Mobile Usage Facts and Figures 2017

Mobile Usage Facts and Figures 2017

Mobile Usage Facts

As we begin 2017, mobile device usage has already grownbeyond anyone’s expectations. Is mobile device usage still growing? If so, how quickly? To what degree do users use mobile devices instead of desktop devices? How is it affecting online shopping?

We have gathered the answers to these and other mobile usage questions for you, such as:

  • How much of Internet traffic is via mobile devices?
  • How much of mobile traffic is watching video?
  • Do users make online purchases from their mobile devices, or is it mainly research?
  • Do mobile users prefer mobile apps or mobile web site via browsers?
  • Where do users go when they are looking for online shopping deals?
  • Are retailers already taking advantage of the trends is mobile usage?


Users Are Watching a Lot of Videos, But Not Buying on Mobile Devices

The rapid move from PCs & laptops to mobile devices has been nothing short of extraordinary. As more and more people start using their phones and tablets as their primary method of accessing the internet, it is absolutely essential for all companies to ensure their websites function perfectly on these devices. There is certainly no sign that the move toward mobile is going to slow down anytime soon, so investing in a mobile friendly website is definitely a good idea.



Regardless of How They Access the Web, Mobile Users are Not Willing to Wait

While having a mobile friendly website is essential, most businesses should also have a high quality mobile app for their customers to use. Mobile apps have far more functionality and options to take advantage of, and users generally prefer them to using the mobile web. Taking the time to develop a great app can have a very positive impact on the overall customer experience. But don’t forget – it must be fast!



Internet Usage With Mobile Devices is Increasing VERY Quickly

It would have been nearly impossible to predict just how popular the mobile web would become even just a decade ago. Today it is obvious that mobile is not only essential today, but is becoming even more so with every passing day. If you’re not targeting customers on their mobile devices, you are missing out on huge opportunities.



We Are Spending a Lot of Time on Our Mobile Devices

Most homes today have one PC in them, but multiple mobile devices. Each person often has a smartphone, a tablet, and possibly even a smartwatch. This means that people have access to the web no matter where they go, 24/7/365. Most people first check their mobile device when they wake up in the morning, and it is the last thing they look at before going to sleep. Many even wake up at night to check their phones, so targeting these devices is absolutely critical.



The Best Coupons and Bargains Are Being Found on Mobile Devices

Using mobile devices to improve sales takes more than just creating a website or app. There are many innovative and creative marketing strategies that can take advantage of the unique technologies and capabilities that mobile devices have to offer. Creating a well-thought out, comprehensive mobile marketing strategy can help to drive sales, bring in new customers, and improve the bottom line of almost any type of business.


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