HostAdvice Speaks to Bhavnish Sharma of VisualWebTechnologies Hosting

HostAdvice Speaks to Bhavnish Sharma of VisualWebTechnologies Hosting

In this Interview, I  had the pleasure to talk with Bhavnish Sharma, the CEO of

, and listen to his exciting success story.

I recommend you to take a few minutes and read it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Can you tell us a little more about how everything started and how you came up with the idea to offer hosting services?

Bhavnish: As I came into this industry I started figuring out that most of my clients are very upset regarding their hosting support lack on that time immediately, I thought that why not I give it try to hosting industry, but due to less knowledge I started searching most of the thing on google and slowly I get the knowledge regarding hosting, servers, domains, reseller hosting, dedicated servers. because at that time many big companies are charging very high rates and not giving the best support to customers. So from 2014, we started


VisualWebTechnologies is a product of highly experienced and visionary professionals in the web hosting industry. The goal of the company is to provide a fast, secure, and reliable web hosting service. By offering premium features at an affordable price, we deliver the best solution to businesses of all budgets around the globe. Right now, we have three types of services:



. All of them are fully managed. So, you don’t have to worry about handling setup, administration, and management. We deal with everything.

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You started your business back in 2014. How challenging was it to start with VisualWebTechnologies? How difficult is it to maintain this business?

Bhavnish: We Believe that challenges are what make a person and business more strong, So back in 2014 when we started

We have faced many challenges such as clients trust is the very main factor for us, as we were new nobody knows us and for that, we started campaigning our business on our own and that helps us a lot, firstly we made our presence in the local market and then we go for the State and international and this is the very key factor which I believe that every new business Should follow. Maintaining I would say when you’ve such a hard working team with you obviously then your workload cuts by many percent but that doesn’t mean that we should rest everything on the team and do nothing. But one thing which I want to add that back in 2019 cPanel increased its prices drastically Depending on the number of licenses, it can reach up to 1000%, which is massive and on that time we stood by our clients as we want to provide them quality services although we suffer we don’t let our client suffer for that.

How would you describe your team, and what are the core values of your business?

 Well companies stand on the back of their team and we are no exception but we are lucky that we’ve such an exceptional team who works so hard day and night to keep the company running, I mean what do I say back in march 2020 when most of the countries lockdown itself due to Coronavirus and in India Which is the largest Democracy in the world That also shuts and our state government imposed Curfew, so that time very big challenge that comes up is that how we are gonna continue our work, as we also working from home but for the team what we did we arranges laptops and internet service so that we gave a reply to each and every client on time Because we all know that client don’t wait they want everything on time which is why our team which is still working from home by the way because we don’t want that they will get affected by this virus because of us. We all are working from home and I am really thankful to our team.

How important is customer satisfaction for VisualWebTechnologies? What do you usually do in terms of that?

Bhavnish: TOP MOST PRIORITY Customer satisfaction is most important for us because we believe once you give the best support and service to a customer he will be with you forever and we’re happy that most of our customer choose us as again as their hosting provider as our services are proper transparent and most importantly we give them the offer to Renew at the exact same cost but that is not it we know that customer gets tones of other hosting provider offers but what makes us unique is 100% customer satisfaction which we provide to our clients which is why our customer chooses us.

What do you think is the most important thing for a hosting provider?

Bhavnish: We all know that change is the key to the future and for that, we always try to be updated all the time as we’re constantly seeing that the trend is shifting to new technology day by day so we’re too and even more we’re focusing on Renewable energy servers, which are going to be the next big thing in the Indian market. We believe that a provider must follow the change in the industry and stay updated. We are happy to announce that just recently we launched 256ips Dedicated servers:   with new technologies and AMD, Intel series and we’re offering India Location too.

It is almost impossible not to ask you about how the COVID-19 crisis affected your business? And, how do you see the pandemic changing the industry in the long term?

Our  Long term plan is to continue strengthening Visual Web position as a top provider in the industry and global platform for hosting. We believe that customer will give you their review and from that, we get knowledge to provide what they wanted.

