How To Use Plesk To Install WordPress


WordPress is a blogging website which you can easily install using Plesk. It is a popular Content Management System (CMS) which is available and free online, but one can also install using Plesk which has an automatic installer.

Plesk supports a quick installation option that enables you to install the WordPress using the default, optimal settings efficiently.

In this how-to article, we shall show you how to install WordPress using Plesk in-built feature.


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How To Use Plesk To Install WordPress.

Installing WordPress Using Plesk

To Install WordPress, Login to Plesk platform and from the Dashboard on the left side you click Applications.

A new Window opens which shows different applications available on the platform. From the platform, click Install next to the WordPress icon.

Once you click Install, WordPress starts downloading, and a “Downloading WordPress…”

A message pops up and automatically opens a new window once the process completes.

From this window, you can manage the WordPress application and make several changes. You can define the location where to install the application.

On the Update Settings section, select the “Automatically update……”It is vital to note that the updates may affect the functionality of the application.

Enter the administrative Login details on the Administrative Access Section and click Install to complete the process.

You can delete the application by clicking Remove, and a message pops up to confirm whether you want to delete the application or not.


WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems which is available for free online. However, WordPress can be installed using Plesk. You can also use Plesk to remove WordPress. The process is simple and easy since the application available on the Plesk platform, and it is easy to install and configure.

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