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A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting: Reviews By Customers & Web Hosting Experts

The quality of your web host has a direct impact on your site’s performance. So, before you spend your money on a host, you should do your research. Today, I’m here to do it for you!

Starting in 2001, A2 Hosting is one of the oldest providers around, and they have a lot to offer. The provider has comprehensive and high-powered hosting plans that suit everyone, from simple blog owners to the most advanced corporate sites. They offer standard shared hosting plans, shared and managed WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, reseller hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. In addition, if you plan to sell products on your website, A2 Hosting provides e-commerce hosting.

I decided to put A2 Hosting to the test and see if the plans they offer are as great as they seem. If you need a web hosting provider that will maintain your WordPress site, back it up, and keep it secure, this review will be of your benefit.

For more info on A2 Hosting check out our Full Expert Review

The research questions for the day are, are the A2 Hosting’s WordPress plans easy to use, and is their customer support responsive and helpful? There are plenty of excellent WordPress hosting providers out there, so what sets A2 Hosting apart from the rest? Let’s go ahead and find out!

screenshot of wordpress hosting

A2 Hosting
$2.99 /mo
Starting price
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Rating based on expert review
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Getting Started with A2 Hosting WordPress Plans

A2 Hosting offers various WordPress hosting plans, and you will probably find something that will suit your and your business’s needs. All of the plans that A2 Hosting offers can be purchased monthly, yearly, or for 36 months.

Tip: Bear in mind that purchasing a three-year plan is cheaper than the yearly or monthly one.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress plans


One type of WordPress hosting that A2 Hosting offers is managed WordPress hosting plans. The Managed WordPress plans have advanced security features like KernelCare, HackScan Protection, and Reinforced DDoS Protection. In addition to these features, the plans come with various enhanced security features to keep your WordPress website secure.

A2 Hosting offers four managed WordPress hosting plans: Run, Jump, Fly, and Sell. With all these plans, you will get optimized WordPress features: pre-optimized performance, pre-configured security, 24/7/365 WordPress support, 99.9% uptime commitment, money-back guarantee, SEO tools, WP-CLI, free email address, and easy domain registration.

With the plans, you will also get Deluxe WordPress features: smart updates, easy site cloning, easy site staging, 1-click site hardening, mass hardening, mass updates, security rollback, and plugin and theme set management.

The A2 Hosting Run WordPress hosting plan is easy, fast, and affordable. If you purchase this plan, you will get one WordPress website, 50 GB NVMe storage, free SSL certificate, turbo (up to 20x faster), optimized speed and security, free expert site migration, onsite backups, Jetpack security feature that is pre-installed, and easy staging and cloning.

The Jump WordPress hosting plan provides easy management for your sites. With the plan, you will get five WordPress websites, 250 GB NVMe storage, free SSL certificate, turbo (up to 20x faster), optimized speed and security, free expert site migration, on and offsite premium backups, Jetpack daily backup license, and easy staging and cloning.

The Fly WordPress hosting plan will provide fast Hosting for all of your sites. With the purchase of this plan, you will get unlimited WordPress websites, unlimited NVMe storage, free SSL certificate, turbo (up to 20x faster), optimized speed and security, free expert site migration, on and offsite premium backups, Jetpack security daily license, and easy staging and cloning.

The Sell WordPress hosting plan will get you WooCommerce and eCommerce ready. This plan provides unlimited WordPress websites, NVMe storage, free premium rapid SSL, turbo (up to 20x faster), optimized speed and security, free expert site migration, on and offsite premium backups, Jetpack security daily license, easy staging and cloning, and traffic surge protection.

The other set of WordPress plans that A2 Hosting offers are shared WordPress hosting plans. Each server for the Shared Web Hosting plans is optimized for speed and limited to how many clients can operate on each server. These features make a powerful combination of resources, performance enhancements, and limited occupancy, which means that you will get an industry-leading web hosting experience, with 20X faster page load times, at a low cost.

