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HostPapa Acquires UptimeMate, Further Boosting SMB Dependability

Leading Canadian web hosting and cloud service provider for SMBs, HostPapa, acquires the website monitoring service, UptimeMate. In turn, it further expands its range of enterprise offerings.

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HostPapa began its journey in 2006. The company is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and has been serving worldwide small businesses ever since. HostPapa aims to provide a complete array of enterprise-grade solutions to each entity.

Usually, SMBs cannot assess this broad array of services. That’s why HostPapa delivers them as a one-stop-shop solution. Combined with its 24‑7 award‑winning multilingual customer support provided by a team of experts, HostPapa provides SMBs the needed support to grow their business.

Jamie Opalchuk, who serves the role of a Founder and CEO at HostPapa, had this to say:

We are thrilled to add the UptimeMate technology stack to our growing list of solutions to help webmasters and agencies achieve the ultimate website performance experience for their small business or agency. We will offer UptimeMate as a standalone service for webmasters to monitor websites, regardless of where they are hosted. We’ll also be bundling the key features of UptimeMate into our growing portfolio of managed services, including PapaCare+. We want webmasters to know what’s happening with the performance of their websites at all times.

UptimeMate is a company launched in 2019 based in the Netherlands. It provides website monitoring software as a service to website owners with a low level of technical knowledge. It also proactively monitors sites, assisting web administrators and agencies.

To be more specific, UptimeMate identifies broken links, invalid SSL certificates, poor website performance, such as speed and mobile compatibility, HTTPS errors, and downtime.

HostPapa’s large customer base, predominantly represented by SMBs, will now benefit from the monitoring services offered by UptimeMate.

Peter Steenbergen, who serves the role of a Co-Founder at UptimeMate, had this to say:

HostPapa’s purchase of UptimeMate brings new light and energy to this project. Not only does HostPapa have a large customer base that can benefit from this solution, but UptimeMate truly complements their existing product offerings.

Frank Spin, the other Co-Founder at UptimeMate, further added:

We are pleased to have found the right partner in HostPapa to bring our product to the next level and provide continuity to our customers. We see a bright future ahead for our technology under the HostPapa umbrella and want to thank Jamie and the HostPapa team for this opportunity.