Satisfactory Dedicated Server: Creating a Seamless Experience

Satisfactory Dedicated Server Guide: Creating the Ultimate Gaming Experience

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In Satisfactory, you can experience a 3D open-world game that combines first-person factory building and exploration.

To enjoy multiplayer gameplay and host your games, consider using a Satisfactory dedicated server. It allows you to set player permissions, maintain a persistent game world even when the host is offline, and offers a stable and low-latency environment.

Keep in mind that the cost of a dedicated server may vary based on the provider and specifications. Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements of an updated version of Windows or Linux 64-bit architectures, a dedicated graphics card, 16 GB RAM, 25GB for the game server, and at least 12GB of storage space for optimal performance.

With that said, let’s dive into this Satisfactory dedicated server guide.

  • Hosting a Satisfactory dedicated server allows for personalized gameplay and unique rule sets.
  • Dedicated servers enhance stability, reducing lags and crashes for smoother gameplay.
  • Setting up a dedicated server fosters community and teamwork among like-minded players.
  • Servers allow global connections, enriching the gaming experience with diverse players.
  • Dedicated servers scale easily, accommodating both small groups and large communities.

How to Set Up and Host a Satisfactory Dedicated Server on Your Own Machine or Through a Hosting Service

Final: Satisfactory Dedicated Server

Here is how to set up a Satisfactory Dedicated Server on the player’s own machine, including the necessary software and configuration steps:

Step 1: Setting Up a Satisfactory Dedicated Server on Your Own Machine

Renting a dedicated to play Satisfactory is a great way for you and your friends to join and enjoy the game. With just a few clicks, you can set up a server for Satisfactory on your PC. Here is how to do it:

  • Create a new folder for steamCMD
  • To download SteamCMD for Windows, click here to download the application and extract the contents of the zip file to the SteamCMD folder on your PC
  • For Linux, check the developer instructions here
  • To Install the Dedicated Server, run SteamCMD and download the Satisfactory server files
  • Configure Server Settings, customize the server and session names and modify network permissions as needed
  • Create another text document named “start_server.bat”
  • Paste “FactoryServer.exe -log -unattended” in the file and save the file
  • To launch the server, double-click “start_server.bat” to start the Satisfactory Dedicated Server
  • The server is now running, and players can join using your IP address and port 15777

Step 2: Hosting a Satisfactory Dedicated Server Through a Hosting Service

To select a suitable hosting provider for your Satisfactory dedicated server, consider factors such as server performance, uptime guarantees, security measures, and customer support.

Look for hosting companies with experience in game server hosting and positive user reviews to ensure a smooth experience.

Once you’ve chosen a hosting provider, purchase a hosting plan that meets your server requirements, and follow the provided prompts on their platform to set up and run your Satisfactory dedicated server with enhanced performance, reliability, and customization options.

Here is a list of our recommended Dedicated Server Providers

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Step 3: Managing Server Resources and Performance

To optimize Satisfactory dedicated server performance for smoother gameplay, start by monitoring the server’s resource usage, such as CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth.

Keep an eye on performance metrics and adjust server settings accordingly to ensure stable and responsive gameplay.

Fine-tune variables like tick rate, player limits, and network configurations to strike a balance between performance and the number of players, aiming for an optimal multiplayer experience.

Step 4: Configuring Server Rules and Settings

To customize game settings like player limits and world size in Satisfactory, access the dedicated server’s configuration files, typically found in the “SatisfactoryDedicatedServer\FactoryGame\Config” folder.

Adjust the “MaxPlayers” variable to set the desired player limit and modify the “MapSettings” to change the world size and layout.

Additionally, you can enable or disable specific game features, such as mods or certain gameplay mechanics, by editing relevant settings in the configuration files to match player preferences.

Step 5: Backing Up and Restoring Server Data

To implement regular data backups for your Satisfactory dedicated server, set up an automated backup schedule using backup software or scripts to copy essential server files and configurations to a secure location.

Regularly test the backup files to ensure they are viable for restoration.

In the event of data loss or server issues, restore the Satisfactory dedicated server to a previous state by:

  • Accessing the backup files
  • Copying them back to the server directory
  • And restarting the server with the restored data to return to a known, stable state

Step 6: Dealing With Server Maintenance and Updates

To stay up-to-date with game and server software updates for your Satisfactory dedicated server, regularly check for updates from the game developers and the hosting provider.

Subscribe to official announcements and forums for notifications about patch releases and server software updates.

Plan and schedule server maintenance during off-peak hours, notifying players in advance to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Step 7: Managing Player Access and Permissions

Admins can use in-game commands or third-party server management tools to enforce rules, resolve conflicts, and monitor player behavior.

In cases of misconduct or rule violations, admins have the authority to issue temporary or permanent bans or restrictions to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Regularly review player reports and maintain open communication to address concerns and uphold a positive gaming environment.

What Are the Benefits of Running Your Own Dedicated Server in Satisfactory?

  1. Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Running your own dedicated server in Satisfactory provides an enhanced gameplay experience with reduced lag and latency, leading to smoother and more immersive gameplay.

