How to Install phpBB using the cPanel Hosting Control Panel

phpBB is the best open source software application for creating powerful and customizable forums on any website. The script is has a helpful community that offers extensive support for phpBB users.

phpBB is an acronym for PHP Bulletin Board. In this guide, we are going to take you through the procedure of installing phpBB on your website using cPanel.


  • A domain name e.g.
  • A web hosting account with Cpanel, PHP, and MySQL support.
  • Cpanel username and password.

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel account

Visit your cPanel account on a web browser by entering ‘’ where ‘’ is the primary domain name associated with your hosting account. Then, enter your username and password to log in.

Step 2: Locate Softaculous Apps Installer

On the search text box, enter ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’ and launch the application by clicking its icon as shown below:

Step 3: Find phpBB under the Forums category

Once you are in the Softaculous dashboard, locate phpBB under the Forums category. Click its link and on the right pane, locate ‘Install Now’ button and click it. The version number will be displayed at the top of the page as shown below.

Step 4: Customize your phpBB installation

Next, you need to customize your phpBB installation. You will need to choose a protocol. The best one is ‘https://www’. To use this option, make sure you have an SSL for your domain otherwise the installation will not work.

SSL certificate is very important in all websites where sensitive data is exchanged and since you are creating a forum where members will submit usernames and passwords, you will need the technology to encrypt and decrypt information to keep it safe from hackers.

Then choose a domain name and a directory where you want to install your phpBB software. If you are building a website solely for phpBB forum, you will have to leave the ’In Directory’ field empty. However, if you have other installation, under the root of your website, you should enter a value here (e.g. forum)

Then, enter the name of your board, description and administrative email as shown below:

Next, create a username and a password for logging to your forum dashboard. Use a strong password with a mix of numbers, symbols, lower case and upper case letters (e.g. ‘My!Board248pass$3’).

Then, select your desired language from the list box and click ‘Install’. You may enter your email address on the field labeled, "Email Installation details to" for future reference.

Softaculous will check the submitted data and automate the installation process including creating a database, copying files and enabling the required settings on your website.

Finally, you can access your phpBB forum by visiting the URL that you referenced during setup (e.g. > Your forum is now ready for use as shown below

For administrative purposes, visit the URL ‘’ and remember to replace ‘’ with your correct domain name.


The above are the basic steps for installing and customizing phpBB forum from your cPanel account. The procedure is quite easy and straightforward. With phpBB installed, you can start creating new posts and inviting members to join your forum via your preferred marketing method. I hope you found this guide useful.


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