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Last Update | September 2021

Monthly Update - September 2021

During September:

  • Hostinger offers a Juicy Summer Deal for Web Hosting: A free .com domain for the first year and a free SSL certificate with all annual premium web hosting plans
  • Hostens offered 70% off on all plans and a free website builder with any web hosting plan
  • No changes in pricing

During August:

  • Hostinger offers a “Juicy Summer Deal” for web hosting; offering a free .com domain with each premium web hosting for at least 12 months
  • Hostinger partnered with CoinGate to expand opportunities in crypto payments; got recommended by Neil Patel as the Best Web Hosting Provider in 2021; and rebuilt a school to improve the quality of education for a local community with Niagahoster
  • Hostens updated its pricing policy: the price doesn’t increase at renewal
  • Hostens offered 70% off on all plans and 83% off on for Hostens package (alternative approach - use code FI1GWWHJ6SXU)

Web hosting companies continually add new features to their offers, such as bitcoin payments.

Even though I can’t say for sure, there are approximately one million bitcoin users worldwide. So, it’s only natural for web hosting providers to prioritize credit cards and PayPal paying methods. In turn, this leads to a tiny percentage of web hosting companies allowing for bitcoin payments.

What Makes Bitcoin Hosting So Special?

Here are a few reasons why you might choose a web hosting provider that offers bitcoin payments instead of the traditional methods:

  • It provides for anonymity with enhanced privacy and security features; thus, protection from cybercriminals and similar third parties
  • Bitcoin transactions come with military-grade cryptography security so that no one can trace the trail of your money
  • It allows for freedom of payment or facilitated transactions from anywhere in the world
  • The web hosting provider will not require your ID, passport, or proof of address; thus, it won’t be able to identify you to third parties

No doubt, BTC increases the customer’s level of privacy and online security. And as awkward as it sounds, while smaller hosts managed to find their place in this market, more prominent hosting company names failed to keep up.

Mind map of What to consider?

So, my only question left to test was whether bitcoin hosting comes at the price of quality? Or is there a comprehensive solution that does it all? Fast forward, I came to find that some web hosting providers offer phenomenal services, but others are a recipe for disaster.

So, let’s see what factors you should consider while choosing the best bitcoin hosting.

What to Consider Before You Spend Your Crypto?

  • Reliability - Due to the fact that you are in the provider's hands when paying in bitcoin, you have to trust the provider to refund you in case that something goes wrong.
    You will also have to worry about how long the provider exists by trusting external citations to make sure you are not being scammed (the providers listed here have been tested for years, and we can vouch for them in this regards) I strongly suggest taking a look at our user reviews regarding these matters and perhaps test the provider with a first-month payment only and test it’s services.
  • Bandwidth & Speed - Most of the providers suggested by us are offshore hosting providers. Although it’s great when you want the DMCA off your back, it also has its price at slower speeds.
  • Support - As it’s difficult to test the support before you purchase, I would focus on checking if they have a live chat that has a good response time.
  • Privacy and Security Features - It’s not enough to hide the trail of your money if others can assess everything else.
    If I were you, I would pay attention to DDoS protection as a lot of websites these days are getting attacked (hence the growing popularity of Cloudflare).
    Cloudflare is not an option if you are not DMCA proof, as they will easily take you down.
    In addition to that, you will have to have good Malware detection and perhaps a hardening feature.

The Best Web Hosting Companies That Accept BTC

Now that you get the idea let’s see where it would be best to spend your bitcoin. Here’s an overview of the top web hosting providers that accept bitcoin.

An Overview Of The Top Web Hosts That Accept Bitcoin

I compared the web hosts according to the needed features, as mentioned before. To facilitate your choice, I also added unique features and pricing into the mix.

Flaunt7 Hostwinds Hostinger Hostens ProHoster
Reliability, Uptime, And Speed
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Average speeds
  • 10,000 users
  • Exceptional 99.9999% uptime guarantee
  • Average speeds
  • Friendliness Guarantee
  • An average of 99.75% uptime
  • You can speed up your website for a fee
  • 29 million users
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Average speeds
  • Over 120,000 users
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Average speeds
  • 12,000 users
Storage Space and Bandwidth
  • Disk storage ranges from 10 GB to 1,400 GB
  • Monthly bandwidth ranges from 0.5 TB to 16 TB
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Disk space ranges from 10 GB to unlimited
  • Monthly bandwidth ranges from 100 GB to unlimited
  • Disk space ranges from 10 GB to 1 TB
  • Monthly bandwidth ranges from 1 TB to 4 TB
  • Disk space ranges from 15 GB to 200 GB
  • Unlimited bandwidth
Customer Support
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and ticketing
  • 24/7 customer support on the live chat
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and ticketing
  • The customer support team is available through a ticket system, email, or live chat during working hours
Cryptocurrency-Related Issues and Unique Features
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments, but  without a refund
  • Accepts content otherwise restricted by DMCA
  • Accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum,
    Digibyte, Qtum, and Dogecoin
  • Award-Winning Service
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or
  • Accepts Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments, but no other crypto coins
  • Lots of freebies


Let’s get into details and see what each of these web hosting providers has to offer!


