A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting Review: Expert Opinion & User Reviews

Are you looking for a way to start selling hosting to others and make some money? If you’re planning to get into the business, you’re going to need good reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is not something that all hosting providers offer, so you need to find the right one to fit your needs.

A2 Hosting is not new on the market. It’s been here since 2001, and over the years, they managed to grow the company. Now, they offer six different types of hosting: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting. Today, my attention is only on their reseller’s hosting and seeing if it’s worth purchasing. I liked that the company is constantly upgrading its server technology and passing all those benefits to their clients.

screenshot of A2 hosting

A2 hosting resellers can help you start your hosting business, manage your customers, earn money, and run your own hosting company just as you’ve envisioned it. They claim they give complete control over all aspects of your business while offering 24/7 support when you need help. I was thrilled when I heard this because everyone wants control over their business. They’re giving you all the freedom while always being there to lend you a hand if you get stuck.

All the info I got for these hosting resellers made me wonder if it’s that easy to become a boss in this industry and make money by reselling hosting? I think it’s time to dive in and find out if A2 reseller hosting can make this job more manageable while helping you earn some cash!

Getting Started with A2 Hosting Reseller Plans

If you’re going to enter the hosting reseller business, the first thing you need to do is choose the right plan that will fit your needs. A2 Hosting reseller has four plans; each offering features to make your business successful.

Their plans are divided into two categories: standard reseller and turbo reseller.

Let’s start with the standard reseller. The standard reseller offers four plans: Kickstart, Launch, Grow and Scale. The price range varies depending on your business’s needs and what you’re willing to spend. To simplify things for you, I’ll start by pointing out the similarities between the four standard plans. Each plan has a WebHost Manager, cPanel control panel, free SSL certificate (HTTPS),  free website migration, free WHMCS, and Blesta billing system.

Note: The Kickstart plan doesn’t have free WHMCS. It offers Blesta only.

screenshot of A2 hosting plans

Let’s move on to the differences. Depending on the money you’re willing to spend, you can get 60GB SSD in the Kickstart plan, 100GB SSD in the Launch, and 170GB SSD and 270GB SSD in Grow and Scale. When it comes to transferring, the cheapest plan has 600GB, 1000GB for Launch, Grow offers 1700 GB, and the priciest has 2700 GB transfer. As you can see, the main difference between the standard plans is in the SSD storage and transfer. It all depends on what your business needs.

Now, it’s time to check out the turbo reseller plans. This category also offers four plans: Turbo Kickstart, Turbo Launch, Turbo Grow, and Turbo Scale. They cost a bit more than the standard reseller plans, but what’s impressive about these turbo plans is that they have 20 times faster turbo servers. If you’re interested in super speed, these are the best options for you.

At first glance, the turbo plans offer the same features as the standard plans, so let’s talk about the differences. The turbo plans have nonvolatile memory express (NVMe), new storage access, and transport protocol for SSDs. NVMe storage is more advanced than SSD, offered in the standard plans, and faster and better encrypted. The turbo plans offer 60, 100, 170, and 270 GB NVMe storage to make things clear. The transfer is the same as in the standard reseller categories.

screenshot of turbo plans

Another thing I saw that I liked is that A2 Reseller Hosting offers a free billing solution with your reseller web hosting account.

screenshot of web hosting account

When you buy a Reseller plan, you can get a free WHMCS or Blesta license. When I clicked to see what I could get for free, I hit disappointment. WHMCS was not free if you purchased the cheapest Kickstart plan. Luckily, the Blesta was really free. Blesta will let you handle all your billing. I wouldn’t say I like it when I read that something is offered for free, only to get disappointed later, but it is what it is. So, if you want free WHMCS, then you shouldn’t purchase Kickstart.

Another thing I like to point out is that A2 hosting reseller is a white-label hosting service, which means that your customers will never have A2 hosting branding, only yours.

Note:All plans can be purchased for one month, one year, and three years. The price range differs depending on the term. The 3-year plan is the most affordable if you’re purchasing in the long run.

If you’re unsure which plan is the right choice for you, you can easily compare the plan. Now, this is something I liked. If you click on Compare plans, you’ll see all the reseller hosting plans compared in different categories such as speed, features, reliability, cPanel, WHM, domains, email, developer, and resources. This fantastic option that allows you to compare all plans will make it easier for you the choose the right plan.

