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Ellen Shannon (Cheeky Interiors)

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Ellen Shannon (Cheeky Interiors),
Excellent staff. Owners are extremely personable and competent. I went in there for a relatively small job and they did outstanding work, providing friendly, caring service. I will use them again at the next opportunity. Most unusual, courteous style.


Thierry Tondusson
Thierry Tondusson from United States,

Last year with these clowns!!!

I have been with Yahoo for way too long and can't take the BS any longer...they charged my CC without even sending a reminder, plus they added $23 for domain name renewal which brings it close to $100 for basic service..their cust...Read Moreomer service headquarters are most likely off the streets of Mumbai considering how loud it is everytime I have them on the phone. I am done with these clowns!Less
Ken D Johnson
Ken D Johnson,
I agree with you 100%. POOR Customer support is their new norm.
Brian M
Brian M from United States,

Yahoo Small Business Mail

Horrible!!! We've been with them for over 10 years because we haven't had the extra time to migrate to another platform. From top to bottom there is nothing to compliment. On top of that there are ads, yes, we are paying for a ser...Read Morevice and they are dumping ads on you. What makes it even worse is you have to constantly click a button to hide them since they take up a third of the screen.Less
James George
James George from United States,

Yahoo Small Business Customer Service

Paid for a domain name which included a starter page. After I paid, I created a webpage and published it. For some reason I kept getting a 400 bad request error. I've contacted support and they seem to not know how to fix the erro...Read Morer. I asked them to kindly refund me my money after trying for several hours to rectify the problem. They told me not worry and call back the next day. I called back the next day and they told me that I needed to upgrade my plan in to fix the error message. I purchased the webhosting advance and the error message for my domain did not go away. I called customer service again and shared a screen shot of an email from a rep stating all I had to do was to upgrade and the error message will go away. I'm very dissapointed that they couldn't fix the problem and didn't want to refund my money. I've read many reviews that it's very hard to get refunded. I also had a very difficult time understanding the rep. Every rep that spoke with me, had a very heavy accent which made it very difficult to communicate. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for! I do not recommend Yahoo small business due to the fact that if you ever need customer support, they may not be able to help you or give you a refund.Less
Marlys Rowley
Marlys Rowley from United States,

Yahoo Small Business

I opened a domain with them for $107.00 in August 2020. I have not received any small business assistance in the meantime. I had to let my company go with Covid conditions and I was automatically charged for an annual fee 8/05/21 ...Read Morewith no warning, heads up, notice to renew, etc. I called (within 24 Hours) to cancel my account and let them know and they refused to refund me my money. They said it was an "automated policy" and that they could only give back $82.00. Considering I have verifiably not used the account, do not need the account, and was not notified of the renewal of plan (which I get my own follow-up responsibility could have helped), they stole my money and refused to send me to a manager or superior to discuss the issue. I had to dispute the charge with my bank. It's unethical practice and taking advantage of consumers (especially during an economic downfall) and I can't recommend staying away from them as much as possible.Less
Davit Hambardzumyan
Davit Hambardzumyan from United States,

Stay away from Yahoo or switch if you are using it.

I have been using yahoo services since 2005 unfortunately this is second time I end up loosing all my emails in all 3 accounts with all 3 different passwords and users so yahoo concept of of you just accidentally deleted everythin...Read Moreg please fill out form online we will restore 7 days of emails for you doesn’t really apply. I have 5 years of communication with customers up and disappear and after hours on the phone which resulted in case supposedly being escalated to different department and week of more time after that morons in customer service sent me message that my problem is solved and I should be happy. You know what they did “absolutely nothing!!!!”
Plus I also need to now rebuild all my web site all 780 pages of it because they discontinued Site Builder and I can’t update it any more. So perhaps if you can’t keep my emails safe and you can keep my web site working what kind of company are you. I am sure call centers in India are great and cheap but if they don’t care to fix my problem what good are you.

All in all if I had option to put 0 stars I would.

I have 3 web sites hosted by yahoo I am currently working on transferring everything away from them.
Michael Malouf
Michael Malouf from United States,


I suddenly developed an issue with my FTP. Yahoo was truncating my files to 2000 only, so I could only see 2000 of my files, instead of the 8000+. It took 5 phone calls to get someone even qualified to help me and he just had to e...Read Morelevate it to a specialized team. I was told they would take 24-48 hours and we are now double that with no word, and no solution. When my annual subscription ends next year, I'm leaving. And I'm sorry, but I have a hard time even understanding the accents of the people that are on the other line.Less
Laura Friedlander
Laura Friedlander from United States,

The absolute WORST customer service!