Flaunt7is based in Amsterdam. Most of all, US citizens recognize and appreciate the web hosting provider because it allows them to avoid the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).Screenshot of Flaunt7 home page

This Bitcoin hosting accepts content otherwise restricted by DMCA, meaning they would not suspend your web hosting or domain name at the request of a third party. Apart from freedom of speech, Flaunt7 provides 99.9% uptime, free SSL certificates, SSD storage, and great support.

While Flaunt7 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, it refers to credit card and PayPal payments. However, it doesn’t apply to Bitcoin payments, which is a bit disappointing.


What makes Hostwinds an award-winning web hosting provider is its exceptional 99.9999% uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and a free SSL certificate in all its plans.

Screenshot of Hostwinds home page

It’s an easy-to-set-up hosting provider that allows for scalability and growth with tailor-made plans. They also offer advanced SSL certificates and other enhanced privacy-related features. You can choose a server near you, accounting for improved speeds and loading times.

You can pay for Hostwinds using a wide range of cryptocurrencies. They might even have the most diversified offer, including popular Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with the less-known coins. Here, I can mention Digibyte, Qtum, and Dogecoin.

The best part about Hostwinds is that they offer a refund on cryptocurrency payments. To protect your identity further, they grant this payment in the form of store credit.

Another unique characteristic is the combination of Windows hosting and bitcoin payment. If you read or write web hosting reviews like a hobby (just like me), you are well aware it’s a rare provision.


I can say that Hostinger is an all-in-one solution. It provides cheap hosting plans, with an option to pay with BTC. Still, not at the price of quality.

Screenshot of Hostinger home page

With over 29 million users worldwide, Hostinger is a reliable cloud-hosting technology. It offers 10 GB storage space and 100 GB bandwidth in the most basic plans. In the more advanced options, you can get unlimited bandwidth.

Here, I can also mention the wide range of services on the user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support on the live chat.

The best part about Hostinger is its flexibility. While they exclude some standard features from their basic plans (to keep prices as low as possible), you can get them for a one-time fee. Such examples are the domain privacy that hides your domain registration details or the SSL certificate.

You can pay for Hostinger using a vast range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or even BitDegree.


Unlike Hostwinds and Hostinger, Hostens is a bit more limited in terms of crypto payments (similar to Flaunt7). To be more specific, they accept Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash.

Screenshot of Hostens home page

So, what makes Hostens a quality provider ranked on this list? To start, it’s a straightforward, still out-of-the-box, and cheap solution. It can be great if you are on a budget. They provide for 99% Uptime Guarantee and average speeds.

Hostens allows for scalability, offering different bandwidth limitations in each plan.

Their support is also satisfactory, including a Knowledge Base and a highly responsive Live Chat team.


ProHoster stands true to its name, offering reliability and a wide range of features at affordable prices. ProHoster offers unlimited traffic, subdomains, hosted websites (except on the lowest plan), MySQL databases, and FTP accounts in all its shared hosting plans. Better yet, its storage capacity ranges from 15 to 100 GB, or even 200 GB SSD storage in the VPS plan.

Screenshot of ProHoster home page

What I like the most about ProHoster is its number of freebies. Here, I can mention the free domain, SSL support, website builder, DDoS protection, Softaculous installer, etc.

Their customer support team is available through a ticket system, email, or live chat during working hours.

If I consider all free add-ons, I can say ProHoster is incredibly affordable. Apart from traditional payment methods, you can also pay with Bitcoin, but no other crypto coins.

So, I would say that ProHoster is more of an under-the-radar web hosting provider, most appropriate for smaller companies.


I have spent some time doing the testing and providing the list of five Bitcoin hosting providers with diversified qualities. As explained, all web hosting companies mentioned above offer the option to pay with Bitcoin. But that’s not where it ends. You should also consider other crypto-related and unrelated issues to choose the best one for your needs.

While smaller web hosting providers allow for lower prices, they might not offer more advanced options. For instance, Hostwinds and Hostinger provide for more crypto coin payment options, while the remaining three are more limited in this regard.

All providers also differ in terms of bandwidth, speed, support, and other features. But each has something that sets it apart. An excellent example for this point is Flaunt7, Bitcoin hosting that accepts content otherwise restricted by DMCA.

While my job here is done, now it’s up to you to match your needs and preferences with the bitcoin hostings available on the market.


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