Setting Up an A2 Hosting Reseller Plan

I think we’ve discussed enough theory; it’s time to put the A2 hosting reseller to the test. I need to show you everything the hosting reseller has to offer so that you can easily decide whether to purchase it or not. As you already know, I will purchase the cheapest plan, in this case, called the Kickstart plan, which is located in the standard reseller category. The Kickstart plan will allow me to explore the reseller hosting deeper to present it to you in the best way possible. So let’s go shopping.

screenshot of kickstart

To purchase the plan, you need to click on Get Kickstart. Once I clicked on that, I started setting up my hosting plan.

screenshot of setting hosting plan

Since I have my domain, which I always use when researching, I click on Use my domain. You also have the option to register a new domain or transfer your domain to A2 Hosting and manage everything from one place. So, I click on Use my domain and type in my domain name. I then click on Use this domain and patiently wait. A couple of seconds later, I got to see what I was purchasing. A2 reseller hosting allows you to play with up to 9 currencies.

screenshot of payment currencies

I click on the USD because the dollar is my go-to currency. Just below the available currencies, you have a shortlist of what you’re getting with purchasing a Kickstart reseller.

screenshot of kickstart reseller

Then we need to choose how long we want to have the plan. Since my purpose is only research, I will get the monthly plan, but you can purchase for 6, 12, 24, and 36 months.

screenshot of billing cycle

Note: If you plan to use this long-term, it’s more affordable to purchase some yearly plans. You’ll have to pre-pay them, and this may seem like a lot of money to give all at once, but in the long run, it will be cheaper.

If you’re willing to spend more money, you also have the option to upgrade from a free SSL to a premium RapidSSL certificate for enhanced security, trust, and warranty. The upgrade is not very cheap, but as I was saying, it all depends on what your business needs and how much you’re willing to spend. I, for instance, will not be purchasing this because I don’t need it.

screenshot of ssl certificate

To get 20 times faster page loads, you can also add the Turbo hosting to your shopping cart. Turbo hosting will give your customers the fastest service because you’ll have better SEO rankings, higher conversion rates, and lower bounce rates. If you want this option, you need to click on Get Turbo.

screenshot of turbo hosting

Of course, this turbo option isn’t free, but it’s pretty affordable. Another thing you can spend money on is the dedicated IP which is recommended for SSL certificates. These things are optional and easy to get, just a simple click. It’s up to you to decide whether to put them in your shopping cart or not. Lastly, I choose my server locations. I clicked on Europe (Amsterdam) and checked my order summary.

screenshot of kickstart order

Everything looked fine, so I will click on Continue to get to Review & Checkout. I gave a little glimpse to see if everything was what I picked, the price looked okay, so I clicked on Checkout.

screenshot of kickstart order

screenshot of checkout form

When I clicked on Checkout, I got to the actual Checkout, where you need to fill in all your personal and billing information. Make sure you fill in all the empty spaces, except the optional, because they’re, well, optional! Once you’re done giving the correct information, you need to complete the additional options and your account’s security.

screenshot of account security

Create your password, and then choose a security question. I chose What’s the name of your pet? I typed in the answer, and I was ready to make a payment. When it comes to the method of payment, you have the option to pay with a credit/debit card, PayPal, Skrill, or Check/Money order. I will be paying with a credit card today, so I clicked on that.

screenshot of payment method

Apart from card info, here, you can also check whether to join their mailing list or not. Then, read and agree to the Terms of Service and finally arrive at the Complete Order button.

I was thrilled to finally see what I was offered, but unfortunately, I hit a brick wall. While I was preparing to discover all the features the plan offers,  I got a message from A2 Hosting Reseller that my order had been flagged as a potentially high risk, and I had to wait for a manual review.