A2 Hosting offers four WordPress shared hosting plans: Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max.

With each of these plans, you get some key features such as unlimited email accounts, unlimited transfer, 24/7/365 phone, live chat and email support, easy cPanel control panel, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, free website builder, website staging, and choice of data center location.


screenshot of shared web hosting plans


The Startup WordPress plan is excellent for starting a single site. With this plan, you will get one website, 100 GB SSD storage, free and easy site migration, and a money-back guarantee.

The Drive WordPress plan provides 2x more resources, and you can start more websites. If you purchase this plan, you will get unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, free and easy site migration, free automatic backups, and a money-back guarantee. With this plan, you also get additional growth features: 2x resources, unlimited websites, accessible server rewind, data backup protection, performance plus traffic spike protection option, unlimited databases, and unlimited email accounts.

The Turbo Boost WordPress plan offers turbo services and more power. With this plan, you will get unlimited websites, unlimited NVMe storage, free and easy site migration, free automatic backups, a turbo (up to 20X faster), and a money-back guarantee. In addition to the key and growth features, this plan has turbo features: up to 20X faster page loading, improved conversion rates, higher SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, it can handle up to 9X more traffic, up to 40% faster and EPYC CPU performance, up to 2X faster to first byte, NVMe drive- up to 3X faster read/write speed, LiteSpeed speed enhanced web server, and turbo cache and APC/opcache.

The Turbo Max WordPress plan is the fastest shared plan that A2 Hosting offers. It has the same features like the Turbo Boost WordPress plan, with 5X more resources.

So, I purchased a plan and the cheapest option of them all, and in this case, that will be the monthly option for the Startup Shared WordPress Hosting Plan. So, I just went ahead and clicked on Buy.

When you click on the Get Startup tab, you will see the following screen.

screenshot of setting up hosting plan


Here, you can use your domain,  transfer an already existing domain to A2 Hosting, register a new domain, or use a temporary domain from A2 Hosting. And once you fill in your domain, it will take you to the configuration page on which you will have to decide about several add-ons.

On the configuration page, configure your desired options, check the hosting plan, and select the duration for the plan you want to purchase. You can also upgrade your hosting plan with a few add-ons for enhanced security and upgrade to host unlimited sites, databases, and email accounts. Additionally, you can set your server location and select a data center closer to your visitors for maximum speed, add a dedicated IP, add an A2 Hosting website builder choose an Auto-Install application.

Note: If you build a one-page site, the builder is free-of-charge. However, for everything above that, you’ll need to pay extra cash.

After selecting the details for your Hosting, you will get your subtotal. Now, you can go ahead and continue to Checkout.


screenshot of web hosting checkout


On Checkout, you can once more review your order before you buy it. And when you are ready, click on Checkout to purchase your plan.


screenshot of web hosting checkout


Once you check out, you need to register an account.

First, you need to fill in your personal information, first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Then your billing address, company name (optional), street address, street address 2, city, postcode, select your country, and Vat number (optional).


screenshot of A2 hosting registeredscreenshot of A2 hosting registered


You also have additional options to fill in, such as a GSTIN number. Then you need to fill in information for your account security, a password, and a security question and answer.

Next, you can see the payment details and the amount you need to pay. You have a few options for payment. You can pay via credit card, PayPal, skrill, check or money order, and bank wire transfer.

If you choose to pay by credit card, you must enter your card information, such as credit card number and expiry date. You can also join the mailing list to receive occasional news, information, and special offers by email. You can unsubscribe at any time.


screenshot of A2 hosting paymentscreenshot of A2 hosting payment

After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation. And now that you’ve created your account, A2 Hosting will send you an email with your receipt.


screenshot of A2 hosting order confirmation

A2 Hosting
$2.99 /mo
Starting price
Visit A2 Hosting
Rating based on expert review
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Setting Up An A2 Hosting WordPress Plan

After completing your purchase, you will access your account. Here, you will see your home page.


screenshot of A2 hosting homepage


On the Home page, you can see the information about your account and your existing contacts, add new ones, and access shortcuts. You can access any services you’ve purchased, domains, tickets, and invoices. In addition, you can register new domains, open support tickets, search any questions in their knowledge base, leave a suggestion and look at any news that A2 Hosting has.