As India is witnessing more Startups that are coming up our aim is to provide them the best service and support. We believe that this pandemic gives wings to many new start-ups such as New small Restaurants, digital marketers, local guides, bakers. We believe many of those start-ups alike come up and rising in the market. Despite using the highest

plan, the website started to slow down, as it can’t handle the traffic efficiently. Gradually, the situation gets even worse. He had to survive a weekend with his online store completely down. Naturally, a significant portion of his customers started to order from elsewhere. As a result, he lost many regular clients. The reason why this has happened to him and can also happen to anyone on a shared server is simple. It’s hard to scale your resources as quickly as you can with the cloud

. Also, in his case, there were another two e-commerce websites with spiking loads on the same server. That’s how a shared hosting service can kill a booming online business.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Every new business starts with a dream of achieving what they wanted and we are no different either when we started the

back in 2014 our main goal is that one day we will have staff and office but as we have accomplished those, now our goal is to Reach to the data center level provider means no leasing, no contract, everything will be set up by on our own  Means No middle man. Also, We have a plan to manage

build from


infrastructure before the end of 2021. This will enable us to open hundreds of new geographical cloud locations.

Where do you see yourself and your company in the next ten years?

Bhavnish: Well if we talk about

we believe that we should be in Top 5 Provider worldwide in the next 5 years as we know that many markets are still growing and we want to acquire those market too than obviously we must have to be at the top and that can only happen if our clients are with us. But obviously, we don’t want to be only in the hosting line which why in the coming 5 years our main deep focus will be on Selling more

and  as these services are growing rapidly and we want to be the best dedicated server provider.

In the future, we have a plan for creating an in-house development team, which will help our customers by taking care of their websites. There are only a few companies that offer the same solution. We want to join the same league.

You will see more companies entering the web hosting industry in the future. So, the competition is going to be really tough. The only way to survive will be to adapt to the changes quickly, test everything, and deliver the updated solution timely while maintaining high reliability. This is our plan to grow the business.

Can you tell our readers the top 5 reasons why they should choose you instead of the other hosting providers on the market?

Bhavnish: Well I would say they should not come to me first in fact I would say they should do research on all the hosting providers than with what is according to their liking they should go to that provider but I want to add one more thing that what service we provide to our customer I can challenge nobody in the hosting line can offer to the clients such as We are best known for our end to end support, co-operate with client 24/7 helpline numbers we offer. We guide them on how to do migration and we offer 100% genuine C-panel with Nginx Web server, NVMe SSD servers. Nginx is the fastest web server in the world for serving both dynamic and static content. It allows website owners to use the most efficient caching plugins for different platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, for free. It enables your site to load faster. The standard apache setup is well optimized.

We save them from spamming by offering immunify360 hosting and we give them free of cost SSL Certificate with the hosting. As we all know customers being harassed by many such big companies which is why we offer 7 days’ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. NO IF NO BUT if you are not HAPPY with our service to take your money back immediately.

Ensuring the best support service to the customers is our top priority. Our support team consists of professionals with years of experience in the hosting industry. They’re capable of solving all the issues efficiently. The support team is available 24/7/365. So, whenever you face any issue, you’ll always find a helping hand. Also, the team is highly responsive. In Live Chat, you’ll get a response within 1-2 Minutes maximum wait. For tickets, you only need to wait just 30 minutes.

High availability is another important factor. You don’t want to see your website going down and losing customers. VisualWebTechnologies offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is above the industry average. Usually, our servers don’t go down easily. However, if you experience downtime frequently, there’s a great solution. The 99.99% uptime guarantee is included in our Terms of Service. So, if your website goes down frequently, the downtime will be offset with credit cards in your account. Also, if you suffer downtime of more than 1%, you’ll receive the full refund.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the hosting community?

Bhavnish: One of the most important things is that we are a company of innovation and adopting new technology and pushing our every inch to provide the best support to our customers and we are that company who are running on the margin of just 5% but does not stop us from giving you the best service and best Support. We have our own leasing server that means we have full control of our servers no third party has any interference. Having myself there to drive the important things as a company and being able to live that on a daily basis gives us an edge over the bigger and more established hosting companies that don’t have that luxury anymore given their size and ownership.

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