I got a bit annoyed, so I submitted a support ticket, hoping to fix everything as fast as possible.

screenshot of maxmind error

I submitted my ticket, and once again, I tried to enter my plan. I got access, only to get disappointed again. My plan showed zero services and one ticket, which I sent to ask for help. Still, no service, and the tension was rising.

screenshot of A2 hosting

I got an email from the company saying that my account had to go through a manual review, and the process could take more than 24 hours. They asked for a copy of my government-issued picture identification and credit card to confirm my order. I tried to explain to them that I was an expert reviewer and that I wasn’t planning to send them sensitive data without being protected on the web. I also explained to them that I have already had accounts with them and asked them to check it through their database.

screenshot of A2 hosting products

Ten hours later, my plan was still under review. So, I emailed them again, and I got the same answer, to send them personal identification. Once again, I was stuck, and my plans failed to reach their goal.

Since I didn’t want to lose any more time explaining myself with A2 Reseller Hosting via email, I decided to change my approach and enter through my already existing account, which has been previously verified. I did my best to guide you step-by-step through the purchasing process, but I went with my Plan B since that was not working. The only way to show you A2 Reseller hosting was to switch to the account I already have. So let’s see if plan B is going to work! I clicked on Login and filled in the information.

Note: I’m using an existing account that has already been verified.

screenshot of login page

I clicked on Login, and I was finally in.

screenshot of A2 hosting

Plan B for the win! Once I got into my account, I needed to purchase the Kickstart plan. I clicked on Order New Services and then clicked on Reseller Hosting.

screenshot of A2 hosting categories

I clicked on order Now, and I got to the previously mentioned part. It was the same as purchasing the plan directly from the A1 hosting reseller site. You need to complete all your information, credit card and click Checkout. The purchasing process has been just the same as I mentioned above.

Tip: If you’re unsure what to do, scroll up and see the process above. Everything is explained in detail and supported with images.

screenshot of A2 hosting order confirmation

I received my confirmation, and it was finally time to start exploring. First things first, I need to set my cPanel.

screenshot of cPanel


You can create an email account to start sending and receiving emails right away. If you click on the Build a website button, you’ll be able to build a new WordPress website with a predefined set of themes and plugins.

The Email section will help you manage your emails quickly. Here you have many options: autoresponders, encryption, forwarders, mailing lists, email deliverability, calendars and contacts, email routing, global email filters, spam filters, and email disk usage.

screenshot of email service

Next, you have the Softaculous apps installer. It offers 14 scripts available for downloading, such as Matomo, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

screenshot of apps installer

The Files section will help you get fast and easy access to your file manager, images, web disk, disk usage, server rewind, directory privacy, and FTP accounts.

screenshot of files service

You will also be given access to PHPMyAdmin, Remote MySQL, and many more. You can quickly get access to all your domains through the domain section. Here you can check your domains, subdomains, addon domains, check on your aliases and even redirect domains. You also have a WordPress toolkit, Site Publisher, and Zone Editor. All these tools will come in handy in the business.

screenshot of domains service

You can see what is available with this plan in the following few images, so keep scrolling!

screenshot of metrics servicescreenshot of security servicescreenshot of software servicescreenshot of advance service

Next, we log in to WHM and see what features we can find.

screenshot of whm homepage

Here you can create a cPanel or a reseller account. This way, you’ll be able to manage domains and emails. You can also view and manage all the accounts on your server. Another thing you can do is log in to webmail. Just type in your email address and your password!

screenshot of webmail service

A2 Reseller hosting also allows you to change your cPanel password if you want to. Type in your new password, click on Save Changes, and you’re done.

screenshot of A2 hosting password change

If you’re not sure how to install Softaculous, the reseller hosting gives the option to auto-install it.

screenshot of A2 hosting auto install

One thing that I liked was their Quick shortcut button. Here you have everything you need to manage your domain and business with easy access. You can easily manage your email accounts, check out your backups, domains, and databases. It’s a great option that will save you some time.

Note: A2 Hosting reseller has a hassle-free refund policy. Their refund policy will give you the opportunity to cancel your account within your first 30-days and a guarantee that you will get a full refund. You can also receive a prorated refund of unused service after 30-days.

Ease of Use and Customer support

A2 Hosting reseller offers support through tickets. You can easily reach them directly on the phone if you want to have an actual conversation rather than typing. They have their number on their website, and they’re available 24/7. You can also get support via Live Chat, which is available 24/7.

They call their support the Guru Crew support team, and the Guru team can come in handy if you get stuck somewhere. They also offer a knowledge base to quickly learn how to host, develop and maintain your website. The information in the knowledge base will help you resolve any problems you might be experiencing.

