Siteground Cpanel: Some great tips on how to make the most of its features

Siteground Cpanel: Some great tips on how to make the most of its features

SiteGround hosting has a strong reputation for being a reliable host that provides fast page loading speeds with enough resources to power your site. One thing that many SiteGround reviews mention is the user-friendly and responsive cPanel. If you are new to SiteGround hosting or website hosting in general, you might be trying to learn how to navigate your cPanel. Here are a few tips you can use to help use your SiteGround cPanel more efficiently.

What is the SiteGround cPanel?

The SiteGround cPanel has been used for almost two decades. It is used by many different web hosts, including SiteGround hosting, to help users customize their websites. It runs on the Linux operating system and has gained a reputation as being user-friendly, responsive, and well designed. SiteGround reviews often mention that regardless of your skill level, you can quickly understand how to manage every single element of your SiteGround hosting account.

What Can I Do In the SiteGround cPanel?

The cPanel is where you can control just about everything on your SiteGround hosting account. Many SiteGround reviews will talk about how the SiteGround cPanel makes it easy to manage your SiteGround hosting website.

It will allow you to do the following things:

  • Set up emails
  • Install WordPress or other CMS
  • Back up your website and all the files
  • Connect domain names to your SiteGround hosting
  • Check your resource usage
  • Install add-ons to your server
  • Change security settings
  • Create or manage databases
  • Optimize your site

Really, your SiteGround cPanel can help you with nearly everything you need. There is a wide variety of features and customizations that you can find in the cPanel, but luckily, you don’t need to know how to do them all to manage your website without problems. Here at HostAdvice, we have reviewed all of our SiteGround reviews to make sure that we are bringing you the best information possible about how to use your SiteGround cPanel.

How to Log in to Your SiteGround cPanel

For a first time SiteGround hosting user, you might be wondering how to even log in to your cPanel. SiteGround hosting should have sent you your username and password. SiteGround reviews all its new website to make sure you don’t have any problems accessing your SiteGround hosting account.  You will be able to access cPanel from your user profile in the “My Accounts” tab.

More About the SiteGround cPanel Interface

After you have logged in to your SiteGround hosting platform, the cPanel interface appears and looks like this:

SiteGround reviews have been positive of the newest version of cPanel which just came out this year. The new theme is called “Paper Lantern.” If your cPanel does not look like this, you can change the style of your cPanel in the “PREFERENCES “ section, which is normally located near the bottom. Which you have clicked on that section, click on “Change Style.” You can now select which style you want. The choices might include Basic, Dark, Light, and Retro styles.  Select the theme you prefer, click the “Apply” button, and then your SiteGround hosting plan will update your cPanel.

WordPress Hosting: 1-Click Installs

If you are using SiteGround as a way to get WordPress hosting, it is a great option. You will find that SiteGround reviews often mention 1-click installs as a selling point because of how much faster you can create your website thanks to this tool. As you have read in SiteGround reviews, cPanel makes it incredibly easy for WordPress hosting or other server apps because of it’s one-click installation options.

Locate the “SOFTWARE” section in your SiteGround hosting cPanel, then click on “Softaculous Apps” installer. It should look like this:

Don’t be tricked by the name of this software, because it can help you install not only apps but also content management systems like WordPress.

SiteGround reviews its software to ensure that everything is kept up-to-date here. Softaculous has tons of options for you to download. You can find tools for blogs, WordPress hosting, e-commerce, project management, gaming, calendar, and more.

Installing WordPress

Using WordPress hosting is made easy due to Softaculous. Click on the WordPress logo in the Softaculous app and select the “Install” button that appears.

It should look like this:

Softaculous will ask you a few questions including:

  • What version: It’s best to pick the latest available one
  • What protocol: We recommend https:// if it is available, if not, choose http://
  • What domain: This is the domain you are adding to your SiteGround hosting site. You can choose from the drop-domain list.
  • In Directory: You should leave this blank if you want to add WordPress to your domain root. However, if you want to add WordPress as a blog to a site you already have, you can set the directory to something like blog or news.

How to Back Up Your SiteGround Hosting Website

When reading SiteGround reviews, one thing you might take into consideration is the importance of backing up your site. It can be devasting if you have your livelihood on your website and you are relying on your SiteGround hosting plan to back up your website. While SiteGround reviews your site often and some SiteGround hosting plans do provide automatic backups, it is better to know how to do it just in case.

To initiate a backup, find the “Backup Wizard” icon that is located in the “FILES” section of your SiteGround cPanel.

This screen should then appear:

By clicking on the “Back Up” button, it will trigger the backing up progress. You can choose if you want a full backup or just a partial backup. HostAdvice recommends that you back up your entire SiteGround hosting account and save it to another secure location.

SiteGround hosting is one of the top options for powering websites, due in part to the myriad of features that its cPanel offers. If you don’t have a SiteGround hosting plan yet, here are some SiteGround reviews to help you make your decision. Reading SiteGround reviews allows you to make an informed decision. All SiteGround reviews on HostAdvice are 100% authentic, and are from real users, to help you make your decision a bit easier.

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