At the top of your page, next to the Home tab, you can access the Services, Domains, Billing, Open Ticket, and Account tabs.

If you open the Service tab, you can access your services, order new ones, and view any available add-ons.


screenshot of A2 hosting services


You can view your active, pending, suspended, terminated, canceled, and under review services in the My Services section. From this section, you have quick access to placing a new order and view any available add-ons.

In the section with your services, you can see the plan you purchased, and you would have to wait for some time for your purchase to become active.


screenshot of A2 hosting plans


With the Order New Services tab, you have various categories of hosting services, dedicated servers, product add-ons, support requests, SSL Certificates, and additional services that you can choose.


screenshot of A2 hosting domains


In the Domains section, you can access your active and expired domains. You can also renew a domain, register a new one, and transfer an existing one.


screenshot of A2 hosting invoices


In the Billing section, you can view your invoices, the paid, unpaid, canceled, and refunded ones.


screenshot of A2 hosting quotes


You can see any quotes A2 Hosting has generated, delivered, and approved for you.

Next, in the Billing section, you can manage your credit card and payment methods. You can add a new credit card, access your contacts and sub-accounts, change your password, security settings, and email history.


screenshot of A2 hosting payment methods


And if you have purchased a plan with a PayPal account, you have access to manage it too. You can see any paid, unpaid, canceled, and refunded purchase made through PayPal.


screenshot of A2 hosting paypal billing


Next is the Support section. Here, you get access to support tickets, migration tickets, A2’s knowledge base, notification center, and A2 Hosting’s blog.


screenshot of A2 hosting support ticketsscreenshot of A2 hosting migration tickets


Then you have a section where you can open a ticket if you have any questions or encounter any problems, whether it be technical assistance, adding new services, billing, or transferring your site to A2 Hosting.


screenshot of A2 hosting client area


And lastly, you can access the Account section.

screenshot of A2 hosting account section


In the Account section, you can edit your account details, manage your credit card, access contact, and sun-accounts, have developer access, access to your email history, and you can change your password.

And now, back to the purchased services section. Now that the purchased plan is active, you can go ahead and start building your new website.


screenshot of A2 hosting services


First, you need to click on the manage tab and see the following screen.


screenshot of A2 hosting testting clubscreenshot of A2 hosting quick shortcuts


First, you have your connection details, Website URL, Site Administration (cPanel) URL, Nameservers, SSH Port, Hostname, Username, Password, Webmail URL, Incoming Email Server, and Outgoing Email Server. Then you can see your package and domain, and you have quick access to Email Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders, File Manager, Backup, Subdomains, Add-on Domains, Cron Jobs, MySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin, and Awstats.

Then you can create an Email account with your domain, and you have an overview of your billing and any customization of your Hosting.

In addition, on the side of the screen, you can access your cPanel, Webmail, change the password of the cPanel, and request cancellation.

Accessing your cPanel, you can create a new email account or create your website to see your general information and statistics.


screenshot of A2 hosting cPanelscreenshot of A2 hosting cPanel


You also have access to Email, Softaculous apps installer, Files, Databases, Domains, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced, and Preferences.

