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A few words from Koddos

We provide anonymous offshore hosting, VPS and dedicated servers as well as ddos protection solutions for our hosted clients as well as remote clients, datacenters or networks.
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Money Back: 7 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $8.95 - $39.95
VPS $9.99 - $32.99
Dedicated Server $150.00 - $525.00

Data Centers

Koddos Awards

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test award
jeffrey hampers

Pinned Review

jeffrey hampers,
I contacted them while being under huge DDOS attack and down since 8 hours, they moved me in few minutes and my website was up again. I got severals others ddos attacks after my move with them but nev...Read Moreer been down, I congrats them for this as I know I received a 100 gigas dns attack having only a 5 giga protection plan with them, they didn't overcharged me...(apparently thousands of usd) Their support always replied me in less 20 minutes. I moved most of my websites with them now, their prices being very competitive. Nothing to cpmplain since a year.Less


Ross James
Ross James from Germany,

Great Support

I had some issue in start due to some confusion. Now I am using them and great experience. They reply late for support tickets. But still they are good and you can trust them.
Ishaaq Schmidt
Ishaaq Schmidt from Romania,

Perfect Network Uptime... Thanks!

As long as you know what you are doing, and understand how sites and domains work, you'll do fine. Koddos platform is reliable and their customer service used to be ok. It provides you with a website building software which contai...Read Morens some useful scripts. Reliable, easy to manage, a good interface, has done a stirling job for my client for over a year now.Less
Thanh Ledesma
Thanh Ledesma from South Africa,

They are always more than happy to negotiate

The services that Koddos offers are really excellent and cheap. I have been with them for a little over a year now, and the service is as excellent today as it was the day I signed up. Impeccable support, yes on weekends too, fast...Read More servers and very well priced. I recommend their ssd hosting service to others.Less
Hans Fuller
Hans Fuller from United States,

One of the worst hoster which is allowing scammers to operate and closing abuse ticket automatically

KODDOS is know as bullet proof by the Fakeshops and hence they are using it.
KODDOS is supporting this by closing existing tickets with " After 72h closed due to customer did not respond" ?!?!?!

Particular ticket :

[Ticket...Read More ID: 823386] Fakeshop " Medimox.net " is abusing people in Germayn with IBAN upfront payment and not shipping any goods at all IP: medimox.net ([])

But hey . It`S KODDOS: If you pay they do anything for the scammers !!! NOT A SINGLE ANSWER. PLEASE COMMENT !!!!!

One more fakeshop hosted by them :

IP locationBelize Amarutu Technology Ltd.
Cloudflair IP104.21.43.150
WHO ISwhois.domaintools.com/
IP PLESK31.220.40.62:8443/login_up.php?success_redirect_url=
HosterAS206264 AMARUTU-TECHNOLOGY, SC (registered Feb 22, 2017)

ABUSE Linkkoddos.net/clients/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=5Wer
CommentKoddos mal wieder. Hängt zusammen mit medimox.net

I submitted the ticket and KODDOS did not even touch it and just closed it .

Current Fakeshops hosted by KODDOS medimox.net

Evidence :

IP locationNetherlands Amsterdam Amarutu Technology Ltd
Cloudflair IP172.67.129.91
WHO ISwhois.domaintools.com/
IP PLESK89.249.49.103:8443/login_up.php?success_redirect_url=
ABUSE Linkkoddos.net/clients/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=5Wer
Hans Fuller
Hans Fuller,
No responds from KODDOS as usual

Next Fakeshop using the " perfect " service of KODDOS :


Hoster...Read MoreKODDOS
IP locationNetherlands Amsterdam Amarutu Technology Ltd


Our NL datacenter is located near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The datacenter features full N+1 redundancy for electric, cooling, and network. The datacenter is staffed with certified technicians available 24/7 to ensure that all support issues are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Amsterdam has the largest concentration of data centres and network service providers in Europe. It offers comparably low latency to most of the continent.

Our network is fully redundant and completely built using Juniper equipment to ensure the highest uptime possible. We use multiple IP transit providers as well as many peering partners in order to ensure the lowest latency possible for your business.

