SPanel to Save You from the cPanel Price Hike

You no longer need to worry about the cPanel price hike, as SPanel is here to save you from the per-account billing model.

SPanel was developed by ScalaHosting as an alternative to cPanel. The biggest advantage that the platform offers is allowing you to get rid of the account-based pricing model. Unlike cPanel, it doesn’t force you to pay on the basis of the account numbers. Instead, you can use it for absolutely free with the managed cloud VPS service of ScalaHosting.

SPanel to Save You from the cPanel Price Hike

Last year, cPanel announced that it would shift from the standard pay per server for unlimited accounts to account-based pricing and license structuring. The new pricing model will go into effect on January 1, 2021. As a result, from next year, you will have to pay $32 for 100 accounts. For each of the 900 accounts, the cost will be $0.9.

If you are reselling a server with hundreds of accounts, cPanel’s new pricing model will affect you the most. You can no longer create 100 or 1000 accounts with only one license key and avoid additional costs. Instead, the new pricing model will force all the users to pay a monthly subscription fee. So, if you were paying $11 per cPanel license for running one thousand websites, the cPanel price hike will force you to pay $122 in the next year. So, it will be a massive 1000% increase in pricing.

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How SPanel Delivers a Better Solution than cPanel

How SPanel Delivers a Better Solution than cPanel

Users around the world are really frustrated with the cPanel price hike. But fortunately, SPanel is here to save you. It doesn’t take any extra payment for each of the accounts. It is free with a lifetime guarantee. In this way, SPanel is able to lift some of the financial load from your shoulders.

While being affordable, SPanel is able to offer even better options than cPanel. Unlike the competitor, it runs in a separate server environment with its own resources. It does not eat from the resources of your hosting server. As a result, you can get away with purchasing only a few server resources.

Also, unlike cPanel, SPanel doesn’t just let you operate as a web hosting admin on your own. It provides you with all sorts of support, including assistance with software updates and optimization. SPanel is a fully managed platform. If you are a small business owner with limited resources in terms of skilled IT professionals, it can be really helpful for you. SPanel can save you from the hassles of learning to do everything by yourself.

But for cPanel, it’s a bit different. It doesn’t offer hosting support and control panel support simultaneously, as they are different entities. You can get a license from the official provider. But still, you will need a host to utilize it. It’s not a fully managed platform offering an all-in-one solution.

SPanel has several unique features. The most notable one is SShield – the all-in-one security solution. Instead of relying on existing virus databases, it utilizes artificial intelligence with machine learning technology for predictive analysis and cyber threat protection. The automated security solution manages to prevent 99.98% security threats. So, it’s highly reliable.

Also, SPanel is really versatile. It is a feature-packed cPanel alternative for managing Cloud VPS services. It’s an all-in-one solution for web hosting management. You can use it to manage your server, emails, backups, WordPress installations, and much more. SPanel has an extremely intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). It enables you to perform all the functions without typing a single line of code.

“At Scala Hosting LLC, we can tell you that SPanel is just as good, versatile, and better in more ways than one while being more affordable,” said the spokesperson for Scala Hosting. “There is no reason for people to use Plesk or cPanel when SPanel helps you achieve a lot more. That’s why there are so many people moving away from cPanel and moving towards SPanel.”

Right now, SPanel is the best alternative for cPanel. It will become an even better option in 2021 when the cPanel price hike will go into effect. It will be really interesting to see how it competes against the mighty rival in the next year.