The hosting reseller also has a Blog button, where you can find many articles on subjects concerning this industry. The blog is a great place to get valuable information if you’re a reader. When it comes to ease of Use, I can say that it’s pretty simple to use; everything is well explained, you need to follow their instructions. They also have a quick shortcut button, which will ease your job because all the most important things you need to run your business will be accessed with just one click.

screenshot of A2 hosting live chatscreenshot of A2 hosting chat service

Specific Features of A2 Reseller Hosting

Here are some of the specific features A2 Reseller hosting has to offer:

  • Offers cPanel control panel
  • Reliable uptime of 99.98%
  • Free SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • Free website migration
  • WebHost Manager
  • Options to upgrade to Turbo servers
  • Free Blesta, Softaculous, Cloudflare, Email
  • Free client billing and management system
  • Fully white-labeled control panel
  • Content management systems and developer-friendly tools
  • 24/7/365 Guru team support

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting Reseller


  • Reliable service
  • Lots of freebies
  • A good set of features and options
  • Robust security with auto backups
  • Round the clock support


  • Not the best choice for beginners
  • The turbo boost services are a bit expensive
  • The domain is not free


I’ve seen that A2 Hosting Reseller is excellent. The provider offers different plans, with different price ranges for everyone who wishes to start this business. So, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. A2 Hosting also allows for excellent website uptime, performance, and reliability.

I got upset when I started doing my review due to the complications that I experienced when I started the process of purchasing. I lost more than 24 hours explaining myself and trying to pay for something I wanted. The situation kind of disappointed me, but it is what it is. Luckily, I had another verified account that I could use to finish my project. Although there were issues, their support team was quite fast in responding to my emails, but still, they couldn’t help with the procedures. All I need to say is: Thank you, plan B!

Another thing that I liked is that they offer 24/7/365 live support. You can ask for help via ticket, email and if you’re more into live conversations, you can personally call them on their phone number and get assistance in the same seconds. When it comes to their money-return policy, they’re amazing. They have a hassle-free refund policy. It means that if you cancel your plan in 30 days, you’ll get a full refund. If you cancel your plan after 30-days, you’ll be issued a pro-rata refund of fees based on the unused portion of the hosting services left on your subscription.


What is A2 Hosting Reseller?

It’s a service that allows you to host your own clients and start your own business quickly. You don’t have to worry about hardware and network with the reseller hosting solution because the customers will be hosted on A2 Hosting’s servers. The reseller’s account features enough disk space and bandwidth that you can allocate among the customers how you like.

What are the benefits of A2 Hosting Reseller hosting?

If you don’t have a Reseller hosting, you’re going to need a lot of expertise, money, and time to launch your own web hosting business. If you sign up for an A2 reseller hosting, you’ll be able to host your customers immediately without spending tons of money and time. The reseller hosting service makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to host your customers. Your account will be managed by the user-friendly WebHost Manager control panel, which will help you create individual hosting accounts for your customers. A2 reseller hosting also offers blazing fast service and free SSDs.They also offer 99.9% uptime and are pretty affordable.

How do I start a hosting reseller business with A2 Hosting?

The first thing you do is choose the right plan and purchase it. Once you purchase the plan, you’ll use the WebHostManager control panel to start and manage your reseller hosting business. You can use the WHM to create individual cPanel accounts for your customers. WHM will also allow you to create and delete hosting web packages, manage account security, and much more.

What is white-labeled reseller hosting?

White-labeled reseller hosting will allow you to customize your customer’s control panels, nameservers, and billing software with your very own branding. Just because you’re not hosting your customers on your hardware doesn’t mean you should be able to brand your business the way you like it.

What are the advantages of A2 Reseller Hosting?

It’s a reliable hosting provider. They have 24/7/365 live support and can help you with everything you need. Since most customers mainly care about uptime and performance, you don’t need to worry because their accounts will be fast and have 99.9% uptime. The Reseller account is fully white-labeled, so you can easily promote services offered to your customers. Another great thing is has a separate cPanel account for each of your sites. They also have a money-back guarantee, so you can easily get your money back if you dislike the service.