How To Backup & Restore A Database Using Plesk hosting Control Panel

Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform which is innovative and has a user-friendly control panel that allows the server administrator to set email accounts, new websites, and DNS entries. A database is storage of well-structured information stored in a computer that can be easily accessed and updated.  A database can be created and stored in Plesk.

This article will demonstrate how to backup and restore a database using the Plesk hosting control panel.

Prerequisites ;

  • Plesk Web Admin Edition


It is essential to back up the databases both online and your computer to avoid loss of data. If this data gets lost, you can now restore it from the Root Directory or upload it directly from the files on your computer.

Plesk offers a platform where you can manage the backup  and restore of your databases for each of the websites you manage using the Plesk Control Panel

How To Backup & Restore A Database Using Plesk hosting Control Panel

Backup A Database

Using these simple steps, you can create a backup using Plesk.

  • Login if you have a Plesk account
  • click Databases on the dashboard
  • Select the database and click “Export Dump.
  • Tick the “Automatically download dump ….” box
  • Click “OK

This backs up the database and automatically downloads the files to your computer.

Restore A Database

To restore a database, follow these steps;

  • Login to Plesk
  • On the control panel, click “Databases.
  • Check what database you want to restore
  • Click “Import Dump
  • Either choose to upload a new file by browsing files on your computer and click “OK” once you have uploaded the file
  • You can import the files directly from the Root Directory from a previous backup.


You have learned how to backup and restore a database using Plesk Control panel.You can now have a peace of mind as you can configure your backups and restore data in case of any eventuality.


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