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Christiaan Engelbrecht

Pinned Review

Christiaan Engelbrecht,
I had a pretty good experience with Afrihost. Some minor headaches but it was worth it.
Read more on my blog hosted with Afrihost.


MICHAEL GERS from South Africa,

Afrihost does not care!

I really thought that Afrihost was a company that cared and delivered a great service. It seems that this is not so!

Since I signed up with Afrihost I have only experienced approximately 5 - 10 % connectivity. For some 6 weeks ...Read Morenow I have been contacting Afihost regarding this dire situation but as I write today I still have the same crisis. Where I live I am one of a number of Afrihost users that experience the same problem - we are all fed up with the ongoing problem that never gets resolved. 

How is one supposed to run one's business, financial and other affairs on this basis?

Every month Afrihost deduct their fee and I am told when I request a refund that my data allocation that is not utilized will be rolled over. But what is the use of this if you cannot connect to the Internet - how does one utilize one's data?  Further to this, as I understand it, the data is only rolled over for a period of 2 months so inevitably given my situation the rolled over data will ultimately be forfeited. 

In my numerous ongoing attempts to resolve the problem I  have also attempted to contact management as it is my sense that the problem can only be addressed at this level - but I have not had any success with this either. I emailed the service manager Damon Ross some time back - still no reply. I then attempted to contact his manager -  received a call from this manager's representative Ktabo and another call from a person called Kwazi who assured me that they would come back to me on the outcome of my request - still waiting for a call!

As I see it, if you are a small guy you do not matter!
Tim Skelton
Tim Skelton


BEWARE OF AFRIHOST. Over the last 6 days I have had the most horrific experience of my life. I signed up with Afrihost on a silver domain hosting package to host my business website. I was assured by your consultant that the proce...Read Moress would be painless and my site would be live within 24 Hours. That was the first lie. Over the following 6 days, while trying to get my site online, which in 12 years has never been off line for a single second, I have typed over 4500 whatsapp messages to your useless support team, held on the telephone for over 6 hours, been lied to, been treated with disrespect, passed from pillar to post and treated like an idiot. In that time you have managed to delete my cpanel with 7 employee email accounts, destroy my online business, this has cost me hundreds of thousands of rands in lost revenue due to not having an available website, driven my anxiety and stress levels through the roof, I have literally not been able to sleep with worry, as you have cut off my only source of income. I have had clients phoning me that had placed orders and now cant see our website thinking I had taken their money and run, I have received a phone call yesterday where someone actually called me a scammer! Afrihost, you are pathetic. Your stall are incompetent and rude. You seriously over promised and under delivered. I AM APPALLED. GIAN VISSER CEO, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. As I write this I still have no website, I still have no emails. This is going to be posted EVERYWHERE!Less
Kim Carelse
Kim Carelse

This is the worse service I have ever received.

So Covid happened and life was hard for everybody in one way or the other. I had to move homes I was lucky enough not to end up on the streets as my sister built for my husband my fur baby and I. We moved in I finally got a job ag...Read Moreain and I decided to install fibre. Since my sisters household uses Afrihost and has for years against my intuition I went with her advise. It Took Afrihost one full month to install the fibre and the add they had up said one week for installation (no apology was received) after numerous phone calls and a full on temper tantrum the technical guy who was subcontracted by Openserve to do the install actually sorted out the problem and explained to me what needed to happen and my fibre was installed the very next day. Now two months down the line they don't execute their debit from my bank and decide to double debit the account this month. When i contacted them all i got for my efforts was a "sorry for the inconvenience caused" which thoroughly pushed up my blood pressure. When I told them I'd like to cancel I was promptly informed of a R999 cancellation fee that I will need to fork out. since I have not been with them for six months yet and also that their money back guarantee is not valid for fibre clients. I am beyond furious because now I am stuck with them for another four months. In my estimation since I am an unhappy customer they can be an unhappy service provider and I will be giving them bad reviews on every site that allows it. This I believe will balance the scales between HORRIBLE customer services and an unsatisfied customer. I think that these big companies need to be reminded that the customer pays their salaries and if they loose enough customers they may end up having to shrink their company size which may re-instill the proper work ethic they seem to have thrown away when they became a big fish in a small pond.Less
LMR Morolo
LMR Morolo from South Africa,

Unacceptable service

My fibre has been down for 9 days and seemingly no one is interested in following up on my query. I have for the nine days called afrihost thrice a day and all I get is how sorry they are for the inconvenience. I requested to spea...Read Morek to supervisors who refuse to take my call. Even wrote an email to the CEO which has gone unanswered. Afrihost really tops the charts in BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. All I want now is a refund.Less
Jack Brophy
Jack Brophy from South Africa,

Afrihost accounts department are clueless

Don't get a fibre connection through Afrihost I have had a Vumatel fibre connection since 2018. My ISP is Afrihost. Initially I had a 5Mbps line which was adequate for my needs. They discontinued this and I was forced to go to a ...Read More10Mbps connection. For most of this time I have had excellent service from Afrihost. On my last account I was suddenly charged R907 from the previous R697. The payment did not go through. I queried the reason for the massive increase and was given the run around without being able to get an answer. R907 is the cost of their 29Mbps offering which I never asked for and do not need. I have refused to pay and they have suspended the service. I have asked the account manager to contact me but this has not happened. I want to cancel the service but cannot until I pay the R907 which is incorrect. I cannot get a new ISP until it is cancelled and they release the line. I have no option but to pay, cancel the contract, get them to release the line so that I can find a new ISP. I am amazed that Afrihost would rather lose a 3 year old customer just to get an extra R210 than correct the account. Don't deal with Afrihost.Less
Ann Broli
Ann Broli from South Africa,

Hosting has utterly crashed - and it has been coming for several months. Utter incompetence!

Once I start I just won't stop: The useless ticket system, the call me back function which they call you back, shut up and hold the line for a few seconds and wait while you go "hallooooooooooooooo!" just so that the system shows ...Read Morethey did react to your ticket, the patronising pats on the head by numberless, clueless call centre agents who have absolutely NO idea, their refusal to escalate, their refusal to escalate, and, yes, their refusal to escalate, followed by a deathly silence. I am moving two reseller accounts TODAY.Less
G Thomas
G Thomas,
we offer local world-class datacenters and hosting services, with dedicated team to support you... we offer test period with no obligation to try our services and support on a pay-per-use no long term contracts. contact us 0716009579
Robin Felton

Very poor service

Last week Friday I migrated from CoolIdeas ISP to Afrihost. I thought I would get a better experience but sadly the laxidaisy attitude that Afrihost and Vumatel has is disappointing. Afrihost has no sense of urgency and relies on ...Read Morea mechanical ticketing system between themselves and vumatel. They would rather create a ticket for every single issue rather than have a conpmete resolution fornthe customer which in turn drags out the issue for days at a time. Very sad. Very sad indeed. Im going to give Afrihost another week. If my line is still not active and my IP mapped correctly im moving to another ISP. Welcome to trashy South African customer service.Less
Herman Heikens
Herman Heikens,
Rating of 3.5 is actually very high!
We offer world-class hosting services at guaranteed competitive prices. you will have dedicated support team, 1 month free subscription with no obligation and no long term contracts. call 0716009579

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