With stable connections and minimal disruptions during multiplayer sessions, players can enjoy a seamless cooperative experience, fostering a sense of teamwork and camaraderie while exploring and building together in the game.

The dedicated server’s improved performance ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Satisfactory without technical hindrances, resulting in a more enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience overall.

  1. Freedom to Customize

You can set up server rules, adjust game settings, and tailor the multiplayer environment to your liking.

Additionally, the flexibility to add mods and create unique gameplay scenarios allows you to curate personalized challenges and experiences for you and your community, adding a sense of creativity and excitement to the game.

This freedom of customization empowers you to shape the game world according to your preferences, fostering a dynamic and engaging gaming community.

  1. Unrestricted Player Slots

Hosting a dedicated server in Satisfactory allows for unrestricted player slots, meaning you can accommodate larger groups of players (up to 4) compared to regular servers.

Unlike typical hosting options with limited player capacity, dedicated servers offer the ability to expand the number of slots based on server specifications, enabling more players to join and interact simultaneously.

This unrestricted player capacity fosters larger and more vibrant gaming communities, encouraging collaborative gameplay and enhancing the overall multiplayer experience in Satisfactory.

  1. Improved Security And Privacy

Running a dedicated server in Satisfactory provides improved security and privacy compared to public or shared servers.

With dedicated server hosting, you have better control over access and security settings, reducing the risk of unwanted intrusions and ensuring a safer gaming environment for you and your trusted community of players.

This enhanced security measure protects sensitive data and gameplay interactions, fostering a more private and secure gaming experience for all participants.

  1. 24/7 Availability

A dedicated server in Satisfactory offers 24/7 availability, enabling players to access the game anytime without relying on the host’s presence.

Unlike player-hosted games, dedicated servers run independently on powerful hardware and stable internet connections, ensuring continuous uptime and accessibility.

This round-the-clock availability fosters a thriving gaming community, as players from different time zones can join and interact whenever they please, creating a dynamic and active multiplayer environment that operates non-stop.

  1. Community Building

A dedicated server in Satisfactory fosters community building by providing a consistent and reliable platform for regular players to gather and interact.

With a dedicated server, players develop a sense of belonging and camaraderie as they frequently engage with familiar faces and form lasting friendships within the game.

The server’s 24/7 availability, customization options, and increased player slots encourage a loyal player base, leading to regular interactions, collaborative projects, and a thriving gaming community.

  1. Compatibility With Mods

Running a dedicated server in Satisfactory allows for seamless compatibility with mods, enriching the gaming experience with custom content and gameplay enhancements.

Players can install and use a wide variety of mods tailored to their preferences, expanding the game’s possibilities and introducing new challenges and features.

The freedom to incorporate mods on the server encourages creativity, community engagement, and endless opportunities for players to shape their unique Satisfactory world.

  1. Reduced Server Downtime

Dedicated servers in Satisfactory typically offer higher uptime rates and fewer crashes compared to shared or peer-to-peer hosting options.

With dedicated hardware and optimized resources, these servers can handle the game’s demands more efficiently, resulting in reduced instances of server downtime and improved stability.

This enhanced reliability ensures a smoother and uninterrupted gaming environment for players, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the enjoyment of the Satisfactory experience.

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What Are the System Requirements and Technical Considerations for Hosting a Satisfactory Dedicated Server?

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware specifications for hosting a Satisfactory Dedicated Server include 8GB of RAM, a core i5 3.4GHz processor and 15 GB of available storage. For optimal performance, it is recommended to have the exact minimum hardware specifications.

Software And Operating System

Setting up a Satisfactory Dedicated Server requires a compatible operating system, such as the latest versions of Windows (Windows 7 is not supported) or Linux.

Additionally, you’ll need to have the necessary software dependencies installed, including SteamCMD, to download and update the game files and any other server management tools you prefer to use.

Internet Connection

A stable and high-speed internet connection is crucial for a Satisfactory Dedicated Server as it directly impacts server performance and player experience.

A robust internet connection ensures low latency and minimal lag during multiplayer interactions, providing players with a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Additionally, it also reduces the risk of server disruptions and enhances the overall reliability of the server, contributing to a positive and immersive gameplay environment.

Firewall and Port Forwarding

Configure your firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connections for the following ports: 15777 (query port), 15000 (beacon port), and 7777 (game port).

Access your router’s settings and perform port forwarding for the same ports to your computer’s local IP address, where the Satisfactory Dedicated Server is hosted.

Verify that the necessary ports are open and properly forwarded using online port-checking tools, ensuring that external players can connect to your dedicated server without any connectivity issues.

Storage Space and Backups

Allocate sufficient storage space for the Satisfactory Dedicated Server files to accommodate updates, mods, and game data.

Implement regular backups of the server files to safeguard against data loss, ensuring that you can restore the server to a previous state in case of any unforeseen issues or accidents.

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How to Manage and Customize Your Satisfactory Dedicated Server to Create the Best Gaming Experience for You and Your Friends?

Here is how to handle player interactions and maintain a positive gaming environment.

