GoDaddy Expands Payments With The Launch Of Two Point-Of-Sale (POS) Devices

GoDaddy launched two new point-of-sale (POS) devices, a countertop Smart Terminal and a mobile Card Reader, thus expanding its clients’ GoDaddy Payments options.

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GoDaddy will grant SMEs opportunities to sell, track, and manage sales with innovative solutions better than any comparable platform. In turn, it can fully serve around 60% of its 20 million customer base.

Osama Bedier, who serves the role of a President of Commerce at GoDaddy, had this to say:

GoDaddy’s new point of sale offerings supercharge our customers’ ability to sell anywhere and grow. We’re on a mission to enable small businesses with the most powerful yet easy-to-use commerce solutions at an unbeatable value. And we’re just getting started.

The new GoDaddy offerings include the GoDaddy Smart Terminal ($249) and the GoDaddy Card Reader with Docking Station ($49).

The Smart Terminal is dual-screened and includes a hidden built-in printer for receipts. It doesn’t require any swiveling screens or additional hardware to process transactions. Better yet, GoDaddy customers can customize it with their logo to integrate seamless transactions with their brand. Thus, the modern terminal is the perfect solution for brick-and-mortar businesses.

On the other hand, the Card Reader is a better suit for payments on the go at farmer’s markets and the like. Its small hardware features a punch with a full 3-in-1 swipe, chip, and tap function. The docking station adds the needed flexibility, while the long-lasting battery accounts for functionality. Better yet, the card reader works with the GoDaddy Mobile App, further adding to its convenience.

The new GoDaddy Payments will come with groundbreaking, low prices. The provider will charge customers a 2.3% + 0 cents transaction fee and online transactions of 2.3% + 30 cents.

With its transparent and simple approach, GoDaddy will further benefit small businesses. Its customers will be able to save a few bucks and enjoy a smooth experience at the same time.

GoDaddy Payments accepts all major forms of payment, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and contactless Apple Pay and Google Pay. Furthermore, it comes with no monthly minimum requirements or long-term contracts.

GoDaddy acquired technology from Poynt back in December 2020 and merged it with its online selling software. Thus, it’s now able to deliver the POS hardware based on it. In turn, its POS devices will round out GoDaddy Payments’ all-encompassing commerce package, including eCommerce, Virtual Terminal, and Online Pay Links.

As a GoDaddy customer, you can even configure the POS devices online before getting them in your mail. For instance, you can add product listings, logos, or custom receipts. Then, once you connect the device to Wi-Fi, it will be immediately ready for transactions.

The Smart Terminal and the Card Reader are available for purchase across the U.S with free two-day shipping. They also come with one-year warranties and 24/7 GoDaddy customer support.