website builder, but WordPress hasn’t forgotten its roots. It uses the Gutenberg block editor, which helps you to create well-designed layouts, and you can integrate plugins to help optimize your posts for SEO.

Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better?

Wix can’t compare to WordPress in terms of a blogging platform. Wix blogs aren’t sophisticated enough and are missing several key features. If you want to create a blog, then WordPress will likely be a better option for you.

Does Wix Use WordPress?

Though Wix and WordPress are separate platforms, there has been some drama between the two platforms. Back in 2016, Matt Mullenweg, the co-creator of WordPress, published a blog post that accused Wix of stealing WordPress’ open source code for their mobile application.

However, while there is some overlap in the target audiences, there is no clear resolution in the accusation that Wix has used code from WordPress illegally. As the services offered start to evolve, it is clear that these two companies will continue to do battle.

Wix Or WordPress: Which One is Better?

Wix compared to WordPress often can’t compete. WordPress is a superior web publishing platform for most types of websites, especially for blogs. Wix does offer an easy to use website builder; overall you can achieve more with WordPress.