The Top 20 South African Web Designers Share Their Insights

Before I left Google to build HostAdvice, I was (among other things) regional marketing manager of Google South Africa. Every visit to the country was filled with the feeling that people there enjoy life and loves their country. For me, the presentations I gave in Google Events, were the most enjoyable I had till this very day. All because of the people I met, the laughter I heard and the beauty of the country. I wanted to go back and learn what the state of the internet industry in South Africa is? How well do web designers understand the importance of their web hosting in their business (do they even know where their site is hosted?).

We contacted more than 128 web designers from all over South Africa, most from Gauteng, some from Western Cape and even Eastern Cape and Free State.

Most designers didn't know where their sites are hosted and why is this important at all. We singled out 20 that we felt know their business well.

Once they realized what a great opportunity is offering, we found that designers are passionate about their industry and enjoy talking about their experiences with their hosting companies.

Most designers spent some time talking about the type of support they receive and often it was very positive.

We asked the top 20 South African web designers to recommend a web hosting provider. Here are their choices.

The 20 Web Designers recommendations were 9 Hetzner South Africa, 4 Afrihost, 2 Imaginet and 1 recommendation for Paradigm Solutions, Webafrica , Wolfatek Solutions, and Host Gator.

Web hosting company recommended, and the number of recommendation it got

Hetzner 9
Afrihost 4
imaginet 2
Paradigm Solutions 1 1
Wolfatek Solutions 1 1
Host Gator 1

We asked the top 20 South African web designers to share an insight with our users. Here is what they came up with.


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Ariel Hochstadt
Ariel Hochstadt, Ex-Googler - Where he was Gmail Marketing Manager globally and Regional Marketing Manager of Israel, Greece and South Africa. Hochstadt is the co-founder of HostAdvice.

Ariel is a successful international speaker and he spoke in more than 15 countries for Google and independently as SEO expert.

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"The Top 20 South African Web Designers Share Their Insights"

The Top 20 South African Web Designers Share Their Insights