Server Configuration Files

To access and modify the Satisfactory Dedicated Server configuration files:

  • Navigate to the “SatisfactoryDedicatedServer\FactoryGame\Config” folder on your server
  • Open the “Game.ini” and “ServerSettings.ini” files using a text editor to adjust settings like game difficulty, resource availability, and player limits by modifying the relevant variables within these configuration files

Gameplay Rules and Mods

Mods and custom gameplay rules are powerful tools that can be utilized on a dedicated server to introduce new content, tweak existing features, and create unique experiences in Satisfactory.

These additions allow players to tailor their gameplay, explore creative possibilities, and enhance the overall enjoyment of the game, making the dedicated server environment truly dynamic and engaging for all participants.

Server Administration Tools

Server administration tools and console commands provide hosts of a Satisfactory Dedicated Server with the ability to efficiently manage players, enforce rules, and address any issues that may arise during gameplay.

These tools empower hosts to monitor player activities, issue warnings or bans if necessary, and ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone on the server.

Collaborative Building and Projects

The dedicated server in Satisfactory encourages collaborative building and project planning among friends by providing a shared platform for real-time interaction and teamwork.

With the ability to join and access the server at any time, players can coordinate efforts, work together on large-scale projects, and collectively create intricate industrial systems.

Regular Maintenance and Updates

Perform regular server maintenance in Satisfactory by updating mods to ensure compatibility with the latest game version, backing up server files to safeguard against data loss.

Also, make sure the server software is up-to-date for improved performance and security.

Set a schedule for these tasks to be performed periodically, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience for all players on the dedicated server.

Community Interaction and Feedback

Fostering a positive and engaging community on the dedicated server is essential for creating a thriving and enjoyable gaming environment.

Encourage players to actively provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, as their input can help shape the server’s rules, events, and customizations, resulting in a more inclusive and player-driven experience for everyone.

What Are the Differences Between Playing on a Regular Server and a Dedicated Server in Satisfactory?

Here are some of the unique features and benefits that dedicated servers offer to players:

  1. Performance and Stability

A dedicated server offers improved performance and stability in Satisfactory as it operates independently from players’ machines, allowing it to focus solely on running the game without performance fluctuations.

Being optimized for consistent gameplay, the dedicated server provides a smoother and more reliable gaming experience, reducing lag and ensuring a stable environment for all players involved.

  1. Customization and Control

A dedicated server in Satisfactory offers a high level of customization and control, empowering the host to adjust gameplay settings, incorporate mods, and enforce specific rules to create a tailored and unique gaming experience.

This level of flexibility enables the host to curate a distinct and personalized environment that aligns with their preferences and fosters a cohesive and engaging gameplay atmosphere for all players.

  1. Persistent World

A dedicated server in Satisfactory maintains a persistent world, allowing players to interact and collaborate even when the host is offline.

This continuity fosters an immersive gameplay environment where players can continue their projects, exploration, and interactions uninterrupted, promoting a sense of community and shared progress within the game.

  1. Player Capacity

A regular server typically has limited player capacity, whereas a dedicated server offers the potential for larger player counts, accommodating grander collaborative projects and a more dynamic multiplayer experience.

The increased player capacity on dedicated servers enables a thriving community of players to join forces, explore, and construct vast industrial systems together, fostering a more expansive and engaging gameplay environment in Satisfactory.

  1. Server Accessibility

A dedicated server in Satisfactory is accessible 24/7, providing continuous availability for players across different time zones to join and continue their gaming experience at their convenience.

This accessibility fosters a global and active player community, facilitating seamless interactions and collaboration among players worldwide, enhancing the multiplayer experience for everyone involved.


We hope that through this article, you have gained valuable insights on how to set up a Satisfactory Dedicated Server, and understand the importance of choosing a suitable hosting provider or running a dedicated server on your own PC.

Both options have their advantages – hosting gaming servers on a dedicated server offers enhanced performance, stability, and accessibility while hosting on your PC grants greater control and customization.

Based on your preferences and needs, you can now make an informed decision and choose the best web hosting service or set up a server on your PC to enjoy an immersive and collaborative gaming experience in Satisfactory.

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Next Steps: What Now?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can join a Satisfactory dedicated server?

The number of players that can join a Satisfactory dedicated server varies depending on the server’s specifications and hosting provider. It can accommodate a higher number of players than a regular server.

Can I use a hosting service to run a Satisfactory dedicated server?

Yes, there are hosting services that offer Satisfactory dedicated server hosting. These services provide pre-configured server setups, making it easier to get your server up and running.

How do I set up a Satisfactory dedicated server on my own machine?

To set up a dedicated server on your machine, you need to download the dedicated server files from the game’s official website and configure the server settings accordingly.

Can I migrate my Satisfactory saved files to a Dedicated Server?

Yes, you can transfer your existing game saves to a Dedicated Server, allowing you and your friends to continue your progress in the multiplayer environment.

Is a Satisfactory Dedicated Server necessary for playing multiplayer in the game?

No, a dedicated server is not essential for multiplayer gameplay, as Satisfactory also supports traditional multiplayer through peer-to-peer connections. However, a dedicated server offers added benefits in terms of performance and customization.

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