For several months, I have been promised a new and improved website design from Yahoo Small Business. Now that they have "delivered", all they did was cut and paste from my old website and put in a new picture. This was after MO...Read MoreNTHS of trying to get them to follow through on completing it. Phone calls and emails were pointless. "Please be patient with us", they said. Well, if you have the patience, go ahead and use this service because they are cheaper than others. But, you get what you pay for.Less
Suzan Cioffi
Suzan Cioffi from United States,

Terrible customer service - Yahoo Small Business

I got terrible customer service from Yahoo Small Business. I wrote to them with a problem, and they were unhelpful, and unresponsive. Very unhappy with them. Really hard to cancel the service. They keep cancellation hidden away where it is hard to find.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

A once great service seems to be going down hill

Yahoo! is one of the biggest internet companies in the world so one might expect that they would make sure all their lines of business are operating properly.  Sadly, while the web hosting service was actually quite good back in 1999 when they bought it, it has been allowed to go down hill since then.

They are focused just on providing their services to small businesses, and they only offer shared hosting services.  Their e-commerce platforms, which was once what attracted many people to the services, has now become unstable and outdated.  In fact, Yahoo! made a lot of headlines back in 2007 because their hosting and e-commerce platforms experienced lots of outages on 'Cyber Monday' costing their customers a lot of money.

If you are just looking for a simple web hosting company and you like the idea of being associated with a major internet company like Yahoo!, you may be ok with this option.  For most individuals and businesses, however, you can find a much better service for a lower price.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Overall a stable hosting service but vulnerable to traffic spikes

Sites hosted on Yahoo! Small Business web hosting are generally going to be stable without any major problems.  One issue, however, is that since they are focused on small businesses, the entire hosting operation is vulnerable to traffic spikes.

Holiday shopping spikes, for example, will hit many of the sites they host, which can end up slowing everyone down or even causing outages.  This type of thing tends to happen at the worst times, since the businesses need their site up during busy times more than ever.


Some nice little Yahoo extras

This is one area where this hosting platform actually has some nice things to say about it.  Since it is owned by Yahoo!, you actually get access to some of the great services that they provide.  Sadly, most of them are limited only to the middle and higher end hosting packages.

You'll get their site builder program, and a lot of free templates to choose from.  You'll also get access to forms, maps, a photo gallery, a variety of free PayPal buttons, assistance with social media, integrated video and/or audio players and more.  You can even use the Yahoo! SEO tracker and reporting system.

All of these combined can be quite attractive for someone who wants all their hosting and site management to be combined into one place.


Great self-help but little live support

Yahoo! has an extensive library of different guides, manuals and other resources that you can use to learn more about hosting and fix some problems you'll have.  When you search for just about any error or question you have, you'll likely get dozens or even hundreds of results.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes make it confusing to figure out which one you actually need.

They do offer 24/7 live telephone and email support, but many report long hold times and the support doesn't always fix the problem right away.


Prices are higher than they should be for the services you get

Yahoo! web hosting really only offers three differnet options, all of which are a form of shared hosting.  Despite this, their prices are still higher than most other dedicated hosting companies.  You can save money (or add to your bill) based on some of the features or special deals they offer, but this seems to just be confusing more than any type of actual price improvement.



Some nice features but overall not the best hosting option

Yahoo! web hosting does offer some nice features that will be attractive to many people.  In addition, since they have one of the most recognizable names in the industry, it will likely be around for a very long time (though they could sell this line of business at some point).  Despite some nice perks, this is not really a great hosting option for most people or businesses.


  • Backed by Yahoo!
  • Access to many Yahoo! services
  • Generally reliable
  • Great self-help systems


  • Services have been going down hill for years
  • Little live support
  • Prone to outages during high traffic days

Yahoo! Small Business Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic plan 100 GB 1 TB Unlimited $3.75 2.6 Details
Advanced plan 500 GB 5 TB Unlimited $5.99 2.5 Details
Premier plan Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $8.99 3.2 Details
Ecommerce BASIC Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $29.00 2.1 Details
Ecommerce PROFESSIONAL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $79.00 2.0 Details
Ecommerce PREMIER Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $299.00 2.9 Details

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