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Today we are talking with a most interesting company in the hosting industry, Vicetemple. We have the honor to speak with Mr. Dylan Brown, marketing manager, and chief marketing officer. We are eager to hear their exciting story and learn more about their products and services.Vicetemple interview cover image

We did a little research before the interview and we noticed that Vicetemple has been founded in 2016. What is the story behind Vice Temple?

Vicetemple was in the works long before it was officially launched in 2016. We have been casually talking about the possibility of launching a specialized niche hosting company for at least a couple of years before it got anywhere.

All of us have prior work experience in the industry, so we knew what customers expected and we felt like we could provide them with a new service that is as simple and easy to use as possible. After gathering up a team of 12 professionals in all areas of hosting and the adult entertainment industry, we decided to make the leap and launch our company.

It’s very interesting to hear that Vicetemple is specialized in adult web hosting. Why this niche market?

As I mentioned earlier, we all come from a hosting-related background and we had the opportunity to work with clients in a variety of niches. However, it became apparent to us that the adult hosting niche was severely underserved - we saw a gap in the market and found an opportunity for ourselves in it.

One of our founders used to work in customer support with a large hosting provider and he was the first to realize just how hard it was for people to run adult websites. Not only was the legal aspect of it strenuous, but hosting companies often treated customers with porn websites as less worthy than others. The dissatisfied adult website owners became a recurring theme and something of a joke among the support team. Even today, we still hear stories of our clients not receiving proper support because they hosted explicit pictures on their websites.

We realized these people needed help and we decided to do something about it: we pooled our resources, researched all the requirements of our future clients, and started setting up our business.

How did you allocate the need for this kind of service on the market?

Aside from first-hand experience dealing with unhappy adult webmasters, we approached our venture carefully and cautiously. After all, the adult industry is still taboo and being open about it and the type of clients we’re working with could have easily backfired. We knew that our adult-friendly branding would alienate a lot of potential customers, and it definitely lost us some great prospects, but I’m happy to say that we’ve positioned ourselves as one of the biggest adult hosting providers despite the setbacks.

I think we owe our success to the early realization that porn is bigger than most people imagine. In fact, it’s one of the biggest industries in the world - some estimates say that up to a third of all websites could be hosting some type of adult content.

People might not want to talk about it openly, but you cannot deny that it’s an important part of the global economy. In addition, the industry growth indicators are overwhelmingly positive and we predict that the industry will only grow in the future as people start to break down outdated taboos about sex. Popular adult websites such as OnlyFans are also encouraging more people to be open about their sexuality online.

Despite that, the online resources on running and operating an adult website are incredibly scarce, even to this day. If you want to start your own adult websites, you have literally no one to turn to. That’s actually why we also decided to run a dedicated blog with instructional texts for people interested in how the adult industry works and how they can participate in it: https://vicetemple.com/blog/.

What were the main challenges that you faced when the company started?

The main challenge for us was demonstrating to people how we differentiate from regular hosting providers. I’d go ahead and say that’s still one area where we can improve. Since the adult hosting niche is still in its early stages, most clients did not see the need for our service initially - they stuck with the well-known brands such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, and Hostinger.

However, people have gradually realized what sets us apart - our non-judgemental and welcoming approach to adult businesses. We’re not just a hosting company. We’re a one-stop solution that services all the needs of adult webmasters: from hosting to website design and legal consultation. Our clients can rely on us to help them with whatever they need for their adult venture.

What are the main products and services that you are offering?

We offer adult web hosting, adult VPS and dedicated adult server solutions, but we also provide our clients with website themes, scripts, and templates specifically designed for adult websites. We have recently started offering SEO and web design services as well to further help our clients with their adult websites.

We presume that there are not many websites that are dealing with adult content. How are you targeting your customers?

You’d be surprised by how many websites deal with adult content - it’s not just porn, but also gambling, tobacco, and other related niches. We get new client inquiries on a daily basis and we’re only relying on SEO and PPC to drive leads at the moment. We plan to expand our marketing efforts to cover other channels (such as social media) and target more customers, but that’s not a priority at this moment.

What are the main things that your customers are asking when they approach Vicetemple? Is it speed, security, etc?

A lot of our customers are worried about data privacy and protection. They want to remain anonymous and run their websites with minimal public exposure. Some of them are just interested in testing the waters and trying out their luck in the adult industry. This is why our free consultation is an important part of our service and I’m happy to say we’ve helped many people build their first-ever website.

Speed and bandwidth are important factors, but they’re not decisive for most of our clients because we allow them to scale their hosting service as needed.

We noticed that you are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. What is your opinion on this and do you think that this payment method will change the hosting industry?

Yes, we have full confidence in cryptocurrency. We believe cryptos allow us to ensure the privacy of our clients and we expect a gradual shift that will lead to more and more people relying on cryptocurrencies. Especially in the adult industry.

In the long run, I have no doubt that cryptocurrencies will play a vital role for most online businesses, regardless of their niche.

What is your approach to advertising and marketing your products and services? What channels do you use?

So far we’ve mostly relied on SEO and Adwords to market our services. We’ve been exploring Facebook and other social media platforms, but we’ve had limited success with them.

What are your plans for 2022 in regards to new products and services?

In 2022, we plan to undergo a full site revamp. Our site has been going strong for five years, but it’s time to refresh our appearance. Right now, we’re working with a handful of industry professionals to improve our branding and create a more eye-catching website. We’ll redesign all of our website pages and I’m eager to see what our clients think about our new site.

Aside from the site redesign, we plan to double down on the new website themes and scripts. We have already launched a few clone scripts that replicate the design and functionality of popular adult websites in 2020 and 2021, but we plan to expand our offer in the future. We believe website themes will greatly help our customers as they streamline the website creation process.

Where do you see this niche market going in the next 10 years? Do you see expansion in your business?

Yes, definitely. We expect the adult niche to grow significantly in the years to come. Our plan is to expand together with the niche and explore new ways to make the adult industry more accessible to people from all over the world.

In the end, do you have anything else to add about your products and services that we might miss?

I think we’ve covered everything, but I would just like to emphasize that we offer custom server solutions and hosting plans for clients that have special requirements. In such cases, we encourage people to reach out to us and discuss the available server configurations with us.