Cloudflair IP104.21.50.112
WHO ISwhois.domaintools.com/
Young Landwehr
Young Landwehr

Pretty easy to get an account and get setup

I set up my site quite recently. I'm a complete newbie but Koddos was the only web host that was prepared to help me set up my website from start to finish. The customer support was amazing and I just want to say thank you to the tech guys! You rock!
Matt Shao
Matt Shao

Uptime and support have been excellent

In my opinion there is not better host than Koddos offshore VPS hosting, with the same price I mean. Great host, pricing is average, but support is the best I have seen, goes out of their way to make sure everything is working just right for you.
Rogelio Pilson
Rogelio Pilson

Would definintely recommend Koddos offshore hosting

As for me, the support is really good, no useless messages, only useful fast replies. After research available hosting providers, I have chosen Koddos because they offer feature-packed offshore hosting solutions at nice rates. Rea...Read Morelly, much more than I expected for inexpensive hosting. I receive emails whenever there's an update, change, or something else I should know about.Less
Efrain Stenberg
Efrain Stenberg from Israel,

Happy to deal with Koddos offshore web host

Can recommend Koddos offshore hosting to all webmasters or newbies looking for reliable and professional host. One of the best things from this decent host is the impressive, fast and very professional guaranteed 24/7 support, wit...Read Morehin one hour, guaranteed - I never wait for more that 10 minutes for a response. This is true! The control panel system is absolutely fantastic. Satisfied.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Great Hosting with Solutions for High Risk Companies

Koddos is a reseller offering several different hosting options for customers worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company focuses on standard and “high risk” hosting, and security.  This is very important in today's environment since more and more hackers and other criminals are targeting websites.  Having DDoS protection and other security features can be essential, especially for business sites.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Good Reliable Hosting

Most of the hosting services displayed a 99.9% uptime guarantee; the co-location offering that included DDoS protection offered 99.95% uptime.  Having the extra security in place will, of course, help to benefit the overall uptime of the company.


Good Features with a Focus on Security

Koddos gives customers a wide choice of products and services to choose from, including shared and dedicated servers, VPS, reselling, SSL certificates, domain services, and server management.

There were sections for “high risk” and “medium risk” but the only explanation given was that web sites and servers are at risk for a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, but no information as to what type of business would benefit over these services is stated. The few descriptions provided explain the function of a good firewall configuration rather than details of why this service is needed.


Some concerns

The site states that there are level one and level 2 staff that rotate to ensure coverage in all time zones, but the Koddos FAQ says that they have only 3 employees handling support so I’m a little skeptical.  The site also has a claim of “Fast & Free Support”, but on the support page the instructions state that customers should allow 24 hours for a response.  While that might be the longest a customer has to wait, I would be uncomfortable if I had a business that depended on my web site being up and I had to wait 24 hours.


Higher Prices for Higher Security

Despite the different locations of the business, all prices are in US dollars.

High-risk hosting packages range from $140 to $700 a month with disk space running from 10 to 30 GB, 100 to 500 GB of “premium clean bandwidth”, unlimited email and FTP accounts.  Medium-risk hosting ranges from $39.99 to $389.99, with disk space running from 10-30 GB.

Standard offshore hosting is offered on “LiteSpeed” web servers and varies from 3 to 15 GB of disk space and 150 GB to 1 TB of premium bandwidth. Basic server management packages start at $19.99, the “complete” package is $59.99 per month with a $35 setup fee.  The full management plan offers a 15 minute response time for emergency and 2 hours for non-emergency issues.

SSL certificates are priced at $30.00 and feature 128-bit encryption and have a self-service reissuing feature during a preset timeframe.


Nice option for Secure Hosting

Koddos seems to have a lot to offer, but as with any reseller, they will have limited control over their availability as well as the ability to correct physical plant and connectivity issues.

I had quite a few concerns when I had to do a web search to find their servers are located in Belize, but have staff in the United States and Western Europe, but the company is based on the Netherlands. I also read through the terms of service and while it had some good definitions and explanations, there were a few areas, such as a dispute process, that were unlisted or vague.

When I went to the blog linked on the Koddos site, the last update was April 2014.  The recurring special for 20% off dedicated server packages also seemed to be from 2014.

Again, Koddos seems like they could do a great job for many different types of customers, but in my opinion they need to update their website and expand the explanations of their Terms of Service to attract customers; today’s hosting environment is simply too competitive to have an outdated site.


  • Many choices of Packages
  • High Quality Security
  • DDoS Protection


  • 24 hour SLA for support tickets
  • Limited info on the company itself

Koddos Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Mini Plan A 3 GB 150.02 GB cPanel Unlimited $8.95 8.8 Details
Plan A 5 GB 300.03 GB cPanel Unlimited $14.95 2.0 Details
Plan B 10 GB 599.96 GB cPanel Unlimited $25.95 9.3 Details
Plan C 15 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited $39.95 9.3 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS PLAN A 20 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 512 MB $9.99 9.8 Details
VPS PLAN B 40 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 1 GB $17.99 9.6 Details
VPS PLAN C 60 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 2 GB $24.99 10 Details
VPS PLAN D 80 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 4 GB $32.99 9.3 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
HKS A 1 TB - 8 GB $150.00 9.3 Details
HKS B 1 TB - 16 GB $235.00 9.2 Details
HKS C 240 GB - 37.5 GB $395.00 10 Details
HKS D 480 GB - 64 GB $525.00 9.3 Details

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