Web Hosting Ninja Expert Review 2021

Written by: Eliran Ouzan

Web Hosting Ninja Rating

  • Reliability
    9 / 10
  • Pricing
    7 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8.5 / 10
  • Support
    9.5 / 10
  • Features
    8.5 / 10
Rated by Eliran Ouzan

Expert Overview

Hosting with a Focus on Customer Service

Webhosting Ninja was started by a team of industry veterans with the goal of bringing back excellence in customer service. They believe that thanks to many advancements in the hosting technology, the quality of the hosting services is much easier to maintain than it was in the past. The main area where most hosting providers fail, however, is in terms of customer service. They want to change that and seem to have done a good job. They have a strong reputation for getting back to customers right away and helping them with any issues that they might face.

Uptime & Reliability

Excellent Stability

Webhosting Ninja clearly knows that one of the most important aspects of customer service in this industry is having websites up at all times. This is why they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and also use great quality hardware on all their servers. There are very few complaints of outages, and even fewer that could be blamed on the services from this company. If you do have an outage, their customer service team will get back with you very quickly.


Good Hosting Features

The features that are available with this company are all pretty standard for the most part. Their shared hosting packages do come with solid state drives at all levels, which is a great perk. The disk space ranges from 20 gigs to unlimited depending on the package you choose. They also offer free setup, cPanel for your control panel, and some very helpful website builder tools. The shared servers are also on CloudLinux, which really helps to limit any service impact caused by other customers on the same server as you.

VPS hosting is also going to be pretty standard across the board. You can choose from 1-4 CPU cores, 512MB to 3 GB of RAM, and 10-150 Gigs of storage. All their VPS options are Linux based though, so while that is the most popular in the industry, it would be nice to be able to choose Windows if that is what you wanted. Your VPS does have a free IP address and great support too, so you can set it up to be used in any way you would like.

Finally, when you look at the dedicated servers you will find that once again, there is little to really make this company stand out. Or, if looked at differently, there is little that you could say is missing. They have two levels of dedicated servers, standard and premium. Both levels have good quality hardware. The standard level offers 16-24 gigs of DDR3 RAM compared to 64 GIGS of DDR4 RAM for the premium levels. Premium also has software-based RAID setup for their drives, which can help with stability. Overall, the dedicated servers have some great features to them so you can have a great experience.


All Teams are Great

No matter what type of hosting support you need, you’ll get it from Webhosting Ninja. They take their promise of customer service seriously and that applies to their sales team, tech support team, and anyone else you speak with when working with this company. They don’t have a knowledge base or FAQ, however, so looking up how to do things yourself can be difficult.


Average Prices

Like the features, you’ll find the prices are all pretty typical. One thing to note before moving forward is that they list all their prices based on one or three-year contracts. For their shared hosting, for example, the entry level package is $3.95, and that goes up to $13.88 for the top-level package. Those prices, however, are only valid if you pay for a 3-year plan up front. If you pay monthly the prices are higher per month on average. This isn’t terribly uncommon, but for a company that claims to want to put customer service first, it is disappointing.

VPS prices run from $5.99 to $24.99 per month, and that is with an annual contract. That entry level package really does make it a good deal for those who need basic hosting. For the price, it would make sense to go this VPS route rather than a shared hosting package for most people. The dedicated packages range from $94.99 to $124.99 for the standard packages and $159.98 to $249.98 for the premium. These are reasonable prices that will get you a very nice hosting experience.


Good Fast Connections

The hosting speed is very fast, just what you would expect from a good hosting provider. They are based in Texas, USA, so any visitors from just about anywhere in North America will have excellent response times. The hardware used is all name brand and designed for hosting so you’ll have no issues with slowdowns or other similar issues.


Great Overall Hosting Provider

The hosting with this company is really very good. While they don’t seem to stand out in any significant way, they do serve their customers well. The vast majority of people who need hosting today will find a great package that more than meets their needs. This, combined with the fact that their customer service is very responsive, makes them a good choice for most people.


  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • SSD are Standard for Shared Hosting


  • Prices are Listed with Long Contracts
  • Nothing Really Stands Out for Hosting
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Typical Web Hosting Ninja Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $2.95 - $5.95 3 plans
VPS $12.00 - $20.00 3 plans
Dedicated Server $119.00 - $169.00 3 plans
The Services & Prices are taken from www.webhosting.ninja

Web Hosting Ninja Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
Small 50 GB Unlimited $2.95 0.0
Medium Unlimited Unlimited $5.95 0.0
Large Unlimited Unlimited $5.95 0.0

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
Lite 45 GB 2 GB $12.00 0.0
Starter 45 GB 4 GB $15.00 0.0
Plus 60 GB 6 GB $20.00 0.0

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
Intel 1x Intel E3-1230 v2 1 TB 8 GB $119.00 0.0
Intel 2x Intel E5-2620 2 TB 32 GB $139.00 0.0
Intel 2x Intel E5-2620 960 GB 64 GB $169.00 0.0
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A few words from Web Hosting Ninja

Webhosting.ninja was created to solve a problem that has been growing in the web hosting industry, customer service. You shouldn't have to wait days to get a response from your host when you have an issue, your website is IMPORTANT to you and it is important to us as well!

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