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Sunbird Software Announces General Availability of Its dcTrack 8.1 Release

Sunbird Software, a global DCIM (data center infrastructure management) software provider, released version 8.1 of its dcTrack platform, supporting up to 300,000 data center racks. In turn, it now provides extreme scalability for its enterprise-class customers.

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The latest version, dcTrack 8.1, can support up to 300,000 cabinets and thousands of sites in a single system, thus serve the most significant organizations. In addition, Sunbird Software expanded the scope of web service APIs and business rules to provide automation.

According to Sunbird Software, the 8.1 release has been field-proven and will maintain the speeds the company is known for.

Herman Chan, who serves the role of President at Sunbird Software, had this to say:

Enterprise-class customers are struggling to remotely manage all of their data centers, labs, and edge sites. First-generation DCIM is slow and painful to use, and legacy management tools like spreadsheets and diagrams are time-consuming and inaccurate. Extreme scalability is a key pillar of our second-generation DCIM vision to dramatically simplify data center management with elegant software. With Release 8.1, organizations of any size can rest assured that Sunbird can scale to meet their needs with the performance and automation they require.

The latest version comes with new centralized infrastructure project management capabilities. Thus, it’s a fully integrated solution. Customers can use it to manage their infrastructure deployment projects in all project lifecycle steps.

dcTrack 8.1 creates a single source of truth. Datacenter teams can trust the infrastructure to enable agility, data-driven collaboration, better project decision-making, and faster rollout of new IT infrastructure and services.

Raymond Parpart, who serves the role of a Director Data Center Strategy and Operations at the University of Chicago, had this to say:

Sunbird’s infrastructure project management feature and enhanced APIs allow us to consolidate more tools and processes into dcTrack. With less swivel chair required between tools, we will be more efficient with streamlined operations.

The 8.1 version will allow more robust management of direct current power infrastructure, GUI provisioning of panel breakers, busways, tap boxes, and GUI editing of structured cabling and IP subnets.

As a customer, you can also expect to receive remote visualization of busways, suspended data center racks, compartment racks in 3D, and busway enhancements. In turn, you will be able to understand capacity utilization and three-phase balance better.