In the Email section, you have access to Email Accounts, Forwarders, Email Routing, Autoresponders, Mailing Lists, Global Email Filters, Email Filters, Email Deliverability, Spam Filters, Encryptions, Calendars and Contacts, and Email Disk Usage.


screenshot of A2 hosting email


Next is the Softaculous apps installer. In this section, you have access to scripts like WordPress A2 Optimized, WooCommerce, WP ToastMasters, Matoma, Joomla, and others, and categories such as Blogs, Portals/CMS, Forums, Image Galleries, Wikis, Social Networking, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Mails, E-Commerce and many more.


screenshot of A2 hosting installer


Then follows the Files section. In this section, you can access File Manager, Images, Directory Privacy, Disk Usage, Web Disk, FTP Accounts, Backup, Backup Wizard, Git Version Control.


screenshot of A2 hosting files


Next, in the Databases section and here, you have access to PHPMYAdmin, MySQL Databases, MySQL Databases Wizard, Remote MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases, PostgreSQL Databases Wizard, and PHPMyAdmin.


screenshot of A2 hosting databases


Following is the Domains section where you get access to WordPress Toolkit, Site Publisher, Domains, Add-on Domains, SubDomains, Aliases, Redirects, Zone Editor, and Dynamic DNS.


screenshot of A2 hosting domains


In the Metrics section, you get an overview of your Visitors, Errors, Bandwidth, Raw Access, Awstats, Analog Stats, Webalizer, Webalizer FTP, Metrics Editor, and Resource Usage.


screenshot of A2 hosting metrics


The following section is the Security section. Here, you have SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, Two-Factor Authentication, and Imunify360.


screenshot of A2 hosting security


In the Software section, you have access to WordPress Manager by Softaculous, Perl Modules, Optimize Website, Application Manager, Dropmysite, A2 Website Builder, Setup Node.js App, Select PHP Version, Setup Python App, and Setup Ruby App.


screenshot of A2 hosting software


Next is the Advanced section that gives you access to Terminal, Cron Jobs, Track DNS, Indexes, Error Pages, Apache Handlers, MIME Types, and Virus Scanner.


screenshot of A2 hosting protection


And the last section is the Preferences, which gives you access to Password and Security, Change Language, Change Style, Contact Information, and User Manager.


screenshot of A2 hosting preferences


And now, you can build your WordPress website.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


When you click on the Build a Website tab, you will see the following screen. Here you should install WordPress, and the installation will be done in only a few minutes.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


You can choose between some installation options from General, Database, and Automatic Update Settings to install WordPress.

In the General section, you can choose your Installation path, Website title, Plugin/ theme set, Website language, Version, Username, Password, and Email.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


You can choose your Database name, table prefix, user name, and user password in the Database section.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


In the Automatic Update Settings section, you can choose whether to update your WordPress, plugins, and themes automatically.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpressscreenshot of A2 hosting wordpress

You can set WordPress up and install additional plugins when the installation is done.

screenshot of A2 hosting wordpressscreenshot of A2 hosting wordpress plugins


You have many plugins and themes options to choose from for installation. And when you are done, you can see your installations, installed plugins, and themes on your home page.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpressscreenshot of A2 hosting wordpressscreenshot of A2 hosting wordpress



In the Installed section, you can see your installed WordPress Website and the Dashboard, Plugins, Themes, and Database. You can see File Manager, Copy Data, Clone, Back-Up/Restore, and Logs on the Dashboard. You can also see the status of your page.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


In the Plugins section, you can see the plugins for your website.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


In the Themes section, you can see the themes installed for your website.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


And in the Database section, you can see your Database information.


screenshot of A2 hosting wordpress


Performance, Speed and Uptime

A2 Hosting offers faster site load times than its competitors by offering free Cloud Flare. It’s also one of the first hosts to offer technology like PHP 5 and SSD hosting, with three times the page loading speeds than standard hosts.

Furthermore, A2 Hosting provides Turbo Servers that will give you twenty times faster page loading speeds, using less CPU and memory, with fewer users on each server. Your WordPress site will be hosted on these next-generation servers with the Turbo Servers. Some of the advantages of their Turbo platform are that these servers can handle nine times more traffic, three times faster in speed, 30% faster CPU performance, and two times faster to the first byte.

Note: A2 Hosting is one of the fastest hosts in the industry, and they deliver a fantastic super-fast page loading speed.

