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Dedicated servers are something that many companies ask when it comes to hosting. Today we have the opportunity to speak with Mr.Alexandru Scutaru from AlexHost, a company that is in the top 10 hosting companies for dedicated servers according to HostAdvice.

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Before the interview, we did a small research and we saw that you have been on the market for 13 years now. What is the history of the company?

started very early, with young people behind it, trying to make the best they can to make history in Moldova, we started developing our Hosting in 2008, and finally, in 2013 we did it, and we still doing history.

You have been working for long years now, and you must have faced great successes but also challenges along the way. What were the challenges that you faced over the year and how did you overcome them?

Over the years, we faced many problems, many challenges. Some of them are hard to do, others prioritize what we do.

We invested in servers, data centers, and the new billing system.

I have been dealing with that for a long time ago. We are a Hosting Provider that respects client Privacy. For this reason, we focus in give Full Data Privacy in our services.

In 2013, you got your own data center. What was the need for your own data center and why did you decide to move with this upgrade?

We think, that have our own data center will make things easier for us, we have full control of our servers. We aren't resellers.

Until these days, we still working on that. We want to make more investments and improvements in the core network and much more.

We provide Colocation in our data center if someone wants to have their own hardware.

What are the main products and services that AlexHost is offering on the market?

Well, we have many services Web Hosting, LiteSpeed Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation that are our main services.

Our new service is LiteSpeed Web Hosting with is optimized for CMS like Drupal, WordPress, and eCommerce.

What are the markets that your customers are currently coming from? Are you planning to introduce your products and services to different markets as well?

They are many from the US, India, and Pakistan, we have focused on offering more plans for other customers that require specific services.

In near future, we think to invest in that zones.

Customer satisfaction is crucial for the success of one company. What is your approach to handling customers, their issues, and requests?

For sure, customer satisfaction is essential for any company in this world, we try to provide fast support to our customers, respect them, and treat them as family.

If we can help the customer, we do it. If we have the knowledge we do it. That's how it works. We provide live chat to answer some questions from our clients.

Speed and backup are also very important things for customers. How are you handling these things in order to make sure the customers are satisfied.

The speed of the backup channels is made on the broadband data transfer that exceeds 40Gbps. Each node backs up on a separate interface so as not to disrupt basic customer traffic.

Backups for VPS are performed daily, for a period of 7 days at a time. The last backup created is kept on the storage units inside the Data Center for no more than 6 months, after which they are automatically deleted. 

2021 is already on the move and the world is slowly preparing for 2022. What are your plans for next year?

For the year 2021 we plan to immunize and increase the total capacity of the traffic inside the data center, adding new switches with 40gbps ports, improving channels with internet providers ...

Where do you see AlexHost for the next 5 years?

Gradually, we want to grow. Let's what to see what the future reserves for us! We expect to grow more globally.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add about your products and services that the hosting community would be interested to hear?

All the equipment that our Data Center procures is based only on the latest generations, for example, the nodes for VPS (virtual servers) are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon E5-2695 v4 processors,

Dedicated servers with Intel i9-10900 or Intel i9-11900 CPUs.

Yes, we don't judge what clients do in their services. If they respect our AUP or TOS they can do whatever they want, we don't suspend users because we receive a complaint.

We believe that Freedom of Speech should be preserved, no matter what. Who are us to suspend a website with freedom of speech content? Nothing.


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