How to Change Your WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin

Hello WordPress Users.

Some of you guys might have some problems while resetting your WordPress password, Don’t worry because we have an easy method to reset your WordPress password. There are many ways out there but this method is the easiest and the fastest. Reset your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin directly into the WordPress database. Continue reading it until the end to understand it properly.

Firstly, Why do you have to use phpMyAdmin?

It’s because of it the easiest method. WordPress has made it very easy for its customers to understand. Go to your login screen for a normal login and then click on the ‘forget my password’ under the login button.

When you click on this, it will lead to a page where you have to enter your ‘username’ or ‘email address’ in order to reset your password. It is very important to know your email address as without this you can’t reset your password. When you enter your email address or username, WordPress will send a link to your email address to reset your password.

However, if you don’t have access to your email or WordPress fails to send an email, you can’t reset your password.

In this scenario, phpMyAdmin comes into work. You can use phpMyAdmin to reset your WordPress password directly in the database. This may sound you like a tough job but don’t worry this can be done very easy method.

With that said, let’s begin and see how you can reset your WordPress password by using phpMyAdmin.

The very first step is to log in to the cPanel dashboard of your WordPress hosting  and you will see databases section, you’ll find an option named phpMyAdmin. We need you to select that option in order to move further.

Click on phpMyAdmin option and this will open in new tab and here you need to select your WordPress database. It looks like the picture given below:

As if you have done that, let’s move further. You will see the list of all tables in your WordPress database. Now you have to look for the “{table-prefix}_users’ table in the list and click on the browse link placed next to it with many other options.

Note: Make sure you get the table name correct in the wp-config.php.

You will now see a number of rows in your WordPress users table. Click on the edit button placed next to the username where you want to change the password.

You will see a form filled up with all the user information fields needed.

Now, the major step of this method is to delete the value in the user_pass field and replace it with a new password. You will find a function column placed right before the null value column. You need to click on it and select MD5 from the drop down menu and click the GO option.

Your password will now be encrypted with MD5 hash and further, it will be stored in the database.

Done! Now you have successfully changed your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin. Wasn’t that an easy method?

Some of you wondering why did we use an MD5 hash to encrypt the password as we viewed a few more in the drop-down menu.

MD5 technology to encrypt is a old technology and WordPress used it a few years back but with the new version to WordPress 2.5 it uses stronger encryption technology and we did not abandon the use of MD5 as it is needed to provide backward compatibility.

We hope that you understood all you need to know in order to change your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin.

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