In addition to being super-fast, A2 Hosting is also dependable. A2 Hosting’s uptime, which measures how many interruptions your site had and how much time your website was offline, is pretty impressive with the promise that your site will be up and running 99.9% of the time.

A2 Hosting WordPress Customer Support

If you ever need technical assistance, you want to have the support and guidance of knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful experts that will help you overcome the issues you experience. A2 Hosting has precisely that! If you have never used WordPress or are an experienced user, you can encounter some difficulties. However, A2 Hosting’s customer support can help you with the most basic and advanced information you need.

Being available 24/7/365, A2 Hosting provides global support through live chat, email, or phone.

A2 Hosting also has a knowledge base available for you if you prefer to find an answer yourself or learn something new. The knowledge base contains many support materials and is comprehensive. The materials it contains are easy to follow and understand and come with many screenshots for clarification. In addition to their knowledge base, A2 Hosting has a blog with published guides and walkthroughs divided into three main categories (Website Migration, Quick Guides, and Account  Access and File Uploads).

So, I decided to test out their customer support and opened a ticket. In addition, since I am eligible for a refund, I wanted to see if A2 Hosting will give me back my money like they claim they do.


screenshot of A2 hosting claim


After sending my request for cancellation of my account and asking for a refund, I received an answer within minutes. The support agent was beneficial and gave me a detailed description of canceling my account and what kind of cancelation options they provide. In addition, the agent provided a link to their knowledge base with more detailed information for account cancelation. Also, the agent immediately agreed to give me a refund as soon as my account was canceled.

A2 offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee. So we can confirm that if you decide that A2 Hosting is not the right host for your needs, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your account within 30 days. In addition, A2 offers a prorated refund on the unused services if you cancel your account after 30 days of purchasing the service.

Warning: According to their refund policy, A2 Hosting does not give refunds after 90 days of purchasing the service, which is good to keep in mind when signing up for their more extended plans.

Security and Backups

With A2 Hosting WordPress, your site will perform at the highest level while having various additional security features. Their servers are protected by HackScan, a 24/7-monitoring service that scans for malware and other attacks.

In addition, you will get a pre-configured, A2 Optimized WordPress setup when you sign up. It provides Optimized WordPress results from optimization experts determining the most secure and highest performing setup by testing several configurations.

A2 Hosting will scan your files for viruses and protect you from DDoS and Brute Force attacks. It also offers a firewall and spam filtering for emails, IMAP, POP3, and SMTP support. They also provide a free tool to uncover infected files and quarantine them. A2 Hosting WordPress provides an added layer of security with an SSL Certificate (secure socket layer). You can choose between a basic SSL for free and an Advanced SSL with top-level business protection. The SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that verifies a website’s identity and encrypts data sent between the website and its server. You can also set up a two-factor authentication workflow to access your account, which will secure the login process and protect you against hackers.

Furthermore, A2 Hosting creates automatic backups of your site and keeps a copy of the last seven days. A2 offers a server rewind feature to restore files to a previous version at no cost. However, it is only available with the Drive and Turbo plans.

Specific Features of A2 Hosting WordPress Plans

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting providers available. What separates them from the other WordPress Hosting providers is the ease of use and the features built for speed and performance that improve your page loading times. Here are some features that make A2 Hosting WordPress hosting reliable.

  • Exclusive web servers, up to twenty times faster than other hosts providers
  • Free site migration available with every plan
  • 24/7 Malware Scanning and Monitoring
  • FreeCloudflare CDN
  • Unmetered storage and bandwidth (only available when purchasing the three highest plans)
  • 20x Faster Turbo Server, Driven by TurboDrives
  • Swift Cache that works with TurboCache
  • Correct Precautions in Place
  • Free SSL certification
  • Solid-state drives
  • RAID-10 Storage configuration

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting WordPress

There are various pros and cons to consider when considering a hosting plan. So, here is A2 Hosting WordPress plans advantages and disadvantages, so you know what to expect from them when you purchase a plan.


