Ecommerce Statistics, Facts, and Figures 2017

internet shopping facts

There is no longer any doubt that the future of shopping in online and that the volume of eCommerce purchases is rising rapidly. As a business owner, there are many important facts and trends that you need to be aware of. Here are a few of these important facts that we have researched for you:

  • How important is online research to potential buyers?
  • How influential are product reviews?
  • Are people shopping from their phones?
  • How important is site speed?
  • Is online shopping only for consumers? Or do businesses also research and purchase online?
  • How many small businesses are selling online? What are their key marketing tools?


Shoppers Research Online Before Buying

Whether you run a traditional brick and mortar shop or an online-only business, you need to make sure you have a major presence on the web.  A growing majority of people are using the Internet to research products before they make a purchase, with many of them actually doing research online while physically in a store!   As more and more people continue to move to smart phones with generous data packages, these numbers are only going to go up!

shoppers research online


Buyers Care About Reviews – But Make Sure They Are Real

Many people make the mistake of thinking that once a sale is made, the job is done.  The fact is, however, that putting in a little extra work (reaching out to customers, following up, etc.) can get existing customers to write honest reviews about your products.  In addition to providing valuable feedback that can be used for product improvement, it will also help to boost your sales in the future.

Of all the different marketing techniques out there, none can compete with real, honest customer reviews.  People trust each other far more than they trust an ad campaign or sales rep, and it is no surprise why.  If you are offering a great product, ask your customers to tell others and write personal reviews!

buyers care about reviews


Online Shopping is Exploding – Even on Mobile Devices

Online selling is just for and the major retailers of the world, right?  WRONG!  Virtually every business, no matter what they are selling, should be selling online.  Even companies that are offering services to local communities should start selling online, which will help to grow their business.  Today’s shoppers are buying more and more online. Whether it is selling something and shipping it or making an online sale for in-person pickup, selling online is essential for every company.

online shopping is exploding


If Your Site Is Slow, People Will Just Leave

There is really on excuse for websites that load slowly these days.  There are endless numbers of web hosting providers, and finding the best ones for your needs is easier than ever.  There are also lots of tools and resources you can use to test your website and see what might be slowing it down.  Slow loading speeds cost businesses huge amounts of money, so make sure you take the time to optimize your site so that your customers don’t get frustrated and abandon your site – even in the middle of placing an order.

slow sites


eCommerce Conversion Rates – Desktops Still in the Lead

If you’re trying to make sales online, getting people to your website is really just half the battle.  Converting those visitors into buyers is as important online as it is in-person.  Giving customers the experience that they want, on whatever device they want it, is going to help you to improve your overall sales.  Creating beautiful, intuitive websites that function properly on all devices is critical to effective online marketing.

conversion rates


We Think the Internet is Slow, Even Though it is Getting Faster

There is no doubt that the global average internet speeds are shooting up each year.  While a decade ago, slow internet could be blamed on the ISPs and customer equipment, that is just not the case anymore.  Whenever a website is slow, people assume it is the fault of the site itself (and they are often right). Slow web hosting companies may be cheap, but they can cost company owners millions in lost business.  Before choosing a hosting company, make sure you do some research to see which one will be the best for your specific needs.  After that, make sure that your web site is appropriately optimized so that visits do not feel it is slow.

internet getting faster


Business Buyers Also Search Online

In most countries today, just about everyone has access to the web in one way or another.  Most of the people with access to the web are using it to help them make smarter choices regarding the businesses they choose to work with.  This is true not just for consumers, but for businesses as well.  Using the web to search for businesses online is now commonplace, and helps people and companies find exactly what they need.

business buyers


Small Businesses Online

While there is no doubt that selling products and services online is the way of the future, many small businesses still aren’t doing it.  They may think that their business is only done in person, so there is no reason to sell online, but nothing could be further from the truth. Using the web properly is critical for small businesses to grow and succeed today and long into the future.

small business


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