How to Add And Manage Cron Jobs Using cPanel

How to Add And Manage Cron Jobs Using cPanel

Before you try to make any changes to Cron Jobs, you should know what they are and what they handle. Cron Jobs are used in a Linux server environment that manages scheduled tasks. It can be related to scheduling a blog post or something else.

If you’re running repetitive tasks on your site, Cron Jobs are very helpful. Many people use Cron Jobs for subscription-based sites to send automated emails to their paid subscribers.

If you’re skilled in using Linux commands, you can also have a copy of the backup of your site’s database. Please note, you shouldn’t make any changes to Cron Jobs if you aren’t sure about it.

How to Set Up a Cron Job?

There are different steps to access existing Cron Jobs or adding new jobs.

Here are the required steps:


Log in to your hosting account and open cPanel.

Many hosting companies allow you to have access to cPanel directly from a particular URL.


Search for “Cron Jobs”in cPanel and open it.

If you can’t find it, please use Ctrl+F and search the name. Sometimes, you might not see it because of the design of cPanel your hosting is offering.

How to Add And Manage Cron Jobs Using cPanel


On this page, you will see existing Crob Jobs if you scroll down to the bottom of it.


Now, you can start setting up a new Cron Job.

The first step is to add an email address you want to get notifications. When a Cron Job runs, it sends an email to that particular email address.

How to Add And Manage Cron Jobs Using cPanel

To avoid getting so many emails, many people use their secondary email address for testing purposes. You can delete or update it later.


After adding an email address, you will be able to set a Cron Job’s timing for different tasks.

For every task, you have to choose a command from the drop-down menu from their right.

How to Add And Manage Cron Jobs Using cPanel

  • Minute: You have to set an exact time when you want to start the Cron Job.
  • Hour: Similar to minutes, you have to select an hour for the Cron Job. It accepts values from 0 to 23.
  • Day: Depending on your schedule, you can select a day from 1 to 31.
  • Month: You can select a value from 1 to 12.
  • Weekday: Some people do it on weekends. So, you can select the day you want to perform this Cron Job.
  • Command: Please select a command that you know of. You must select the correct command.

After adding all the details, click on “Add New Cron Job”, and it will be scheduled.

Once you do it, you will be able to see a new Cron Job on the list of existing jobs. If something goes wrong, you can always access such Cron Jobs and delete them.

Sometimes, when you select the wrong command, a Cron Job can affect your site and even break it until you fix the command. That’s why it’s necessary to select a command you are sure about.

Most hosting companies offer Linux hosting. But if you have Windows hosting, the above process might not work for you. While buying a hosting plan, it’s always a good idea to double-check if you need Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting.

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