  • Robust WordPress hosting packages
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Excellent uptime of 99.9%
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service available through phone service and live chat
  • Free SSDs included
  • Speed-optimized WordPress
  • Good money-back refund plan
  • 24/7 Server MonitoringandMalwareScanning
  • FreeSiteMigrations


  • It doesn’t provide a free domain
  • High renewal rates


A2 Hosting provides all the tools that you will need to get your WordPress website built, launched, and thriving. Their servers are designed for easy use and performance. The drag-and-drop site builder makes these setup processes simple and easy for beginners.

With A2 Hosting WordPress plans, WordPress comes pre-installed on your hosting account, which means that you don’t have to do any work and worry about downloading WordPress, uploading it to your server, and configuring it. Instead, you’ll be contacted with your WordPress login information. All you need to do is log in to your WordPress account to begin building your site!

A2 Hosting
$2.99 /mo
Starting price
Visit A2 Hosting
Rating based on expert review
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Even though you might pay some additional fees for hosting and the additional benefits and features, you will get high-quality, premium hosting that has 99.9% uptime, best-in-class speed, free automated backups, free site migration, and genuine 24/7/365 support if you have any issues. Having 24/7 access to customer support and their extensive knowledge base, A2 Hosting will provide the assistance you need to get your site launched and thriving. And if you are not satisfied with A2’s service at any time, you can ask for a refund on the prorated balance of unused time.

If you are looking for excellent speed, great support, and security, A2 Hosting will be an excellent choice for you. Offering the staple elements of any hosting web package, you can’t go wrong in choosing A2 Hosting WordPress as your web host.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is A2 Hosting one of the best WordPress hosting providers?

A2 Hosting WordPress offers fast servers, easy WordPress setup, highly reliable service, and a fantastic expert support team. They will pre-install WordPress for you, so you will not have to worry about downloading and installing any software. Your install will be A2 Optimized which means that it comes pre-configured for the fastest WordPress Hosting page loading speed and the most secure settings. And not only will you get the best versions of both PHP and MySQL/MariaDB, but they also include a free SSL Certificate for your site. These features will make the ideal WordPress web hosting environment. You can also choose which version of WordPress you want to use, including WordPress v455., and 5.6.

Is A2 WordPress Hosting right for my business?

If you are looking for great speed with your hosting plan, then A2 Hosting WordPress is excellent. In addition, A2’s prices for its three-year plan are up to the mark compared to other hosting providers. So, if you are looking for a long-term hosting service, A2 Hosting is a good choice.

Which one is the best A2 Hosting WordPress plan for me?

If you are a beginner, you can start with their base option to get your site up and running. You will get high speed and ease of use. A2 Hosting’s plans are completely scalable and can grow with your site. Furthermore, A2 offers various services that can be seamlessly moved into your site.

How can I get started with A2 Hosting WordPress plans?

If you choose A2 Hosting, getting started with WordPress is straightforward. The only thing you need to do is sign up with a hosting account. You don’t have to worry about downloading WordPress install files and uploading them to your account because WordPress will come pre-installed on your account. Once you complete signing up for your hosting account, you will receive an email telling you where to log in to your WordPress install. Next, you can start to build your content and begin promoting your site.

Can I install WordPress on A2 Hosting plans?

A2 Hosting will provide you with two options. The first option it gives you is to have WordPress auto-installed and configured with your order. Once you have purchased your hosting account, you will receive an email with the login information. And the second option is to use Softaculous 1-click WordPress installer with your cPanel.

Does A2 Hosting offer migration of websites on WP plans?

A2 Hosting WordPress plans include free site migrations. If you use cPanel with your current host, they will transfer your site for free. But, if your current site is not on cPanel, you should contact their support team for website transfer assistance.

Can A2 Hosting handle WordPress websites of all sizes?

Yes, it can. If your website traffic starts growing, A2 will handle your site’s growth with a wide variety of hosting packages that are all geared for speed.

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