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Customer score for WinHost

  • Reliability
    4.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    5.7 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.7 / 10
  • Support
    4.7 / 10
  • Features
    4.7 / 10

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Matthew E McFetridge
United States
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing6
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

Downtime with WinHost

Service used: Shared - ULTIMATE Plan
I have had my website down 4 times in the last three months for more than 8 hours at a time. There is no redundancy whatsoever and this is there response when I asked why their website did not go down just the customers. I have an...Read More
Yes, there was an outage due to bad fiber and bad router at an upstream provider. For some reason they were blocking some IP blocks not all of Winhost. We were in contact with the upstream provider and their engineers worked on re...Read More
Miguel Berrios
United States
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing2
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

Stay away from Winhost

Service used: Shared
What a painful experience with Winhost. They do not have a phone line customer support and the chat support they have only give you links for you to go and figure it out on your own. Worst customer service I have ever experience. ...Read More
I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with Winhost. I checked and it looks like we were able to resolve the issues you were having with setting up. I'm glad that you are sticking with hosting at Winhost.
Krishna Hendrakusuma
  • Reliability8
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features8

Winhost is a good hosting company

Service used: Shared - MAX Plan
I have been hosting my clients websites with winhost.
I am very happy with them because they are very helpful
Brian B
United States
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing2
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

Terrible Host No Customer Support

Service used: Shared
I signed up for a 2 year plan and after one year they released my domain. They have annual charges and my credit card number was changed so the charges were declined. They give you a 5 day warning if your credit card doesn't work....Read More
Hi Brian. I'm really sorry that you went through that. We always do everything we can to help a customer remedy any difficulties they might be having. If you were quoted $159 for domain renewal, that means your domain was in the "...Read More
Alek Fej
  • Reliability4
  • Pricing4
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features4

Very disappointed from the service

Service used: Shared
I've hosted my site on winhost for 2 years
They flagged the account as unusual storage and the application just stopped to write logs.
10% of requests failed with 500 error, including innocent requests that did nothing and they ...Read More
Hi Alek, sorry to hear about the problems you had. It's true that while we offer some accounts with unlimited storage, it's still possible to run in to storage errors when you're dealing with extremely large numbers of files (or a...Read More

Typical WinHost Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $3.95 - $15.95 3 plans
The Services & Prices are taken from

WinHost Expert Review 2020

Written by: Michael Lavnduski

WinHost Rating

  • Reliability
    8 / 10
  • Pricing
    9 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8 / 10
  • Support
    7 / 10
  • Features
    8 / 10
Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Basic shared hosting and little else

WinHost is a budget hosting company that is focused only on providing simple hosting plans for sites that don't need all the extras.  The WIN in WinHost is a reference to the fact that they only offer Windows (.net) based hosting platforms.  They are focused exclusively on providing shared hosting programs, and even those are not on the top end of the spectrum when it comes to server specs. They say that they are focused only on what they do best, which is the entry level hosting services.  With that in mind, they do offer fairly reliable services at a low cost, which makes them a pretty good choice for people who don't need anything fancy.  There are millions of people, after all, that just want to host a personal or family blog and don't need the often confusing options that come with VPS and dedicated hosting companies. They do own their own servers and offer a nice money back guarantee, so for many people looking for an established hosting company without a need to grow their site, this is a nice option to consider.

Uptime & Reliability

Good reputation for reliablity

They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and from what I have been able to find, they really don't have many problems with sites going down. The data center is well maintained and has good redundancy built right in, which helps to keep servers up and running. In addition, the customers on social media and hosting forums really didn't complain about downtime or even excessively slow response times very much so it seems that they don't oversell their servers.


Basic features available

Each of their hosting plans includes all the basics of what you will need.  You'll have a .NET server with easy installation of WordPress and simple MySQL services.  You'll also have access to free backups, but you need to perform them yourself (or schedule them) from within their control panel.  Their data center has fully redundant power supplies with a UPS battery backup to help ensure there aren't any power related outages. They offer free PHP5, email and allow unlimited domains and subdomains on all their hosting plans. Overall, you'll get everything you need for your entry level site hosting.


No live technical support avaialble

One big downside to this hosting company is that they don't offer live chat, phone or even live email support options.  Any issues you have need to be submitted through their ticketing system, which has a 24 hour guaranteed turnaround time.  From what most customers say, they do fix issues much quicker than this, but it is not guaranteed. They also offer quite a few self-help services and documentations that can help you get through problems without having to use the technical support at all.


Average to low pricing for shared hosting services

The hosting packages with WinHost start at just under $4 per month, which is about average for an entry level shared hosting package.  This is a pretty good deal, and since the setup is so easy and trouble free, many will consider the price to be low.  They aren't the cheapest on the market, however, despite the fact that they have very limited options to choose from.


Good shared hosting for basic sites

When looking at this hosting company it is important to make sure you take it based on what it actually is.  They are only offering entry level hosting for simple sites.  With that in mind, they do a pretty good job.  Most people who sign up for their services won't experience many problems at all and will be happy with the services they are provided. Pros:

  • Simple hosting options
  • Reliable services for shared hosting
  • Easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • No Linux options
  • No VPS, Dedicated or Cloud based options
  • No live technical support
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WinHost Prices, Plans & Features - 2020

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
3 GB 50 TB $3.95 4.9
Unlimited Unlimited $7.95 9.2
Unlimited Unlimited $15.95 2.8
A Free Domain is included when purchasing any hosting service from WinHost
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