Should Webmasters Collaborate With Other Sites?

Collaborating With Site Owners And Companies – What You Should Know Beforehand

When you are taking those first exciting steps and wondering how to build a profitable affiliate website and brand, one of the best ways to market yourself online is through collaborative marketing. For anyone thinking about how to make a successful affiliate marketing website or business, a collaborative approach is essential to increase online awareness in your brand. Otherwise, your site runs the risk of missing out on a host of opportunities that could enhance your search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media campaigns.

Collaborating with well-established brands and websites with a rock-solid online presence is a great way of helping your fledgling website stand out from the crowd; particularly in hyper-competitive markets like affiliate websites. But what is affiliate marketing? This is a performance-based form of marketing whereby sites like yours can gain commission by promoting the goods and services of other brands. Therefore, collaboration is a great chance to put your site and promoted products on the radar of a growing user base.

What Are The Benefits Of Successful Website Collaborations?

When it comes to digital marketing, good collaborations can effectively increase the exposure of both brands or websites two-fold. Each brand or website gets new exposure to the existing user base of the other. Collaborations can even be effective when it comes to online alliances made across different sectors. If you are wondering what kind of website is best for affiliate marketing, cross-sector alliances suggest that it doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you promote if you have something worthwhile sharing. You could be seeking anything from adult website hosting to pet supplies website hosting, so long as you have something worth shouting about.

There are clear examples of brands that have come together with a common interest, for a mutual benefit. Cat food brand Whiskas once paired up with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to help protect the Tigers Alive campaign, based around little cats looking out for bigger cats. Airline, Virgin Atlantic also joined forces with bespoke onesie designer OnePiece to launch an exclusive OnePiece onesie for its Upper Class customers – demonstrating the airline’s commitment to excellence, and simultaneously raising the profile of OnePiece onesies.

Common Types Of Website Collaborations

In terms of website collaborations, most webmasters will work together if the partnership benefits their web traffic or search engine presence in some shape or form. This value is usually generated in the form of link building. Building links back to your affiliate site from other authoritative brands is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of Google’s crawl bots, helping to improve your authority in your specialist field. Collaborative link building can be achieved in the four following ways.

Guest Blogs

If you are a relatively new affiliate site that’s looking to ramp up its web traffic, a blog is a particularly good starting point. First and foremost, we can help make you aware of the most popular blog hosting sites, with detailed blog web hosting reviews that allow you to make a blog hosting comparison at the touch of a button.

Guest Blogs

Once you’ve chosen one of the best blog hosting companies, you can be sure that the content you publish is safe and secure, allowing you to approach other established brands for collaborations. A good starting point is to allow guest bloggers with substantial social media followers, and a solid search engine presence, to offer their expertise on a subject that’s relevant to your affiliate products. This would be in exchange for giving the blogger access to your readership.

Ideally, you will choose niche bloggers that are a good fit with the products or services you are trying to push. Similarly, if you can find websites that will accept niche content written by your own brand, you can seek to publish guest blogs yourself and incorporate a link back to your affiliate site in the article. External links to your brand from authoritative sites also look good in the eyes of Google.

External Links

A quick, low-budget alternative to building links from other authoritative websites and brands, is to offer a like-for-like link exchange. Using this strategy, you work collaboratively with other brands and commit to offering do-follow links to ‘partner’ brands or websites. It can be a time-consuming process seeking out the right brands that are most appropriate to your niche, and ensuring the link placements appear natural to the major search engines, but it’s an effective marketing technique.

Product Reviews

Product or service reviews are another effective way of collaborating with journalists or bloggers within your niche, helping to raise the profile of your brand. These reviews by bloggers are hugely effective at promoting your site to the right demographic. Meanwhile the eventual ‘link juice’ your site receives, from having authority external links pointing back to your brand, is equally beneficial.

Of course, you may also be planning a new website that looks to sell goods or services directly to the end-user. We can point you in the right direction for the best hosting for e-commerce platforms, ranking the best e-commerce hosting companies. At HostAdvice, we are highly regarded for publishing the best e-commerce hosting reviews that help you choose a host that allows you to design, configure, and maintain your products easily.


Last but by no means least, a great way to collaborate with beneficial brands and websites is to work together on creating interesting and engaging pieces of visual content like infographics that encourage discussion and sharing. If you are a relatively young affiliate website, but with some interesting raw data, pairing up with a more established brand could help add gravitas and leverage to your infographic, allowing it to be shared by multiple qualified domains.

Executed properly, website collaborations can cement your website as a credible authority in the eyes of the major search engines. Get it wrong, and work with sites that already have bad link profiles, and your site could be penalized severely – to the point that your search presence is permanently affected. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s a risk worth taking.

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