Lacework Announces a Free Cloud Care Rescue Program to Battle Against Log4j

Lacework, the cloud’s data-driven security platform, introduced Lacework Cloud Care, a new, free rescue program for security and DevOps professionals fighting the Log4j attack.Lacework logo

Lacework Cloud Care comprises three complementary program elements: a Threat hunter Assessment, a Coverage Booster for Lacework Customers, and a help hotline for enterprises attempting to understand if the Log4j vulnerability exploits their cloud environment.

It’s vital to figure out if you’re vulnerable (and to what extent) and if you have been hacked as soon as possible with any zero-day vulnerability. This is because attackers will try to exploit vulnerabilities to access a company frequently by using the flaw before rectifying it.

Lacework’s patented Polygraph technology automatically learns how an environment operates and finds anomalous behavior even before a vulnerability is known, widely publicized, and patched.

Furthermore, Lacework helps security teams analyze and respond faster by automatically detecting if exploits have been effective and providing visuals that provide more meaningful information around what happened.

When it comes to finding vulnerabilities, Lacework not only assists organizations in quickly and confidently identifying all vulnerable systems, but it also allows them to prioritize remediation based on risk and what’s currently running, as well as prevent the re-introduction of vulnerabilities over time, thanks to continuous checks during build and runtime.

David Ting, who serves the role of a Chief Information Security Officers, had the following to say:

“With the help of Lacework, we rapidly identified instances of the Log4j vulnerability and continuously monitored our environment for any exploitation activity. In less than one hour, we were able to scan our entire cloud infrastructure, including thousands of servers, to assess our exposure to Log4j. We quickly determined that our codebase and our customers were not affected and were able to maintain transparency and open communication with our customers in real-time.”

As mentioned, the Lacework Cloud Care program includes Free Threat Hunter Assessment, Coverage Booster for Lacework Customers, and Support Hotline.

The Free Threat Hunter Assessment helps practitioners handle Log4j and the other threats quickly; Lacework offers a 14-day free trial.

Furthermore, the Coverage Booster for Lacework Customers enables the current Lacework customers to benefit immediately from an extension of coverage for the usage of the Lacework platform, to double down and understand where exactly they may be at risk.

And at last, the Support Hotline is to get assistance with any questions the customers have regardless of where they are located.

Seong Park, who serves the role of Chief Customer Officer at Lacework, had the following to say:

“We’ll continue to see ripples from the Log4j attack across the industry for months, if not years to come, as attackers seek new ways to evade detection to exploit this vulnerability. That’s why companies must have visibility across their entire environment in real-time and address the root cause versus patching best guess fixes. Our customers are dialing up their usage of the Lacework platform because it’s helping them see where they are compromised or otherwise vulnerable within hours or less. In many cases, they spot trouble areas other vendors have missed. With Lacework Cloud Care, we hope to bring the benefits of our platform to the masses, helping those on the front lines secure and protect their organizations against Log4j quickly and effectively.”

With the three complementary programs included in Lacework Cloud Care, the offer for the customers is more than attractive, and the executives believe that it will bring fast success.